About me

What an experience this life has been so far! 

On the work front, back in the 1980s and 1990s, I worked as a Personal Assistant in media and marketing in London (the BBC News, ITN, Carlton Television, and Macmillan Publishing).

My life has always been situated around books and the military.  For over a decade, I worked specifically for the welfare of thousands of soldiers (recruits, serving soldiers and veterans too) all over the UK and Germany. 

Since redundancy in March 2020, I set-out to combine all this experience (gained in marketing, media and military welfare), by offering the skills I had gained.

Here are a number of interesting facts you may wish to know about me:

  • I have been certified as a psychotherapist for over ten years.

  • For over a decade I worked with thousands of men - some broken, some pissed-off, some drunk, and some that knew their shit and made sure everyone knew about it - and I've 'therapised' them all

  • I have presented relationship workshops to loads of mentally and emotionally broken and bruised couples - and put them back together again

  • My career has gone from being a Personal Assistant, a Production Assistant and a Psychotherapist.  I have served tea, coffee and admin skills to blue-chip companies and top media and publishing professionals around the world (BBC, Channel 4, ITN (Sir Trev was brill) and Macmillan) - and now help those who need healing emotionally and mentally.

  • Having cycled across Sicily with a tent and a pack on my back - I've vowed never to repeat the exercise ever again (not because of the Italians, the Italians were funny)

  • Also having ridden on the back of a motorbike up and down and all-around Wales - I've vowed never to repeat that experience ever again too (not because of the Welsh, the Welsh were lovely)

  • I have a very good idea and plan of action to help you get over your bugbears and work through your shit like no one else can

  • My presentations are always great for family audiences (if you're 18+)

I pursued a career in TV production, running around with clapper boards, sandwich trays and all-important recording tapes at ITN News and suited-up BBC journalists with flak-jackets for war zones - and then I fictionalised my experiences and wrote a book about it.

Later I started selling my screenplays and scripts to anyone who would act them out - and even created a lively, ultra- modern musical stage play (Baz Lurhman-style) based on a medieval character of the religious ilk.

As a mature lady, after having gained an awful lot of life skills, I earned my degree in Psychotherapy at Nottingham Trent University. 

What is more important is that I found a way to combine all this experience by offering the services of publisher, writer, and therapist.  In other words, I help people gain the confidence to achieve their dreams.

All my best,

Kaye Bewley

Mentor and Publisher to Authors and Booksellers