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Join me on my travels...



© 2019 Proudly created by Kaye Bewley


Good news: With some inventive ideas and a bit of enthusiasm, you can change your life - and make it the way you want it to be.

Bewley's Blog aims to show you that life doesn't have to be a adrenaline thrill-fest to be enjoyed.  There's no need to throw yourself off a mountain to fly in the sky on a wing and a prayer, ski down an icy slope to show you can 'do it' or swim with the sharks to prove you are alive.

You can have an amazing life just by contemplating, observing, watching - and by taking the time to figure out what you want your life to be worth. 

My posts are about getting to the core of what life is about.  Finding out how to add value to those around you and figuring out the meaning of it all. 


All the posts on this site are divided into sections:

BOOKS - On the first Friday in every month, I discuss a book.  I read a lot so I write and talk a lot about what I've learned from them.  You can read my reviews, articles and vlogs to find out if they would be a right fit for you.  

WRITING - On the second Friday in every month I post a blog or vlog about writing.  This is to give you instruction, guidance and information about the business of writing.  Everyone has a book in them, so the saying goes.  But that's no use if you don't get it out of you.  Writing is an art, and just like an athlete practices his craft, so must a writer hone those words.  Encouraging you to reach for and fulfill your dreams of writing your own book, thrills me to bits - these posts aim to help you learn something about writing.

WELLBEING - I've chosen the third Friday of every month to explore topics on wellbeing.  As a qualified counsellor, I believe that to achieve anything in life, you need to be balanced.  You need to be able to treat your mind, body and emotions well enough so they can operate in a way that doesn't cause you pain - emotionally or physically.  These posts tease out the knowledge I have gained from my psychotherapy practice.  They focus on helping you get the best out of what you have - and improving upon that.

TRAVEL - Every Saturday, more or less, I post about my travels - places I've seen or experiences I've had. Travel broadens the mind - hotels can be very expensive, and little country B&Bs can be a wee bitty scary (and inconvenient) for a single woman so to rectify this, I bought a campervan.  These posts will show you how I contemplated getting one, which one I finally bought and the adventures and experiences I'm currently having with it!

You can build your confidence and expand your world, just by reading these posts.  Do as I do, or simply sit back and enjoy the blog, vlog or pod that I post on the following days.

1st Friday of each month: Books

2nd Friday of each month: Writing

3rd Friday of each month: Wellbeing

Every Saturday (near enough): Travels/VanLife

All my best,

Kaye Bewley

Author, Publisher, Psychotherapist


Please note that some links lead to Affiliate sites where I earn a small commission if you purchase the item mentioned.

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