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A New Society?

Banned from YT - this video gives you some ideas of what to DO to change the world that is changing around you.

Winter 2021

Moving In

From the Tay to the Thames - moving in from Dundee to Staines, and all the problems that entailed!

Winter/Spring 2008

A Song: Love's Prism

I'm more of a poet than a singer, but here's one put to music - at the suggestion of a fan.  It's weird, I know, but what the heck.

Spring 2008

Isaac - for our young men

It took a lot of courage to do this, but I did it for a purpose - to raise awareness of how many of our young men have died in pursuit of our freedoms.  What are you going to do to match their bravery?

Summer 2008

Motoway Madness

Ever been in a traffic jam?  This one's a jam and a half!  Along the M3 towards the M25.

Summer 2008

Guildford Cathedral

A visit to the Cathedral in Guildford, with my sister.  Where's you seen that building before?

Remembrance Sunday 2008

On a walk with my Buddy through Laleham.  Stopped to pay respects on this historic day.

Autumn 2008

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral with my sister.

Winter 2008

2009 - A diary

So many things happened in 2009, I thought I'd put a collection up.

Winter 2009

Model Behaviour?

Fed up of all the make-up tutorials that were abounding on the internet, I thought I'd do a tongue-in-cheek take on it.  Enjoy.

Winter/Spring 2009

Day at the Dogs with the Girls

Brilliant evening out - just don't forget how they treat these greyhounds!

Spring 2009

I Have Confidence

Moving on again - new home, new job.

Spring 2009

Buddy & Bluey

My Bud having a bad day with Bluey.

Spring 2009

Armed Forces Day

Beverley, near Leconfield.  Armed Forces Day celebration.  Lovely Day, brilliant memories.

Summer 2009

Beating the Retreat & Summer Ball

Brilliant Ceremony by Leconfield soldiers.  Plus the Summer Ball.

Summer 2009

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