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The De-Population "Vaccine"


6th April


Hi Everyone


I want to make you all aware this week of the interview that Dr Mike Yeadon gave about the new gene-manipulation procedure, masquerading as a “vaccine”. It isn’t so much about what he said but who he is.


He’s a former Chief Scientific Adviser for Big Pharma company, Pfizer, so this information that I’m about to summarise for you is from someone who would previously have been described as bigtime “mainstream” and not some sort of “conspiracy nut” as the government likes to try and brand people like me.


In the interview, he confirms major points that I and many others have been saying since this covid con first came into view.




Firstly, I’ve been contacted a lot by people concerned at whether to have the jab or not. David Icke described anyone that has this jab as suffering from a sort of mental illness and although this might sound disrespectful, I couldn’t agree more.


I’ve said consistently that it’s up to you (you create your own reality) and do not try to impose my views on anyone else.


I try to put out information, often that is relevant but not freely available, so you can make up your own mind but you’ll all have to accept my apologies this time, as I intend to cross the line and say; If any of you have any covid vaccination – particularly after what I’m summarising here - you are fucking mad and there’s no hope for you. Yes, it’s that serious.


Right, onto a summary of what a very well placed former mainstream Chief Scientific Adviser to Big Pharma has had to say.


Confirmed Points


In short, Dr Yeadon has confirmed that there is no new virus. Yes, you did read that right, so hats-off to David Icke for spotting this right at the start of all this manipulated madness.


I’ve been advising my readers about this for months. Dr Yeadon says that there IS a conspiracy, it’s not a theory (and never was). He says from his contacts he knows that the elites are not having this jab, which makes complete sense to me and they are not subject to the travel restrictions that ordinary people are or will be.


He also goes onto to say that masks do not prevent respiratory transmissions of anything, yet they push ahead with this, even for children in schools and that (as I pointed out months ago) people with no symptoms cannot pass on any virus. He said that the government “scientific advisers” know this and are lying to you.


On all the evidence he’s seen, there appears to be an important agenda (above governments) to compulsory vaccinate 100% of the global population for no reason, apart from human gene-manipulation and de-population. He confirms that there are large amounts of people in the so-called health professions that know this but are staying silent.


A word from me here: The day must surely come when Johnson, Gates, Witty, HanCOCK, Vallance and all the other knowing liars will be in a prison cell for crimes against humanity. As for health professionals in the drugs companies etc that know and are keeping schtum, your deeds will find you out and you’ll reap the rewards of your actions.


Why New Tech in the “Vaccines”?


He was asked why untried-on-humans mRNA technology was in the jabs and said simply, that they couldn’t administer a traditional vaccine for covid19 as it has never been isolated and therefore does not exist. Read that statement again. For a virus to exist, it has to be scientifically isolated in a lab but he says nobody has done it. He’s tried to find a lab that has it and says there isn’t one.


I’ve been telling you all a long time that all this lockdown death, restriction and economic destruction was not to protect you from a deadly virus and he confirms that is correct.


For a traditional vaccine to work, you have to isolate the virus in question, then hive off a tiny part of it and introduce this in a vaccine, so that people’s immune systems can learn and remember the virus structure, so it can attack it if you catch the bug. The obvious reason why they’re not administering a traditional vaccine for cv19, is that they aint got the virus isolated because it doesn’t exist, so new untried-on-humans technology (mRNA) can be substituted, for a very different agenda.


The “New Variants” Con


Months ago, I alerted readers to the simple trick of what the “new variants” were all about. It was blindingly obvious that these deadly “new strains”, much-hyped on the tel-lie-vision were simply fantasy, invented to prolong the public’s fear and to get people sold on the idea that new vaccines would be needed regularly. It wasn’t that hard to work out, for goodness sake. Again, Dr Yeadon confirms this to be exactly what’s happening.


He said that all these variants (he checked the codes) are around 99.7% identical to the “parent” virus (there is no parent virus of course but that’s play along for him to make his important point). In any real scenario he said, an immune system would recognise these minor differences and still act on the virus but this is being systematically withheld, so that it can be used to continue with regular (un-needed) top-ups.


I’ll remind readers at this point that Bill Gates is on record, saying that adults will require about 2 jabs per year, each year.


There is of course a good reason why continual jabs are going to be offered and that’s because, as I’ve explained before, the plan is to change the human from a biological entity into a biological/synthetic hybrid and this cannot be achieved with one jab. It has to be achieved over a period of time, so you have to get people fooled into thinking they need regular top-ups for deadly “new variants”. This is the excuse for the application of more and more gene-manipulating synthetic material being introduced into your body. And for any reader that thinks I’m talking rubbish here about the planned changed to the human structure, you need to wake-up and get real, as you’re miles off what’s going on.


Right in line with this regular jab con, elderly people that have already had their 2 initial jabs are being told by the UK government now that they are to be offered a top-up (to the two already received) in September. This is of course mega bucks for Big Pharma but that’s not what this is all about.


There are other reasons for the mandatory jab agenda but we’re focussing here on the big two; namely changing the biological structure of the human being and the alive and well de-population agenda.


Again, I’ll remind readers  that Gates is on record as saying by using “modern healthcare and vaccines” we can reduce the world’s population.


Turn-Off Your Genes


The untried-on-humans mRNA technology in covid “vaccines” apparently came from anti-cancer research. Scientists were trying to turn off certain genes that were exposed to cancer. I suppose this makes sense. This begs the question of course of what genes are they seeking to turn off with the contents of these jabs, as this is a key part of the untried technology that they’re giving you? Big Pharma, conveniently, isn’t saying.


Remember bigtime insider from 1969, Dr Richard Day, saying that they planned to have genetic weapons that could target certain genotypes?

With technology to turn on and off cells in your body, targeting certain racial types would be a piece of cake but maybe I’m just a conspiracy nut...


Another point he made is that so-called medical regulators around the globe, that gave these vaccines “emergency approval” are now saying, that as these new top-up jabs are so similar to the originals, then there’s no need for safety trials on them.


Disgusting but oh so predictable to be honest.


Dr Yeadon’s Conclusions


Again, I want to state that these are the conclusions of a former system man, high-up in Big Pharma. You should read this quote carefully.


“If you wanted to de-populate the world but in a way that didn’t affect the environment, doesn’t involve poisoning large numbers and you wanted plausible deniability, whilst appearing to fight a multi-year infection disease crisis, then I don’t think you could come up with a better plan of work than this I see before me.”


The big problem for most people reading this information, is that they cannot even conceive that there is the level of evil on the steering wheel of this whole agenda. The direction of human society is being run by psychopaths, like Gates and his ilk. And it is an unadulterated evil.

Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin were frontmen for this same mentality. They don’t give a fuck about killing people on a large scale. They really don’t, so the implementation of a fake virus to kick-off all this global mayhem is all in a day’s work.


Stalin said words to the effect of one death is a tragedy, 1 million deaths is a statistic and this could equally have been said by Bill “Mr Vaccine” Gates.




I’m often asked for my advice so here goes...


Don’t have the jab and encourage others not to.

If you’ve had an initial dose then don’t have anymore.

At the very least, wait for a year and see how things develop.


And if you don’t want it but will have it “to go on holiday”, you need reclassifying as a complete moron.


Ask yourself why would Bill Gates said that the only way back to normalcy (it’s normality by the way Gates not fucking “normalcy”) was for 100% of the globe to have the jab, including kids that even they’ve had to admit haven’t caught covid?


I checked last week and even using the government’s own completely fraudulent figures up to 3 April; there were 4,353,668 cases of covid and 126,816 deaths in the UK, which means that 97% of people that catch covid-1984, survive without a bloody vaccine.


And bearing in mind how unreliable the PCR tests are (that give the official “cases” figures) and we know all sorts of deaths have been criminally attributed to cv19 when they weren’t, then the actual chance of dying from covid are zero.


And it’s zero because, as former Big Pharma’s Dr Mike Yeadon says, there is no virus...





This Week's News Comment


30th March


Hi Everyone


I’ve picked out a few news items for comment this week.


Harry Hewitt and Misinformation


I see Harry Hewitt (Prince Harry) has announced that he’s joining the elite-funded-and-controlled Aspen Institute’s Commission on “Information Disorder”. Apparently, the flow of “disinformation” is a real threat, so he’s lending a hand to counter it. In reality, if he wanted to actually counter most disinformation, then he could recommend pulling the plug on all MSM and government output. That should do the trick.


This story is interesting on a number of levels, not least massively ironic, by the fact that the whole “Prince Harry the royal” is complete misinformation anyway!


Harry is not of the royal bloodline, if his dad is Major James Hewitt, which any photo comparison of Prince Charles, Hewitt and Harry will confirm.

So, you see, they’re taking the piss straight away and for those that don’t know, the Aspen Institute is intimately connected to other secret and semi-secret bloodline-controlled organisations in the global web structure. We often see servants of the system – not always well-known – suddenly resigning and being deployed as a “useful idiot” elsewhere in the web. He isn’t a man of any significance but remember professional liar, Nick Clegg, once leader of the clueless Fib Dems, went off suddenly to work for Facebook? Same thing.


The reason of course why the flow of “disinformation” is being described as a “threat” is because more and more people are seeing the world for what it really is and are seeing through the bullshit, that the MSM and other agents of the system constantly chuck out. As usual, anyone that is giving out genuine information is usually demonised and banned by Big Tech, despite millions of people thinking that there is a free-flow of information to make their minds up from. There isn’t and never has been.


There’s a war on for your mind and information is key, which is why the manipulators spend so much time and resources controlling and supressing it. Information, after all,  drives perceptions of the world and perceptions drive people’s actions. I’ve written a lot about the information war and this is why.


These people love to reverse everything, so let me give you a tip: If anything is described as “misinformation” in the media, then take a second look at it with an open mind. In times of universal deceit, the people orchestrating this attack on humanity have to label genuine information as “disinformation” and say it’s a threat. The fact that the shadow people are taking it so seriously speaks volumes though.


Jab Bans and Vaccine “Hesitancy”


I see even the fake news media has had to report that “several” countries have stopped administering the Oxford AstraZeneca jab. The reason given is apparently a “small number of people” have developed blood clots after having a dose.


Well, the first thing that wants pointing out is that it’s not “several”. According to information (or maybe that’s disinformation eh Harry!) I’ve seen, it’s actually 20 and when did 20 become “several”?


They are: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Thailand.


As usual, the controlled EU and the idiots we have in charge here in the UK have said don’t worry, the benefits of the jab outweigh the risks. Well they would say that wouldn’t they? A lot of people are clueless and will take anything as truth from any authority figure. That’s how all this shite has got as far as it has remember.


Do you think 20 countries would suspend a jab if only a “few” had had problems? I suspect that this “few” is anything but and I’ve predicted in articles before, that in addition to a lot of people having initial reactions to the gene-therapy, sorry vaccines, they’ve been injected with, it will lead to deaths and other health complications further down the line.


You should understand that this is not a traditional vaccine. It is new technology (mRNA) never been tried on humans before and what’s more, all previous attempts to obtain permissions for human use have failed. And do you know the reason it failed?

Dangerous and deadly overreaction of the immune system. It’s not even been passed for human use this time because all of these jabs were waived through on “emergency use” because of the scam-demic nonsense, that was conveniently used to convince people to have it in the first place.


But there’s some good news here too. Jab refusal – or as the fake news media like to call “vaccine hesitancy”- is a real problem for the agenda.

The levels of take up are not only down here but right across the globe, as more and more ain’t buying this crap. No wonder Harry Hewitt is trying to sort out why you little people don’t all believe authorities anymore.


So, let’s get one thing straight; It isn’t “hesitancy”, it’s rejection and sensible, rational rejection at that.


Closing Airports


Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to educate readers about the fact that the covid-1984 scam and the other big scam of the moment (the man-made climate lie) are intimately connected. They both come from the same authors, to bring about global changes that the same hidden-hand requires.


If you care about the environment, you can do something about pollution, or the crap in the oceans or chopping down trees that we need in place, that’s fine but you cannot influence the climate, so all this hot air (pardon the pun) about limiting our co2 output, to stave off some ridiculous “climate emergency” is completely meaningless. It really is but it’s the main point of the scam and so are the “solutions” they want in place to combat a problem that doesn’t exist.


As I’ve said before, the covid and climate scams deliver so much on the hidden-hand’s wish list but one of the points I’ve highlighted to readers, is that the solution to both manufactured “problems” will be restrictions on movement. It was therefore interesting to see the new Absolute Zero document, that describes how the government intends to move to cut co2 emissions to zero. Essentially, it talks about all aspects of your life but two jump out.


Under the “travel less” banner, they want the move to electric cars (which I covered 2 weeks ago and said this was about limiting travel), travel by rail (which again I explained would be the only mode of large transport that will exist) and to stop flying.


It says between 2020-2029, all airports will close except Heathrow, Glasgow and Belfast and the implication is as I’ve explained – you won’t be going anywhere in the future they have planned for you and your family. So, if you’ve had your covid jab, just so that authority will allow you to fly off to the sun, then forget it, you won’t be going in the future. Well, if they’re successful in their plans you won’t be.


Vaccines (remember Gates said you’ll be getting at least 2 per year), track & trace, travel restrictions, electronic money, electronic vaccine passports all the rest of the garbage is not about keeping you safe and being kind to the environment.


They’ve created monsters in the global mind, so that these can be implemented – and even bloody called for by the easily-duped – to enslave the global population. The plan is a real one but they’re not there just yet, so maybe you can do your bit to spoil their party?





Weekly Notes From Covidland


23rd March


Hi Everyone


Happy Anniversary


Well, it’s been a year this week since you were first told by Big Brother to “stay at home”. A bloody year. They must be laughing their heads off.

It is truly amazing how they’ve blagged this one for so long.

I hate to get them any credit but you have to, although they’ve been massively aided by a pathetic compliant fake news media (they couldn’t have done it without them) and more stupid people wandering around than I genuinely thought existed.

But as I’ve said, it doesn’t matter if you control the world’s media, you can’t keep a lie going forever.


The situation in short is this; A relative handful of global manipulators have had their collective foot on the neck of humanity and they do not intend to let up until they get what they want, which I’ve explained often enough but there are cracks beginning to show, as humanity finds its collective spirit.

I’ve said for some time that it isn’t going all to plan for the shadow people and I mean just that.


Another Prediction Success


Do me a favour and chalk me up another correctly-called prediction would you?


Despite the world seeming completely random and chaotic, it isn’t. And it certainly isn’t if you can access the plan and tell people about it before it is announced. I did an email earlier in the year about how my predictions about covid-1984 had all been bang-on but I see another one has been confirmed this week.


Despite people being hoodwinked bigtime about things will all be returning to normal if you’ve had your jab, I’ve been warning that this definitely won’t be the case and restrictions, including mask madness and psychological programming that is “social distancing” is planned to be permanent.

Read that line again if you are either new to my stuff, a bit naïve or worse, have a habit of believing what the government tells you.


This week, significantly, Mary Ramsay, apparently “Head of Immunisation”, has said that masks could last for years. These bastards are nothing if not predictable. Yes Mary my girl, they will be enforced for years because it’s in the plan for the future of society and is nothing to do with a bloody virus.


As usual, the official line makes no sense whatsoever (meaning it’s bullshit and they’re lying to you) in that if people are unfortunate enough to be mugged into having their jabs, then why would you need a mask, if the jab works? And there you have it – it’s more bullshit.


Third Wave


You have to laugh, you really do. If it isn’t “new variants” then it’s “another wave” and I confidently predict this tactic will continue.

Just stay in your house to protect the saintly NHS. Go on, just a bit longer, so we can flatten the curve etc etc...

This is a simple one to explain...they’re stringing you along with new and evermore nasty monsters for your mind.


The nature of the “deadly virus” that nobody can see, is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving for the manipulators. You can immediately announce there’s a “new variant” or next wave and boom, you can control society at the flick of a switch. This will continue to happen (indeed that’s why it was invented) and is the reason for the “deadly virus” tactic in the first place but what of the third wave (did you notice specifically) linked to France and Germany?


Well, that one’s obvious too. The lockdowns that have been imposed in France and Germany are directly linked to the low take-up of gene-therapy, sorry vaccines, there. It was reported that in Germany the uptake was only 4 out of 10 adults and in France it was worse. So what you’re seeing is a punishment being dished-out to people that have dared to stand up to fascism by saying shove your jab.


Get Your Jab You Muppet!


It’s no secret that public coercion and psychological manipulation of the population in general, takes many forms.

Adverts are of course the main one. There is a unit within the government cabinet office that specialise in just that – mind manipulation of the public.


It isn’t well known though that these government “messages”, designed to bring about changes in people’s behaviour extends into TV programmes and even soap operas. So, whether it’s transgenderism, racism, climate change and certainly the covid con, you’re likely to see it served up in the storylines of Eastenders and Corro. I was tipped-off years ago that government officials were telling the scriptwriters of Eastenders and the like, to bring in certain storylines, in the hope of mind-bending the viewers and importantly (to them) to bring about changes in perceptions, which we all know leads to a change of actions.


Now I don’t watch any of this mindless shite but I know people that do and they alerted me to a recent blatant public-influencing scene in Eastenders, that confirms what I’m saying here.


If you’ve seen it, then apologies, as I’m just describing the key point here...


Apparently, a scruffy character goes in a shop and the lady in the shop says she’s proud to having her jab. The urchin says I’m not, it isn’t safe.

The lady then says “so you don’t trust medical experts then?” The other lady then leaves the shop, with a “oh, yes, I see what you mean” look on her face.


My informer also tells me that this happened some years ago in Coronation Street, when a girl refused to have the MMR jab but then (predictably) suffered health complications because she hadn’t had it for her child.


So, the message is clear: “Ere you mappets, get you’re jab now and stop questioning “experts!”


Christian Climate Nonsense


There’s as usual a collections of crap, mind-numbing adverts to choose from at any time on the tel-lie-vision but have you seen the latest from Christian Aid?


I’m personally not a Christian but don’t mind people that are. It is after all up to you what you want to believe but I couldn’t help noticing they’ve joined the throng of organisations, that are selling not only the covid con but apparently, climate change is the biggest problem we face too. Really?


This should teach us a couple of things:


Never underestimate how stupid people are, whether they’re religious or not.

Don’t assume that as they’re a big organisation, they know what they’re on about.

Don’t underestimate the power of the spider’s networks to influence seemingly caring and saintly people and organisations, to get its message out there.


Bernician Fraud Case Update


Many of you I know are aware of Michael O’Bernicia and his private case against Witty, HanCOCK, Ferguson and Vallance, relating to the covid-1984 scam. All are guilty of course of a massive, provable fraud. Below is an update interview with him on Mark Devlin’s podcast.


For those that don’t know, this is a serious private prosecution and Michael has amassed 1200 documents, with various expert witness testimony, that has been laid at the magistrate’s court in London last Friday. He has a good track record of proving fraud, so good luck to him with it.


You can listen to Mark’s interview, here:



Electric Cars (and the Bigger Picture)


16th March


Hi Everyone


Before we begin on electric cars, I had a great comment from a mate of mine about the deaths of people after having their injected gene-therapy, sorry vaccine.


He said, as they’ve been constantly saying on the fake news media “the number of deaths today, from any cause but testing positive for cv19 in the last 28 days is...” I hope they’re going to be similarly announcing daily: “the number of deaths today, from people within 28 days of having the vaccine is..”


Surely, that would only be fair right?


Anyway, onto electric cars.


I had intended to write an email just about the change to electric cars but as usual, context is everything and we need a bit of back story to appreciate the bigger picture. Apologies to those that don’t like longer emails but there’s a bit to get through...


Convenient Problems


I’ve been explaining for months that despite people being unaware of it, the man-made global warming/climate change con and the covid-1984 scam are peas from the same pod. Forget what you’re told incessantly on the fake new media – this is what they’re for:


They are designed to convince the global psyche that there is a terrible problem(s), so that the target population accept changes in society that would not otherwise be possible. The idea that these changes wouldn’t be accepted by people without the manipulated problem, is key to the scam. It’s our old friend Problem-Reaction-Solution, which you all must be familiar with by now. You’ll notice in both manipulated scams that YOU are the problem. This is not an accident and is designed to have a meaningful psychological effect. As usual, it’s all a mind game that they want you to swallow and of course, as usual sadly, millions have.


Also, as usual, these two “problems” are announced on the MSM as being completely unconnected but they aren’t. They originated from the same force and the goals they intend to usher-in, are the same.


Know the Destination – See the Journey


When something is announced on the fake news media, like covid or global warming, the most powerful pointer to what it’s actually about is to look at what they are proposing to combat it, as a result of this “problem”. One of the best lines that explains this, was by David Icke, who said “know the destination, see the journey” and this is bang-on. If you know where they intend to take something, then the interim announcements on the news - that look complete random and unconnected to the uninformed millions – take on complete clarity, simply by knowing the destination.


So let’s have a look at what “solutions” have been proposed (importantly - as the only ones possible in light of the “problem” that has been announced) and the consequences of the changes being sold:




Compulsory vaccinations

Restrictions on travel

Meaningless state diktats like the mask-madness and social distance psychological programming

Restructuring of the economy (in favour of global corporations)

Increased global surveillance on citizens (Track & Trace, Bill Gates’ electronic “passports” etc)

Further elimination of cash



“Man-made” climate change


New global regulations – dictated by a supranational world authority (world government)

New global taxation

Smart meters (in truth surveillance and control devices)

Restrictions on movement and freedoms

Moving people into so-called “smart cities”


So, the first lesson learned here, by anyone with half a brain cell on active duty, is if you want to bring in the above changes - that you know would ordinarily be opposed by most people - then the covid-1984 and man-made climate carbon cons fit the bill nicely.


You’ll now understand why I spend so much time telling people that the man-made climate lie is nothing to do with true environmentalism and genuine care for the planet. Banish that completely from your minds. The force instigating this crap couldn’t give a shit about you, your family and certainly not the bloody planet. They are psychopaths, with a psychopathic agenda and will latch onto anything that can be hijacked to further their aims for humanity, albeit some nasty virus pretend-emic or how you’re knackering the planet with that car you drive.


Electric Cars


Like so-called “smart” meters and all the rest of the fascist structure masquerading as “green”, electric cars are being sold as better for the environment and to help save the planet. The fact that they’re telling you that, should immediately tip you off that that’s exactly NOT what they’re for.


Electric cars of course are not “environmentally friendly” anyway, as the batteries contain a cocktail of toxic shite and are not recyclable at all.

Diesel and petrol cars are being demonised now and they maybe many things but, as I’ve explained before, the CO2 they push out makes not one jot of difference to the climate because CO2 does not cause climate change. The driver of the climate, not surprisingly is that big yellow ball in the sky, called the Sun stupid but as I said earlier, the trick is to get people believing that it’s them that’s causing the problem. So it ain’t the Sun, it’s YOU.


And for anyone new to my articles that thinks I’m making some ignorant sweeping statement that CO2 does not cause climate change, then you need to read my endless emails on this over the years, where I substantiate all I’m saying here. Man’s CO2 output has no influence on the climate, so all this limit this and we can save planet Earth is utter, utter garbage. It’s much-repeated but still not the truth and if you think it is, simply, you’ve been fooled.

But that’s OK. It really is. Nobody’s going to laugh at you for being fooled. You know different now, so shake yourself down and open your mind to what’s actually happening.


To convince people to have electric cars they’re handing out tax breaks etc but it’s starting to seep out that they’re not the great new things they’re being painted as. There’s the obvious limited mileage but this might change a bit as they roll –out “new” technology but the thing that a lot of people have missed about electric cars, is that a close relative to them is the driverless electric car. And a driverless car will not go where you want to go, only where it’s programmed to go. This is key.

If you have a tank full of diesel, you can go where you like but not with an electric car. At the moment you’re limited to places where there’s a charger and even then you have to wait for it to charge up. So all of a sudden, a trip to Cornwall to sit on the beach has become a different ball game, with a crappy car that only does 180 miles before it goes flat. See what I mean? There’s also been some concerns that the electric currents in the motors induce magnetic fields and magnetic fields can definitely affect people adversely.


After saying for years that smart meters will be deciding what runs in your home and what doesn’t, regardless of your wishes, I read only recently that the power companies were writing to the government to say as there won’t be enough power in the grid (with coal power stations again closed on the climate change lie) to charge all these electric cars, so can they make the decision of what charges at particular times and what doesn’t.

Guess what will be regulating that – smart meters. You know the devices that are laughably being sold to people on the idea that having one will put you in control of your energy! It’s great this climate con don’t you think?


But look back out our list of changes in society and an important one is restrictions on travel.


Welcome to your New Home


In the UN’s plans of Agenda 2030, the plan is to move people off the land (on the excuse of it’s bad for the environment) and into hi-rise, high density, mega smart cities, where there won’t be any car travel. These are being built now all over the globe and as usual, the green robots think they’re great folks! The only major travel medium, in this new prison – sorry society, will be one big mega rail route (this is what lies behind HS2 ultimately) and the rail network is being expanded to this blueprint all over the globe.


Travelling of any kind will be frowned upon – assisted as usual by the woke green robots and know doubt system puppet, Greta (miserable) Thunberg – until eventually people just won’t do it anymore, unless of course, your one of the 1%. They will be allowed to travel but you won’t about that minor detail, you climate change causer you....


So, electric cars ultimately are a stepping-stone to  what I’m describing is the destination. They will slowly limit people’s capacity to travel, compared to petrol and diesel cars and this limiting will be ably assisted by the smart grid saying you can only charge it when they say, not you.

Remember, if you have a conventional car and it runs out of fuel, you can fill it up with some more. If your electric car’s gone flat, the person controlling the grid will decide if you’re going to move again. There is a difference. Bring in driverless cars and you definitely ain’t going where you want.

Of course this all sounds mad unless you realise that the plan is that you won’t be travelling where you want. The software will be deciding where you can go and where you can’t, or more importantly, the people that produce the software. And who do you know who’s big in software?


By complete coincidence, we’re back to (Mr Vaccine) Bill Gates again.


Are you starting to see the connection?





What's In The Jab?


9th March


Hi Everyone


According to reader feedback, a lot of you appreciate my comments as to what is significant (or not) on the “news”, so a bit more of that this week.

As I often say, it’s amazing what you can pick out when you know what to look for...


Meghan & Harry


I see the media is full of the interview of Meghan Markle by bloodline TV favourite, Oprah Winfrey. Obviously, it’s more crappy tittle-tattle but a word of caution here. In my experience, when there’s a non-story all over the media, then that’s just the time to be extra vigilant of real info being released.

A familiar trick is to flood the media with a “big story” (with no real significance) and then release something that is very significant, in the background, behind the noise of the false big story. So, we should be on our guard and doubly so when bloodline lackey, Oprah Winfrey, is on primetime TV selling it.


I wrote in May 2018, that the whole Meghan (who strikes me as a complete made-up persona anyway) and Harry’s “royal” wedding was not royal at all, as Harry isn’t royal blood. Even the MSM have acknowledged (I mean how couldn’t they) that Harry is the spitting image of Major James Hewitt, which of course he would be because that’s his real Dad. The royal family are nothing like people are led to believe and I’ve written a lot about them.


You have to appreciate that the bloodline cult, don’t marry for money and certainly not love. It is bloodline that is key and they’re committed to preserving the genetic code, so the chances of any type of commoner getting anywhere near the bloodlines is ridiculous.

Of course, in 2018, the royals courted the fake put-about belief that they weren’t racist, as they were welcoming a black female into the family. This was all shite for the public to lap-up of course and as usual, couldn’t be further from the truth. Meghan wasn’t ever going to get anywhere near the royal inner circle because Harry isn’t royal , so it was all show. I assume they didn’t mind the new hip, non-racist façade, as it’s all good PR.


The reason why Harry’s Mum - Lady Diana Spencer - was selected to marry Prince Charles, was to provide a fusing of two important bloodlines. These people are obsessed with keeping the bloodline pure. Charles was of the royal line and she (whilst being portrayed in the media at the time as a shy, almost common, kindergarten teacher) was actually part of the significant Spencer-Churchill bloodline (as in Winston Churchill) and  Diana, the shy “nobody” in the press, was actually born on the Royal estate at Sandringham. I don’t need to tell you that the offspring of that union, Prince William, is significant, for the reasons stated above, so he’s one to keep an eye on.


Diana, who was deeply unhappy from the start (and who could blame her), had a string of affairs and Harry was a result of one with Hewitt, so forget any “royal wedding” to Meghan. It was all a show but the fact that the Oprah interview is everywhere now, means we need to be on our guard for perhaps some real news, behind the headlines.


Clapping for the NHS


I see it was reported that (so far) 200,000 NHS workers have refused the experimental mRNA vaccine, when offered it.

They’re the type of people I want to stand outside my house, on a Thursday night and clap!


BBC and the Climate Con


I saw one decent comment this week about the BBC’s continuing commitment to flogging the man-made climate con whenever they can. It’s spreading of course and now major companies are selling you products on the false idea that buying from them will somehow stop “climate change”. I’ve already emailed Quorn, who have been banging the climate nonsense, to tell them their ad is shite and providing – out of the goodness of my heart – some real info on the carbon con. Not that it’ll do me any good I suppose....


Anyway, the comment this week about the BBC was that they try to sell the dangers of climate change in every flippin’ programme apart from Antiques Roadshow....but give ‘em time!


Track and Trace


It was announced in the Budget (well if you can believe politicians) that the government has provided £22 billion for the Track and Trace system, with an eye-watering additional £15 billion to be given this year. That’s “b” for billions folks not “m” for millions. That’s a lot of dough but you must remember that there’s no expense spared when it comes to the grand plan and getting people to pay for their own enslavement is always the preferred option.


Do you really think that this huge amount of cash would be spent on some shitty system that tells smartphones (and the authorities) who’s tested positive for cv19? Really? £37 Billion quid just for that? Usually, if the official line doesn’t make any sense, then you’re either missing something or they’re lying to you. Lying is apparent here.


I’ve been saying since the start of the pretend-emic that one of the key goals (along with an ever more cashless society, compulsory vaccines, restrictions on travel and a restructure of the economy) that the Track and Trace system was a system to increase state surveillance, on everyone and spending £37 billion on an Orwellian surveillance system makes much more sense to me.


What a Jab!


These cv19 jabs are fantastic, they really are. Developed in mega-quick time, they not only protect you from the biggest health threat in 100 years (well not really but let’s pretend it is) but they also protect you from every new variant, that has mutated after the jab was produced. How cool is that!


So it doesn’t matter if it’s the Kent or the aggressive Brazilian variant, don’t worry the previously produced vaccine’s got your back. Yes, a vaccine produced long before these rogue strains even mutated, will protect you from all of these and no doubt all the others, that the authors will make up in future news programmes too. Isn’t it amazing what they can do and all in record time. So come on cv19, you’d better bring your best game as those selfless white coats from Big Pharma have me and my family covered....until they decide it’s time to have the next one.


Jab Casualties


There’s unsurprisingly been a lot of coverage on the alternative media about the number of deaths and adverse reactions people have had that have taken the cv19 jabs. This is completely predictable to me because if you take an experimental vaccine, that has gene technology never been tried out on humans before and was rushed through by the (so-called) regulators, then what do you expect?


The Yellow Card Vaccine Reporting Scheme has shown that, in the UK so far, 35 people have suffered deafness and 25 people blindness, with 402 deaths.

The total “adverse events” were 191, 832, which might not sound a lot, particularly if you believe that close to 20 million people have been jabbed.


However, the Yellow Card scheme is a self-reporting scheme, so doesn’t tell anything like the real picture. It’s estimated that only 1 in 4 people will actually bother reporting “adverse events” and as it is self-reporting, doctors and other official lines of info are very unlikely to register any reactions they are aware of.


In short, it’s safe to say there are a lot of adverse reactions – including deaths – which will not be highlighted on any official news source.

You do indeed create your own reality.





Weekly News Comment


4th March


Hiya Everyone


Just a quick one before we start....


I don’t want to further depress people that are thinking they’re going to be soon emerging from the deeply damaging lockdown madness and all the restrictions but as I’ve been saying for months, you’re not –  at least that’s the plan. And if you thought covid-1984 lockdowns were bad enough, prepare yourself for “climate lockdowns” that are planned to come to a city near you. Yes, the “green robots” have done a “study” that suggest the only way to “save the planet” is to bring in more lockdowns and they ain’t joking.

I’ve been explaining for a long time, that the covid and man-made climate change scams, are both peas from the same pod, from the same orchestrators, leading to the same ends for you and your family, so does this insane development surprise me?

Of course not but more on this next week....


What’s in the Jab?


I’ve been posed the question more than once; What’s in the jab?


In truth, I don’t know and unless you’re part of the small cabal of orchestrators, right at the top of the Big Tech/Big Pharma pyramid, it’s impossible to say yet BUT we can make very educated guesses, if we open our minds to all possibility and crucially use our knowledge of the other “dots” that make up this picture. I’ve been at this game a long time, so my knowledge about the undeniable compulsory vaccine agenda and why they want to implement it can all be used to arrive at what I’d say is a pretty accurate picture.


This is what I said in November:


Vaccines generally contain toxic shite but this one – launched off the back of one of the greatest hoaxes in known human history – is important to the cult, relating to a number of forthcoming changes planned for humanity. It is likely to contain:


Other diseases that can be used as the next “virus pandemic”

Sterilisation agents (Gates has done this before most recently in Africa and has been documented as a key component in the de-population agenda.)

Nano-technology (or “smart dust”) designed to connect all humans to the unfolding 5G “smart-grid”

DNA-altering agents and Gates has talked openly about this facility in vaccines. This will change your DNA, preparing your body to become the new AI-connected biological hybrid.


I have to say, with all that I’ve learned since, I don’t honestly think I was that far away with my initial estimation.


A Warning To The Newbies


If you’re new to this subject or my information and all this sounds a bit “far-fetched” then I’d caution you to remember that I’ve been predicting this for a long time and have not called one single covid-1984-related development since March, incorrectly. I’m not boasting here, just trying to put this info into perspective but as is your right, if you think I’m talking rubbish, feel free to use the delete button and we’ll part company here.


For those that do want to hang around, please do yourself a favour and forget this twee little childlike perception (offered up incessantly by the fake news media) that scientists, the world over, have been  bravely collaborating, to find an antidote to this deadly virus, stalking humanity. This is provable horseshit folks. They’re playing with your mind again. If genuine collaboration of the white coats, all for the good of the world was happening, they’d have got rid of cancer years ago, or is it just me?


So, forget the bloody covid jab, here’s a little truth injection for you...


This vaccine (in truth gene-therapy, not a vaccination) is not about fighting a deadly virus. It has long been designed as a vehicle that dovetails into key bloodline goals of population reduction, intimate surveillance, AI connection and ultimately the DNA transition of you to a biological/synthetic hybrid.

As I’ve repeatedly said, the covid scam was just the mega-hyped excuse for them to unleash it on the global population.

Oh, and one more important point the newbies need to appreciate, is that the level of technology available to the black projects (and make no mistake this is a very dark project) away from public view, is far in advance of what the public is allowed to see.


Now you have some idea of where my considered opinion came from in November.


An Insider Speaks


As ever, the closer you can get to the spider that sits at the centre of the global web, then the better the info you’ll have.

Many decent insiders over the years have come forward to reveal key points of the plan to enslave humanity, so the recent interview with ex-FEMA employee Celeste Solum, interested me. Working for FEMA – a very sinister organisation closely linked to the US homeland Security mob – she’ll be in a position to give decent insight, on the bigger picture, as she has done in the past.


It’s a bit technical but for those that want to see it, it’s here:


In addition to confirming much that I suspected would be in the jab (including the usual toxic stuff like animal cells and the ever-present toxic Mercury), she gives a valuable insight into the bigger picture of why the manipulators want to get inside your body. So forget bloody covid – this is where we want to be focussing.


The idea – and this will be the level that Gates is operating from – is to put a biological platform inside the body. Bill Gates is publicly on record saying this will make everyone a software generator or bio-reactor. Synthetic genetic material will enter your cells and once in, will interact with your DNA to make a foreign protein, which will (crucially) not be regulated by your DNA.


She reveals that this has all been rolled-out under a “bio-defence programme”. This ties-in nicely with the fact that rather than promote phoney terrorists attacking cities with suicide bombs etc (where have bloody ISIS been in lockdown?), the new dastardly menace they’ve been trying to sell the population’s minds for some time is a “bio-terrorist”, which neatly justifies all this Frankenstein development.


So the big con now is rather than a nutter in a suicide vest (justifying mega-surveillance everywhere you go) it’s a nutter with a test-tube (justifying global vaccines). Of course, these monsters-in-the-mind aren’t real but it’s important if the people you want to enslave, think they are.


Interestingly, she also says that they recognise that more and more people will refuse vaccines, so this “biological platform” that is being injected into people, will be able to generate and produce biological changes in your body, by being triggered by various non-injected methods.

So, they’ll be able to bring about changes in your body’s cells via an external stimulus. It could be 5G, it could be light or a particular transmitted energetic frequency, which makes complete sense to me. But there’s more..


This injected “bio-platform” in your cells, will be used to say tackle obesity (whether you want it to or not), trigger any “new” virus that they require or make any changes to your body without you having to say yes or no, which is very nice of them, don’t you think? So, it’s like having a digital pathogen surveillance system in your DNA. No wonder fascist Gates says he’s going to turn you into a software generator.


Bigtime insider, Dr Richard Day, said all the way back in 1969, that they would develop a weapon to attack various genotypes (black people, old people or whatever) so it looks like they’re about there.


The endgame, she says, is you are to be turned into a hybrid biological synthetic entity ready for the new world where artificial intelligence (AI) will catalogue all life on Earth and will control all planetary management. Everything – including you – will be run by AI.


And don’t think this is all sci-fi mumbo jumbo either. It’s not something that might be coming in thousands of years either. It’s here and now.

Perhaps you can see now why I won’t be having my Gates-instigated software bio generator, sorry covid vaccine.

Don’t tell you that on bloody Panorama do they?





Jab Refusal & Comment


2nd March


Hi Everyone


A few more comments this week on the crazy world of covid-1984.


It’s becoming clearer by the day, to anyone with half a brain, that as there is no real medical emergency then the vaccine roll-out is just that – a global vaccination agenda – and is nothing to do with health care. And if you think that (as the system would have you believe) that the noble and ethical white coats of Big Pharma have combined their collective efforts to help humanity fight off this deadly bug, then there’s a job for you on the board of National Naivety Society.


Some months ago I speculated what I thought likely was in the jab, bearing in mind the system and its agents are desperate for everyone to have it.

It turns out that despite sounding bonkers to some people, when I spoke about sterility agents, gene manipulation to arrive at human/synthetic hybrids and nano-tech to connect people to the 5G smart reality for ultimately AI tracking and monitoring, it seems I wasn’t far off but perhaps more on that later in the week.


Vaccine Refusal


It seems that large sections of global society are starting to wake-up and refuse the jab. Believe me, this is turning into a major problem for the manipulators. I predicted that after the clueless and easily-duped had been jabbed, demand would fall and this would be the area where the real battle for your future of normality would be fought.


As usual, you can tell how desperate the system is when they’re involving the Queen and other royals to sell the lie. Long-time readers of my material will know that the royal family is nothing like people are encouraged to think. Apparently Her Maj said that not having the jab was “selfish” and people should think of others. Nice little bit of psychological manipulation there don’t you think? My answer to that is; if people were “thinking” then nobody would be buying this garbage and having this toxic shite into their arms.


In these times of universal deceit, it’s par-for-the-course that the term “vaccine” has been deliberately hijacked, as the untested-on-humans mRNA technology in the jab is actually gene-therapy (DNA alteration) and not what people understand a traditional vaccine to be.

Usually, a vaccination is  a process where a tiny piece of the bug is injected, so that your immune system can build-up immunity to it and recognise in the future but this jab is far from that. Of course, it’s highly convenient though if large numbers of people think that it is a traditional vaccination, if you intend everyone to unthinkingly line up at the docs with sleeve rolled-up.


The figures for the sluggish demand is being mirrored all over the globe, which is good news. Only about 6% of EU citizens have had it, which has caused the usual desperation measures – you know like the Queen being wheeled-out here – with both the German and French leaders appealing to people to have it on the TV. Apparently, of the 1.5M doses in Germany only 10% have been taken up and the situation is the same in France, so it seems our European cousins aren’t that dim.


UK Vaccination Figures


The UK apparently has jabbed 28% of the population which might be correct but don’t take any figures that are produced by the government or media for granted. Why? Because they have a major history of lying anyway and have a vested interest in giving the perception that you’re the odd one out for saying no.


There is also a very good reason to dismiss all “official” figures. In March last year, I reported that the government had produced “guidance” to all MSM outlets that all reporting on cv19 had to be in support of the government’s policy on the issue. And people think we have a free press but anyway... I questioned at the time that if there was a real pandemic, why would they need to do this but the point is; if all media stories have to be in line with government policy and oversight, then any figures produced by them have to be doubted. It’s obvious isn’t it?


Vaccine Passports


You have to laugh don’t you. It was reported by the fake news media that apparently Bojo has “commissioned a report into vaccine passports”.

Is he taking the piss? What do you mean “commission” a bloody report?


Global vaccine poster boy, Bill Gates, said late last year (and so did I) that vaccine passports were part of the plan but no, the PM of the UK is only just now saying they might look at them. This is yet more proof that the agenda is decided way above Bojo and the like and the script is passed down for “leaders” to read later. And don’t for a moment think that Bojo knows what’s really going on. Of course passports are on the agenda. It’s part of your intended enslavement and I will confidently predict (as I did last year) that after this pathetic “report commissioning” the conclusion will be that they’ll be coming in.


This isn’t a done deal though for the manipulators. There’s all sorts of legal, discriminatory and religious issues surrounding them and as usual, the more people that say no, the bigger problem it will be for those that seek to imprison you and your family.


Cases “Plummeting”- yawn, yawn


On 8 January, I wrote an email called “Of Course the Jab Will Work”.


In it I explained that the “cycle amplification” used in the widely inaccurate PCR test, can be varied to produce more or less “positive” results.

I predicted that when the jab was rolled-out, they would purposely reduce the cycle amplification within the tests, so that it looked like cases were plummeting falsely because of the jab – encouraging more people to have it. It’s all a gigantic con and it wasn’t that hard to put two and two together. Again, it seems I was right.


Off-Guardian have done an article to say that the World Health Org advised to reduce the amplification of the PCR tests (this coincided with the vax roll-out starting), which is the reason that cases are being reported as falling sharply. Not masks-wearing, not lockdowns and certainly not the bloody jab have been the cause of the fall. It’s manipulation of the test and you can see here:


I told you they are taking the piss. It’s up to you whether you allow them to or not.






Bill's Jab History: A Very Short Summary


18th February


Hi Everyone


Just a couple of quick ones today...


Below, there’s a link to a short summary of Gates-funded vaccines, that have caused needless health problems, paralysis and deaths, across the globe, all under the banner of “protecting” people. I urge you all to watch it but first...


The Vaccine Salesman


Imagine I’m a vaccine salesman for a moment.


If I knocked on your door and said there’s a deadly virus going around and if you catch it, you have a 50/50 chance of dying, then you might be interested in buying one from me I suppose. Obviously, the higher the chance that you might die from the virus, then the more chance I have of selling you the jab.


But let’s substitute the government’s own covid19 infection-to-mortality rate in our little example.


Official figures state that the infection-to-mortality rate is 0.2%. This allegedly rises a bit with age, so as I’m in a very charitable mood, let’s call it 1%.


So, in simple terms, if you catch covid19, the chances of you dying are 1% and the chance of surviving is 99%.

These figures are obviously people that have not received any form of previous vaccination from covid19.


So the obvious question is: Why would anyone want the vaccine, if you’re virtually certain to survive without it?


Answer: Because some authority figure has told you to.


Gates’ Jabs


I’ve written a lot about Bill Gates and his vast network of funding and influence. This extends all over the place but includes the BBC (major fake news spreader), the World Health Organisation (major fake news spreader), Imperial College London (where the appalling inaccurate computer models come from that frighten people into accepting lockdowns) and various key TV script readers, like Prof Chris Witty, who I wouldn’t trust to wash my car, to name only a few.


The best series I’ve seen on him is Who Is Bill Gates?, by top researcher, James Corbett at The Corbett Report site but for those that want a quick summary of the misery that Gates and his foundation have brought to innocent people globally and more importantly, how his vaccine agenda is intimately linked to the depopulation agenda, then please make time to watch it.


I’ve written about many of these vaccine programs, not least in 2014, when a WHO and Gates funded jab for Tetanus, was openly shown to contain a sterilising agent in a jab for Kenyan girls, which was followed in 2017 by a combined DTP vaccine, that actually created 5 times the death rate, than in unvaccinated children. And recognise that this is the man behind the cv19 jabs...





Weekly Covid Observations


16th February


Hi Everyone


According to reader feedback, my weekly efforts to decipher the crap that passes for news these days has proved popular, so this week a few more comments. Thanks incidentally to everyone – globally – that has contacted me with good wishes and thanks for my humble efforts, to show you all the exit door to this crap. We now have readers in Oz, NZ, USA, Thailand, Poland, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden etc as well as all parts of the UK, so that’s really positive.


No, I Didn’t Watch It


I’ve been contacted by several people about the “anti-vaxxers” programme (they don’t call them TV “programmes” for nothing you know) last night on the fake news media that is the BBC. Overseas readers will have the same stuff served up where they live, as it’s a globally co-ordinated agenda, just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.


You might think I’m lazy, not bothering to watch it but I’m an old hand at this game and I’ve seen it all before. You only needed to see the mind-manipulating language used in the programme description to see where I’m coming from.


It said “activists” have been “targeting” people with “misinformation” about vaccines. I’ve been in the game a long time and I’ve never had an “activist” “target” me with anything and the only purveyors of misinformation about covid and a lot more, is the MSM. Nor would I describe myself as an “activist” and I’m certainly not “targeting” anyone with my info. My policy is simple; If you don’t like what I write then use the delete button, or contact me and I’ll delete you. No, this is more psychobabble from the mendacious BBC but you can see, in that tiny example, how they seek to purposely program perceptions with misleading language and they do it all the time.


In reality, this whole approach by the fake news media is massively insulting to anyone that has a brain. You should be able to take in any info you like and it’s nobody’s business what you make of it. That’s how society should be. In my experience, anyone that has a label like “conspiracy theorist” is simply someone that’s seen through the bullshit, so the label-obsessed media need to demonise you. But the state machine has gone into overdrive and it’s become obvious, even to people that aren’t that clued-up, that the policy now is you must agree with authority. Well fuck that.


The most telling thing to me about the programme, was the fact that it was on, at primetime on a Monday night. What does that tell you?

It tells you simply that so-called “anti-vaxxers” are a massive problem to the system. Do you think the BBC would be tasked to put on a show that mentions any “anti-vaccine” stance at all?


Believe me, if they’re using their time to demonise a “crazy minority” (according to them) on primetime TV, then the rejection of mass vaccinations is taking hold.


Don’t Lose Sight of What the Pretend-emic Is About


With all the twists and turns ever-changing on the fake news media about the covid-1984 narrative, it’s important sometimes not to lose focus of what it’s actually about. The MSM report this or that development and so some people are persuaded to be purposely diverted away to what’s planned.


Over the past year, I’ve described in detail what it’s for, controlled by whom and to what end. I’m not going to repeat myself (read my previous articles) but a quick summary might help some readers, who get swayed by the constant TV barrage of crap.


The whole psyop has been planned a long time, with “exercises” taking place – playing out exactly to what you’ve seen on your TV screens – months and years before the fairy story was unleashed on an unsuspecting public in March last year. It’s become patently obvious that the vaccine roll-out has nothing to do with healthcare or protecting anyone. This is a summary of what the whole shit show has been about, which people like me were pointing out, way before it came into public view.


To roll-out global mass (compulsory) vaccinations.

To push further with the old goal of the deletion of all cash (adopting electronic-only currency).

To re-order the economy, by (purposely) closing thousands of small businesses and letting the vacuum be filled with global corporations

Further restrictions on travel for all global citizens

Massive increase in state surveillance


So don’t be deflected from these series of goals. This is what the pretend-emic was designed to deliver, under the excuse of a “deadly virus” and as I commented months ago, if I and others were talking about these very things – before the world had heard of bloody covid 19 – then the fact that they’re being pushed as the “solution” by all governments globally, is the biggest coincidence in known human history.


The Agenda Roll-Out Mechanism


I want to make a small but very important point that you simply must get your head around, if you’re to understand how the world works.


The agenda for the world is played out through politicians NOT by them.


Bojo, Trump/Biden, Merkel, Sturgeon or whoever is NOT deciding on any of this. The agenda, that is written in the shadows and is played out through these meaningless peopel, not by them. This is why the main direction of the world doesn’t change with a change of leader. Yes, they might tinker with minor bits of policy here and there but not on the major issues and if they don’t follow the line, they’re gone sharpish and another cardboard cut-out script-reader is recruited and the media call these people “leaders”. So as I used to say, they may have slight differences – to fool the public that they have a choice – but look at the major society-changing issues and they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet.


The money system – climate change – the war on terror and more latterly covid-1984. These are the real issues that the hidden-hand directs and uses to change society, so it’s no wonder they feature in all political “sides” prominently.


Here in England, we have Bojo only yesterday saying it’s the government intention to vaccinate all adults.

This is significant because he hasn’t read this part of the script before but there you have it, it’s is master’s intentions in black and white.

I cannot emphasise enough that the “vaccine roll-out” is not about protecting you and your family. There is an agenda to vaccine everyone (regularly) and Bojo has confirmed it. And if more proof were needed, Bill Gates was saying everyone will need to be vaccinated globally, early last year, so you can see Bojo is just following the script that Gates had been given but only earlier.


The Saviour Has Come


I explained in my article last week that there is a direct connection between the covid scam and the other big lie - man-made “climate change”.

They are in truth two peas from the same pod and are nothing but often-repeated manipulated problems, allowing society-changing solutions to be wheeled-out.


I’ve written a lot about Bill Gates, including his family history and his powerful network of lackeys etc . There’s no doubt that he is the poster-boy of the vaccination agenda. Again, it’s important to recognise that he is the public face of the pushing of vaccines, not the real orchestrator. As David Icke rightly says; if he’s on the TV, then he’s a gopher.


So it was no surprise - in fact it was pathetically predictable - that he’s launching a new book and venture on combatting climate change. It’s called How to Avoid the Climate Disaster and you know it’s part of the hidden-hand agenda as it’s being mercilessly promoted by all the dinosaur fake news media. I’d advise you to save yourself the cover price and read my Climate Change for Dummies email, if you want some truth about the carbon con.


In reality, Gates and his ilk need to be viewing the inside of a prison cell and I’m sure life on Earth would greatly benefit if he did.

This man is nothing like people are kidded into believing. He’s the public face of vaccines but also heavily linked to GM crops, electronic currency, the climate con obviously and electronic surveillance etc.

Watch James Corbett’s excellent Who is Bill Gates? for more on who he really is, at the Corbett Report site.


But according to big-hearted Bill, he’s going to make the world a much better place with vaccines, vaccine passports, he’s going to sort out the climate “problem” and end third world poverty. Ahhh, isn’t that nice of him. All hail St Bill.


I’m not a Christian. I’m a spiritual person but don’t follow any organised religion but where have I heard the story of a new global world saviour figure, asking you to have a chip in your body to carry out world trade? The mark of the beast indeed. Gates might not be the anti-Christ but he is a psychopath, helping direct a psychopathic agenda for the world.





A Couple of Observations


11th February


Hi Everyone


A couple of interesting observations this week.


There Is No Pandemic – ONS


“Crazy conspiracy theorists” like me have been saying there is no pandemic, from virtually the word go but now you don’t have to take my word for it as it’s been confirmed by The official Office of National Statistics (ONS).


According to the figures on it’s website, deaths in England & Wales, in 2008, were higher per 100,000 of population than in 2020.

How can this be I hear you say, bearing in mind we’re supposed to be swamped with a deadly virus that’s wreaking havoc across the land?

Surely we’d see the usual expected number of deaths, then added to that, all the 100,000+ covid deaths that the dinosaur fake news media keep shoving down your throat?


Not according to the ONS’s own figures – see below.


                                                            2020                                                                2008


Population:                                          60.5M                                                              54M


Total Deaths:                                       604,036                                                           581,000


% of Population deceased:                  1%                                                                   1.08%



The death rate is around 0.9% of the population for most of the ensuing years and you can take a look at Richard D Hall’s excellent video, showing the figures here:


Is it me but I don’t remember Gordon Brown (the then PM) being on the TV every day, in 2008, telling us how many had died and I’m sure I never saw any masks-wearers in Tesco. I wonder why not?

Of course I know why not and so do you. There is no real pandemic.



Another Media Shift


Have you noticed then? You haven’t have you?


Well, when all this garbage kicked-off last March, the mendacious media were shouting “death” from the rooftops.

This carried on for (predictable) maximum effect until (by complete coincidence, the flu season was coming to an end last spring) then the death figures were falling. Frightening people – which was vital to the scam – couldn’t be sustained by falling death figures, so the fake news media then swapped to reporting “cases”. I alerted my readers in the middle of last year about this and the fact that this was definitely not an accident or random event.

As usual, hardly anyone noticed this significant and planned undeniable switch.


As I said at the time, it had become a “case-demic” where anyone that had a positive PCR test result, regardless of whether they were ill or not, were reported as a new cv19 “case”. This is of course completely untrue but that’s the job of the controlled media. And the “case-demic” was easy for the manipulators to prolong – to justify massively harmful lockdowns, masks, SD, travel restrictions, businesses closing etc – as the PCR test is terribly inaccurate and can produce up to 97% false-positive results. So, it’s fact that a positive result does not mean you have cv19. It means you’ve tested positive, with a totally discredited test, that can report up to 97% false-positives.


But, have you noticed there’s been another media shift?


The “deaths” and “cases” reports have been toned-down (again this is not by accident but design). In fact you’ll notice that these figures have all but been relegated to the small bits they add to the end of the bulletins.


No, now ALL the focus is about.....vaccine numbers. That’s the new darling of the fake news media. There’s millions of people having their completely safe jab, so why don’t you join them? It’d be much better if you the message and of course to give the false impression that vaccine demand is high, when evidence suggests it ain’t (see below).


This is a significant shift because the fake news dinosaur media is now focussing its attention on what a lot of this shit show has been about.


This is a mass vaccination agenda (as people like me have been describing for a long time) and certainly not about healthcare.


More On Dwindling Vaccine Demand


It’s difficult to listen to any MSM report. I avoid them whenever I can but the odd bits ring a bell, if you know what to listen for.


The MSM by design does not run stories that are unhelpful to the system or its agenda, so when something makes the “news” and it isn’t quite to plan, it’s worth noting.


Two little snippets struck me yesterday. One was the amount of cv19 fines that haven’t been paid (it was a massive amount) and the other was that the government was “disappointed” that nursing home staff and community care workers vaccination targets were well short of where they wanted them to be. This mirrors exactly what is happening in the US, as I reported last week.


You should all know that the media’s new job (see above) is to present a false picture of vaccine demand.


Yes, the oldies stuck in front of the tel-lie-vision from dawn-to-dusk will be off up the Doc’s to get the jab and lots of the easily-duped will follow but in terms of the government (in truth global government targets) then demand is not that high. Add in also the black and Asian people who seem – despite all the propaganda from various ethnic celebs telling them to have it – to have seen through the con more than anyone else, so good on them I say.


As I reported last week, the FDA in the US has openly said that after about one third of the population has had the vaccine, then demand will fall sharply.

Believe me, they wouldn’t be saying this usually, so this leads me to believe that vaccine demand is nowhere near the level they’d like and hence the MSM switching to the convenient “come and get your vaccine” cheerleading line.





The Great Reset: Climate Change


9th February


Hi Everyone


I’ve already sent out an article about the “Great Reset” that elite cult intend to wheel-in and also an article on how this will impact on the money system but this week, I want to explain about the climate con, for those that don’t understand it and explain it’s a key tool in the manipulator’s arsenal.


The two big global tools that the cult have used to deliver much of what’s on their wish-list for the new Orwellian global system is covid-1984 and of course man-made global warming, later significantly changed to “climate change” after it became obvious, even to the system’s cheerleaders, that it wasn’t warming.


It’s important to understand, that you are encouraged to believe that the covid scam-demic and “climate change” are real and they’re massive global problems, that require (importantly to the orchestrators of it) global solutions. Conveniently for them, these global “solutions” get them a long way down the round to the fascist system they want to impose.


Now, rather than swallow these fairy stories, as usual, the truth is far simpler. There is no new virus and man-made activity (producing co2) does not have an influence on the climate. That’s it. You don’t need to know anymore because contrary to popular belief, the truth is simple. Both of these manipulated “problems” have been created and sold to the target population, so that changes in human society can be brought in, that would not be possible without the “problems” being created in the first place. It’s an old mind-manipulation technique and they do it all the time.


I wrote an important email some time ago called Climate Change For Dummies and I’ll call on that now, as it does a reasonable job of busting this scam for what it is. In fact, the two cons (covid and climate) are two peas from the same pod. The MSM is famous for reporting things as separate in a crazy, random, unpredictable world but it’s not. It’s reported as completely separate to throw you off the scent and stop you seeing the bigger picture.


For people that know nothing about the real story – but don’t want all the involved info - I’ve designed below a very simple Q&A, to explain the main points. For those that want more info, it’s below the Q&A.


The Climate Con in Easy Steps


Q: Is man responsible for global warming?

A: No. There has not been any noticeable warming trend, which even the liars promoting it have had to accept. Have you noticed it’s not called “global warming” now. It became “climate change” and even that was changed to the “climate emergency” – more on this below.


Q: But surely manmade activity is causing climate change?

A: No. The Earth’s climate has changed for millennia and not surprisingly is caused by sun-spot activity or more accurately, solar radiation. When the sun is more active, the climate (in the solar system, not just Earth) warms up and it cools when the sun is less active.


Q: But surely all these top scientists agree that it’s manmade?

A: No, not at all. There are many thousands of scientists that know that this is a lie but as usual, this is suppressed and certainly not given airtime by the MSM “microphone people”.


Q: But surely, all the “experts” in the media can’t all be lying?

A: They’re not - knowingly. They are simply repeating the system’s mantra and repetition tends to convince people things are true. It’s an old technique but is devastatingly effective.


Q: Surely all the scientist’s data can’t be wrong?

A: “scientific data” can and is manipulated to provide a desired outcome. All of this data originates from a very limited number of sources and these are controlled by the hidden-hand. Bigtime insider, Dr Richard Day, said in 1969, that data would be falsified to convince people and it has.


Q: So, where did the idea that man is causing it begin?

A: A semi-secret society, called the Club of Rome, was funded and formed in 1968, with the principle objective of hijacking the environmental movement to sell the idea that man was the problem. They are the orchestrators of the big lie, on the surface at least.


Q: So, why are they doing this then?

A: The global warming hoax is a tool (Problem-Reaction-Solution) designed to deliver changes in society that would otherwise be impossible. It has led to more (global) regulation, higher taxes and calls for a new global authority to address this manipulated “global problem”. In short, the usual goal of global government has been a key objective from the start and the climate con was key in helping to deliver this.


Climate Change Fun Facts


Co2 has never, does not and will not drive the earth’s climate.


Man is responsible for approx 4% of co2 in the atmosphere.  Termites are responsible for 10 times this amount. The idea that we can influence the climate by altering our activity is completely ridiculous but as it’s been repeated constantly, it has become fact – well to some at least.


Oceans hold 50 times more co2 than the atmosphere. When the oceans warm up (via solar radiation), then co2 is released, when it cools, co2 is absorbed – this is simple physics.


In reality, temperature increases drive co2 levels NOT the other way around.


Co2 is being demonised when it is in fact the “gas of life” which all plant life thrives on.


It is widely recognised that average temperatures were higher in the medieval period than they are today (referred to as the Medieval Warm Period). This fact alone proves the sun, not man, is the cause of climatic changes but this is never highlighted in the MSM.


So-called “climate scientists” have been caught a number of times “hiding” data that is unfavourable to the lie and amending data so that the cause is man, is exaggerated. In fact a major caught-with-their-pants-down moment was when their stupid computer models were attempting to hide the Medieval Warm Period in past data.


Weather manipulation is real (see HAARP) and the hidden-hand uses this to further its cause frequently around the globe.


The climate has changed throughout millennia. The lie is in what you’re being told causes it.


System’s Agents Ramp It Up


If it isn’t system-favourite, Richard Attenborough, saying we’re all in the shit, then it’s Greta miserable Thunberg, the child tool of the system, droning on about how there’s too many people on Earth (for those that don’t know, the climate con and the de-population agenda are closely related in the elite’s plans for you and your family).


Attenborough and Thunberg and all the rest, are what I describe as “microphone people”, in that if you sing the system’s song, then they can’t get a microphone in front of you quick enough. Challenge what the system wants said and your media career falls off a cliff. See the late, true naturalist, David Bellamy as proof. He realised the man-made climate con was just that and on cue, was never seen on the BBC again.


The climate con and actually caring for the planet – as we all should – are totally separate. This is key to understanding the scam and I cannot emphasise this enough. True environmentalism is nothing to do with the man-made climate crap. The people orchestrating this don’t give a shit about the environment, it’s merely a lovely “green” big stick to beat you into submission with. These con artists will use anything to further their goals.


What’s in a Name?


In a nutshell, if you want to see the lie evolve, you’ve only got to look at the labels they’ve used. Not surprisingly, theses labels (the system loves labels as they effectively hijack perceptions quickly) have purposely got more alarming, as time’s gone on but as usual, most people haven’t noticed.


First, it was “global warming”. Remember that? Not repeated on the MSM now is it?


Well, the reason for that is that a few years ago, it became obvious – even to people trying to sell the lie – that it wasn’t warming. So they had to ditch this name and rebrand as they say. Right on cue, we were bombarded by the new (more alarming buzz phrase) of “climate change”.


This of course helps the manipulators massively because instead of just “warming”, you can now start to blame any climatic changes, on man.


Of course we’re seeing this now. We only need say any decent downpour of rain and the system gets its agents to shout “it’s because of climate change”.

Now, my guess is that when the “climate change” label wasn’t being swallowed by sufficient numbers of people, the label needed yet another upgrade. Something startling and guaranteed to make the green robots and school kids (bless ‘em) panic, so they changed it to the new tagline of “climate emergency”. And of course it’s worked on the easily-duped as usual. For evidence of this you only have to see the wankers at Extinction Rebellion.

You have to shake your head sometimes, you really do.




In short; the bloodlines want to bring in radical changes to human society and of course, establish their long-held objective of a world government etc.

Some changes would be difficult for them to bring in, so “problems” had to be created, so that the target population would accept these changes, that they otherwise would have rejected.


The tactics played out to achieve this end are many but the invention of bogus environmental concerns (they describe droughts, famines, water shortages and global warming in their own documents) was key. The task therefore was for a semi-secret society to infiltrate the genuine environmental movement and hijack it for their own ends and to establish these global environmental “problems”, so the public would accept that “something has to be done”.

The organisation that did this – successfully I might add – was The Club of Rome, which is part of the bloodline-controlled, Round Table Network.


The good news is of course that more and more people are waking up to the fact that they have a mind of their own and are not swallowing this bullshit anymore. Harm to the earth’s resources, the exploitation of the natural world, pollution and the like are all genuine concerns but they must be separated from the biggest lie this century (apart from covid-1984), if you are to get anywhere near the truth.


We cannot control the climate. It’s absolutely ridiculous and this laughable notion is on par with a deadly virus coming out of a market in China.

They’re making it up folks. I mean come on? And as for this reducing our co2 output to alter the climate, it’s beyond laughable. It’s all a made-up story and it’s conned countless people the world over, by one of the most powerful mind-manipulation techniques on planet Earth – repetition.


And they’re teaching this shite in the schools now – talk about programming people whilst they’re young – so do someone in school a favour and send them this email and it’s not a coincidence that “climate change” is rearing its head on the news again recently. The covid nonsense and the carbon con are bedfellows and are coming from the same authors. Two gigantic cons in the war for your mind, from the same people.


The big lies are designed to deliver so much of what’s on the bloodline’s wish-list, for the Orwellian society that’s planned, so it is vital that more people see through it and expose these liars and frauds for what they are.





We Are The 99%!


8th February


Hi Everyone


A nice inspiring song for you all to sing at the start of this new week.

A great video and thanks to the StandupSurrey anti-lockdown protest for it.


I like a decent song, where people come together for the common good. Guess it’s the football fan in me.


“We are the 99%, we are the 99%....

We are the 90, together we are mighty. We are the 99%!”


This is exactly the mentality we need if we’re to get out of this shite...


Come on then, all together – “I’d rather be a human than a slave....”


Here’s the video...





The Jab: It Ain't Going Well


2nd February


Hi Everyone


Just a quickie before we start today. Isn’t synchronicity great, eh?


I heard on the news this morning that apparently more people have been scammed in 2020 than any other year. That’s what the headline said.


Nothing to do with dodgy phone calls from overseas seeking to get your bank details from you, I thought.


Bearing in mind 2020’s global pretend-emic covid psyop, I thought this was very appropriate. Record numbers of the scammed indeed!


Anyway, more good news for you all this week as the jab roll-out isn’t going well apparently. Bill and his masters will not be happy.


Regular readers will know, that all the way along this road that we’ve been forced to endure, I always had a feeling that things weren’t quite going to plan, for the manipulators in the shadows, driving this deceitful agenda. I mentioned it in my articles several times. I’m sure people thought I was just saying it to encourage false hope but I wasn’t.


Submarine Hunting


There has been an enormous awakening in humanity’s understanding of what the world is really like and this covid nonsense has been a great example of separating who can think for themselves and who can’t. You see, if you are controlling and steering society well away from the public’s view, you can do this for a long time but eventually, when it’s obvious – even to the easily-duped – that they’re being herded to a fascist prison cell, then the real orchestrators and the mechanisms driving this agenda, has to break the surface and come into view for all to see.


This is akin to a submarine, out of sight beneath the waves, driving the agenda on the surface, where most people don’t even know a submarine exist, let alone can see it. Some of us know there’s a submarine down there (by joining the dots and seeing the bigger picture), creating all this shite for humanity (not just covid 1984 by the way) and when we describe that there’s a craft, out of sight of the surface world, driving this planned agenda, people call you a “conspiracy theorist”.


Believe me, the submarine is there but as the world gets nearer to the intended Orwellian goal, it will be forced to break the surface and come into view.


This is a problem to the crew of the submarine and they know it, so they seek to program perceptions, to minimise the inevitable, when it happens.


We aren’t there quite yet but more and more people are starting to see that there is something driving events that they can’t see, which unhelpfully to the submarine, gets people asking awkward questions and listening to the “conspiracy theorists, as their view of the world makes more sense than the TV news.


Vaccine Refusal


I wrote some weeks ago that when the jab is rolled-out, there will essentially be 3 blocks of people.


The “yesers” who will have anything and do anything, the government tells them to and can’t roll their sleeve up quick enough bless ‘em.


The “Noers” who will not be having it at all (like me) and the people in the middle that are unsure.


I confidently predicted that the “unsure” block would be where the battle will be fought in this latest attack by the cult.


Well, the first bit of good news is that in the US, with the Pfizer and Moderna jabs, they are well behind the numbers that they targeted.


This is being put down to two things; supply-chain problems and importantly, vaccine refusal. This is very heartening to hear to anyone who believes in liberty.


To be honest, why people would want to refuse an experimental, untested vaccine, using DNA-altering mRNA technology never tried on humans before, from Big Pharma, whose producers knocked it up in record-breaking time and have complete legal immunity from any claims that might arise from health problems or deaths caused by the jab, I’ve absolutely no idea. Couple that with the fact that( using the government’s own figures) the “infection to death rate” for anyone supposedly catching cv19, is a teeny, tiny 0.2%. For people not good at maths, this means that if you catch cv19, the chance of you NOT dying is 99.8% without having the bloody jab.


Bearing in mind all that, I just can’t understand why they’re not queuing up for it Bill?


The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the US – a puppet regulator that is supposed to police Big Pharma and protect the interests of Americans but is in reality controlled by Big Pharma – has estimated that once one third of the population has had the jab, demand will fall rapidly. In fact it’s falling now.


Interestingly, two areas where people are refusing the jab are increasingly health professionals and nursing home workers. Many are saying that they aren’t “anit-vaxxers” (another pathetic attack term the MSM love to use) but simply don’t want to be guinea pigs for untested, untried technology.


Several doctors have said, as previously reported, they’d rather have cv19 than the jab. Bearing in mind there is no new virus, then so would I.


This is also coupled with a lot of healthy people, that do not feel threatened by the “deadly virus” that never was and therefore don’t want it.


Carrots & Sticks


As more people wake-up to the fact that this is a vaccine agenda and not about protecting you from some deadly virus, then we have global corporations and big business generally offering “incentives” to get your jab. This is nothing new and oh so predictable. I’ve been telling people for years that they’ve done this in Australia for example, where if you don’t get your kid jabbed by all the recommended government vaccines, then you don’t get child allowance.


So, just so we’re clear here; The government is so concerned for the safety of me and my kids, that they’re prepared to pay me, just to protect myself?


Reality check: Global governments couldn’t give a shit about you or anyone you love. If you think governments are there to protect people, you should study the story of the American Indian. These “incentives” are bribery, so enough of this paying to protect you shite, OK? It’s bribery, so let’s call it that.

And why would the government want to financially bribe you? I’m sure you can answer that without my prompting. It’s coercion in a sugary wrapper.


As well as “financial incentives” (I said call it bribes OK?) there will be corporate pressures for employers to coerce their employees into having it but it’s important that people don’t bow down to this psychological peer-pressure and say no. Look at the stats above if you’re concerned about what you might catch.


Believe me, if they thought they could get away with mandatory vaccines (this is very much part of the plan) then they would but at the moment it’s a bridge too far for the manipulators or you’d be seeing it already.


Apparently, Gates, Big Pharma and all the agents and gofers they control have been genuinely surprised at the sluggish uptake, bearing in mind the fear porn that has been on the tel-lie-vision for nearly a year. No doubt the controlled “government advisers” will be feeling the blade of Bill’s knife, so prepare for more emotional blackmail on the tel-lie-vision about how responsible it is for you to have the jab to “protect” granny and the hallowed NHS.


I’m pleased it isn’t going to plan and it demonstrates, to them also, that humanity is indeed waking-up.





The Great Reset: Money


19 January


Hi Everyone

The “Great Reset” that is being enforced on the world by the elite cabal, is being done using essentially two tools (excuses), namely; the man-made climate change carbon con (fake environmental concerns) and the cv19 pandemic hoax. The other big tool of course is fake terrorism but I’m glad to see that ISIS is a responsible employer and has not sent out they’re operatives because of the virus. So even terrorists are working from home you know...

This is essentially a big inter-connected picture, far too big to deal with in one article but it’s essential that you all recognise that this is a co-ordinated agenda that is being systematically rolled-out according to a plan. The man-made global warming/climate change hysteria and this covid nonsense have not just happened by accident. They have been made to happen. Anyone wanting to know what’s going on in the world has to recognise that cv19, global warming, compulsory vaccines, digital money, terrorism, illegal wars etc etc are not separate random events but are all fundamentally connected and are being used to change the shape of human society.

One essential feature that the cult have long wanted to impose on the globe is a global digital currency and this covid crap is being used to usher-in (along with a whole host of other freedom-deleting changes) this new form of central control, so it’s that I want to explain this week.

Money is like a lot of things. It’s everywhere but few people actually understand it, so before we get into how you’re going to be forced to accept the new digital slavery, there are some key points you need to understand first. Sorry to have to be a bit technical but stay with me on this, as it’s important you understand what’s coming. I’ve got a reputation of explaining things simply, so here goes...

Two things you need to appreciate first about banks and money...

The Bank of Who?

The first thing you should realise is that central banks, like the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve in the US etc etc are not there to help the people of that country. They are owned and controlled by private interests and lend money – created out of thin air – to governments that need to pay it back with interest. This is done via taxation (on you and I) usually. So, you can see even the title of “The Bank of England” is a complete misnomer and is part of the con from the outset. It has no allegiance to England, you or anyone else and certainly isn’t there to do you any favours. Overseas readers will of course have exactly the same con where they are too.

Funny Money

The other basic fact you need to understand is that money is created out of thin air – as numbers on a computer screen – and did not, does not and never will exist. Strange I know but true.

Banks know that only in extreme circumstances, will all depositors turn-up, at the same time, to withdraw their deposited money, so banks are allowed to loan out up to 10 times the total value of their deposits. This is called Fractional Reserve Lending. So for example, if they have real deposits of £1 million, they will typically be allowed to create another £9 million – out of thin air – and charge you interest on it. Think about it. When you have a mortgage for say £200,000, they don’t bring 200,000 £1 coins around in a truck from the Royal Mint do they? It is transferred to you as numbers on a computer screen and that’s all it is. The interest you have to pay though is very real and if you fail to pay it, then real assets, like your house, are seized.

This debt-enslavement has been used for centuries to essentially steal the world, from the many to the tiny few.

Look Who’s Talking?

I’ve advised readers, since the covid con started, to listen to what Bill Gates says if you want a handle on what’s going on, as he’s the poster-boy (mouthpiece) for the real power in the shadows, when it comes to the compulsory jabs agenda. He’s not deciding it but he is the mouthpiece for those that are. When people like Gates make statements, they’re coming straight from the scriptwriters, so it’s worth listening to. He said months ago, that we will have “normalcy” when everyone on the planet is jabbed, so you know immediately, despite what HanCOCK or Bojo say, that’s the plan.

Similarly, we see elite-controlled-and-funded key organisations like the World Economic Forum, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, announcing openly what’s going to happen with money, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to them, as they have the same scriptwriters as Gates.

They’re telling you what they’re going to do, so none of it should come as a shock but you’re not going to hear about from the BBC news obviously.


The money part of the “Great Reset” is that central banks are going to be issuing digital currencies, that they’ve not done before. These Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are going to be issued and controlled by central banks but it’s likely they will disappear to arrive at the whole digital banking con being run by Big Tech (yes, them again), morphing into one single global currency.

Currently, when central banks create money, it appears as numbers on a computer screen but when it gets down to the lower levels, it can be withdrawn as real cash from ATM’s etc. This new CBDC will only exist in the virtual world and will not be able to be converted to cash at any time, as the plan is that when this happens – as “conspiracy theorists” like me have been saying for years – all cash will be sucked out of the economy and is planned to disappear.

Of course, there are crypto-currencies now, like Bitcoin etc but these are essentially a vehicle for medium to long-term invest purposes only and cannot be used to pay for goods and services that we all use regularly, so you can clearly see how CBDC’s will be different to Bitcoin etc.


So how are they going to bring this in? Well, it’s our old friend P-R-S of course.

As usual, to bring in big changes to society (and to get an otherwise reluctant public to accept your plan), you need to invent a nasty problem and get the MSM to report the problem, the way you want the public to swallow it. The “solution” to the problem they’ve created, is then offered as “the only solution given the terrible circumstances we’re facing”. At least that’s how the usual script runs and they’ve done this time and time again.

The “problem” of course is the trillions of debt that have been built-up on all central bank balance sheets. There is nowhere near enough money in circulation to service this “created-out-of-thin-air” debt. Also notice all the “free money” that global governments have been lumping on their citizens, in handfuls, supposedly to help with the manipulated covid crisis. This all helps to pump-up the debt bubble of government debt, credit cards, student loans etc etc.

So, after the covid crisis (in reality the present covid crisis as there will be others) it looks like the plan is to reveal the sheer size of the astronomic debt, that the whole money system has within it and these toxic balance sheets of banks will be revealed for what they are. This will be alarmingly reported, so the “new” system will be promoted as the “solution” to this terrible crisis – yes, you’ve guessed it, the only solution given the (manipulated) circumstances.

Download Your Slave App

You will be asked to download an app to your smartphone, that will be like a bank account. Watch for free money or other financial incentives to be offered for you to get one. If they can get stupid people to buy Alexa’s then I’m guessing this app will be no problem to sell to the un-thinkers.

All spending will be monitored by the central banks – eventually to be one global banking authority– and High Street banks will disappear.

As your current bank will go bust and cash will be gone (with all world currencies to follow) – as described above – this new central bank digital currency account, on your phone (controlled and constantly monitored by the central bank) will be used for all payments for goods and services in the future. The repackaging of all debts will be moved to this system, so your debts will be automatically taken without input or choice from you.

There will obviously be strings attached and these are absolute key to why this system is being imposed in the first place.

All transactions will be instantly monitored and authorisation will be given only when it decides if you can buy the service that you request, so they’ll be deciding on what you can buy and when. This will allow also for something that they’ve wanted for some time – automatic tax collection from your central bank wallet. There will also be automatic “black-listing”. So if you’re not considered a good citizen – perhaps you’re not up to date on Bill Gates’ many annual covid jabs that are waiting for you - then your transactions will be blocked. This is of course a big step towards the “social credit” system that we see in China, which is the cult’s experimental laboratory and Chinses society mirrors what they want globally.

The debt-based system is going to be replaced because this delivers all the control and surveillance that they require and have wanted for a long time.



The Jab


14 January


Hi Everyone


I covered all the background to the vaccine agenda in a recent post (They’ve Got a Vaccine!) but was interested to read the thoughts of an alternative therapist, which I’ll summarise at the end.


I see I can chalk-up another success on my predictions board (how do I do it I wonder?)


I’ve been telling anyone who will listen, that the plan is to have 2-3 jabs per year. This was being kept from the public, that were being encouraged to think (conveniently) that one jab and you’d be back down the boozer with your mates and everything would be back to normal. I told people that if you thought that, then you were living in fairyland.

So, I was not surprised to hear on the radio yesterday that apparently “experts” (in reality script-readers) have said that covid might be with us forever and this might mean (what do you mean fucking “might”) that we will all have to have continuing jabs. Really...


“Alternative” Remedies


For newbies; So-called “alternative” therapies should in my view be the mainstream. Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Herbalism etc are the true medicine, as they understand the body as a whole and don’t treat symptoms like mainstream “medicine” usually does. There’s no point the Doc giving you something for a pain in the leg – better to find out the cause of the pain etc etc. As I’ve pointed out before, why is it that the Queen has her own Herbalist and Homeopath etc if it’s all “mumbo-jumbo”? She doesn’t suffer the drug and the scalpel like you and have you noticed these people live to a ripe old age? Couple that with the fact that the “mainstream” like to attack and vilify alternative therapies constantly because it seeks to threaten their master’s hold on mainstream “medicine”.


We won’t go into how “healthcare” and “medicine” has been hijacked by the bloodline cult, years ago for its own ends but essentially it was.

Big Pharma makes zillions of dollars (if you’re a drugs company you need poorly people, not healthy ones) and they don’t want this being trampled on but there is a far darker agenda than simply making money.




I pointed out in an older email that even if you know nothing about the vaccine agenda, the simple timescale of this vaccine should have you a wary.


The quickest vaccine to come to market was in around 4 years and if we believe the scam-demic timeline, then this (or should I say these) was ready to roll, suspiciously, in about 8 months. Most vaccines can take 5-8 years to complete trials and testing etc so there’s the first red flag, for anyone with half a brain. Global vaccine poster-boy, Bill Gates, even said, only a couple of months ago, that  a vaccine would be 18 months away. It’s amazing what the cult-controlled white coats can come up with when it suits the agenda (or maybe not) and you should recognise that we’ve gone from “oh my Lord, can we develop a jab to save the Earth?” to not one but bloody three in 9 months flat! You don’t think they’re taking the piss here do you?


And don’t miss the obvious point here; Science has not been pulling together to defeat this deadly new virus in record time because there is no “new” virus. They want to jab everyone on the planet and not for reasons of alleviating some mystery virus.


Why would the jab be here so quick then I hear you say..


Stop getting all sucked into the media-hype and see things logically. The logical reason why this “world-saver” has gone from nowhere to a Docs near you in breath-taking record time was ready before this shit storm kicked-off. There is an agenda to vaccine the global population and the demon “deadly virus” is the excuse for it. It is a matter of public record that professional wanker, Matt HanCOCK, said that the roll-out would go ahead before trials were done. The excuse of course was that it was an “emergency” but that’s just more childish bullshit, that he’s become an expert at delivering but don’t worry Matty boy, your time to answer for the serious lies you’ve been party to peddling will come.


Another easy point to discover for the not-very-bright is, there have been no public safety trials. None.

The only info available is alleged results from the manufacturers themselves. Talk about marking your own homework or what but this is par for the course for Big Pharma.


As well as jabbing everyone on the planet (think of the zillions that will be made) it gets even better because you get to sell people and governments shite completely risk-free because if there’s any side effects/health consequencies/deaths or whatever, the manufacturers are immune from prosecution.

This branch of crime started in the US, where Big Pharma controls bent politicians, regulators and other interests, who’s financial inducements and brown paper envelopes got this through and it’s spread globally. What a gigantic scam it all is. No wonder more and more senior health workers are saying they won’t be taking it.


Now despite a lot of people thinking it’s all about money (they said the same about Bill Gates) it isn’t. This is more misdirection. There is an agenda to get into people’s bodies and it’s important to understand that although Gates is the poster-boy that the cult talk through, he isn’t actually deciding any of this, at the higher levels. As David Icke rightly said – if they’re on show, they’re gofers. They might be rich gofers but they’re bag-carriers none the less.


A Doctor Talks Sense


In my older post I  gave my opinion of what is in the jab. It’s DNA-altering and I would guess some sterility agent (Gates has history here (see recently in Africa in a jab for young girls) and is on public record as saying vaccines are a vital tool to reduce the population). Also “smart dust” (nanotech particles to connect people to the smart grid) and perhaps keys for other future “viruses” to be triggered. This is only my opinion but that’s why you’re reading this right – for my opinion – so you can take it or leave it.


It’s no secret that most jabs down the years contain toxic shite like mercury to name but one. The key to good health is a healthy immune system, you don’t need jabs from Big Pharma but it’s in Big Pharma’s interest to think that you do.


Here’s Nevada’s Doctor Frank Shellenberger’s take on the jab, which I’ve summarised. He says that he’d rather have cv19 than the jab!


1. The covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines, which completely new. No mRNA vaccine has ever been approved for human use and will not be known if it is safe.


2. Traditional vaccines simply introduce pieces of the virus, into our system, to stimulate the immune system but this is entirely different.

This jab injects synthetic genetic material, from non-human sources, into your cells. Once in the cells it interacts with our RNA to make a foreign protein.

These newly created proteins are not then regulated by your DNA and what they are capable of is unknown.


3. The injected molecules are coated to hide them from your body’s immune system that would ordinarily kill any foreign material. This coating has been known to cause immune system reactions and liver damage.


4. The new vaccines are contaminated with aluminium, mercury and possibly formaldehyde. None of the manufacturers have listed what they contain.


5. Viruses mutate frequently, so the chances of this shot working for more than a year is unlikely (very convenient for the “regular jabs” story)


6. NO long term studies have been done any of these vaccines, so if you want to be a Big Pharma guinea pig, now’s your chance.


7. Many experts question whether mRNA technology is ready yet for human use and have publicly said they won’t be taking it.


The more people simply saying no to this medical fascism, the easier it will be for all of us.





More Covid Observations


12 January


Hi Everyone


Another weekly round-up of the interesting stories placed in the MSM for you all, this week. I’m often asked to comment on this or that story and there’s always something worth noting, if you know what to look for.


I did intend doing a piece on “the vaccine” but that’ll have to wait perhaps until later in the week....


Hospital Overload


I’ve had a few people ask me about the continuing (they’re continuing for a reason you know) stories on the MSM about hospitals struggling.


So, before I offer any comment, I need to reiterate an obvious but often forgotten-about point. Stories are placed in the media for a reason, particularly if it’s a big story. I shouldn’t really need to be telling any of you this but the media is a tool of the state, not a truthful, unbiased supplier of info.

So it follows that info will and has been fabricated, framed a particular way or filtered, to ram home an intended message to the viewer. That’s what it does and that’s what it’s there to do.


Therefore, they will push a story that suits the agenda and ignore stories that don’t. It really is that simple. So, they’ll tell you about a nurse that’s lived in a caravan for 9 months and not seen her Mum (whether it’s true or not), then after the Mum’s had the jab, they’re reunited again. (Message: The jab means freedom). Another nurse that quit from Truro hospital to say it’s all a sham and started telling people with a loudhailer, or various well-attended anti-lockdown protests – cue silence (or relative silence) from the media.


The government announced in March 2020 that all MSM reporting had to be in line with the government’s policy on cv19, for goodness sake, so they’re telling you what the media is being used for. So if the London Mayor (script-reader) Khan says London is at “breaking point”, you’ll forgive me for not taking it too seriously but for those that still can’t wean themselves off the media coverage of the hoax, then please consider these points, whilst you’re frightening yourself to death:


We are at a peak time in the flu season (official flu deaths have declined rapidly, I can’t think why?) and name me the last year there was any spare capacity in the NHS during any winter, for anything?


I understand that the number of available NHS beds has been reduced, due to the pathetic “social distancing” measures in hospitals.


Staff are being sent home after testing “positive” - with the test that we know conveniently produces staggering amounts of false-positives - to “self-isolate” producing a shortage of otherwise healthy staff at the hospitals. This is highly convenient for the narrative. Positive test results DO NOT mean “cases” as the media is reporting.


The Nightingale hospital, speedily put up in the capital, has been closed and dismantled – why would that be if we’re at “breaking point”?


I told you all a couple of weeks ago that as the vaccine has been revealed (and they want you to have it), there would be an effort to up the reading on the Scare-o-Meter, therefore encouraging more people to have the jab. Is Khan’s statement hyping this? Very likely.


Small Businesses to Close


See the Federation of Small Businesses said this week that in 2021, more small businesses are likely to close than ever before. Yes, that’s the plan.

I’m not being funny when I say that either but closing independent businesses and more importantly depriving people of their financial independence, is all part of this lockdown nonsense.


Remember when criminal HanCOCK told you all we needed a second lockdown, before Xmas, to “flatten the curve” on his meaningless graph?

”Don’t let it slip now” - “We’ve come so far” and all the other insincere shite he came out with. Every get the feeling you’re being strung along...?


The Great Reset


There is, as many of you know, a plan to “reset” the world. It’s too big a subject for this bulletin today but briefly, the covid con and man-made climate change (the carbon con) are two big tools that are being used to get humanity to accept changes in society that they otherwise would not. Don’t think that “climate change” and covid are unrelated either because they’re close bedfellows, spun by the same force, toward the same endgame.


It was interesting (but entirely predictable) that right on cue, 3 system mouthpieces were and are being given prominent coverage to help sell the “world is in trouble” message. System-favourite Attenborough, Prince Charles with his launch of Terra Carta and as usual, miserable, snarling Greta (tool of the system) Thunberg were all featured (and will feature) recently in prominent puff pieces. You need to be aware of the real agenda behind this thin “green” paint. It’s fascism with a fluffy pink ribbon around it.


Take a tip from me; Whenever anyone (Prince Charles, Greta, the WHO, Gates etc etc) use the buzzwords of “inclusion” “diversity” “fairness” “equality” your fascism alarm should be ringing loudly. Meaningless psychobabble is always the language of deception.


In addition to the covid and carbon cons being conjured-up in the public’s mind to deliver what they want, we’re going to see a big move towards a global electronic-only currency. They’ve been pushing this one for many years and of course this part of the plan, was given a big boost (conveniently) via the covid con, when everywhere told you to be “responsible” and not use cash. But I detect that this is being pushed more with fake stories about how cool Bitcoin is and even that fake zillionaire, Elon Musk, is investing in it. As soon as Musk and his ilk are mentioned, then out comes the red flag, warning us of a major psyop.


In all probability, we’ll see a crash of some sort. Portraying this as being so bad (a bit like Khan is painting London) that the only option (given the manipulated circumstances) is a global electronic currency, to save the monetary system. Being a Financial Adviser, I know a few things about money, so I’ll consider doing a separate article on this.


The Biggest Coincidence in History


Is there a “new” virus or isn’t there?


I know what I think but in a sense, it doesn’t really matter. Yes, detail is important but sometimes we can (purposely) get lost in arguing about the detail and miss the bigger picture. We need to examine different angles to see how the overall picture looks.


So, for the moment, let’s say we don’t know if there is a new virus or not. So, does any of the other “official” virus story that is being spun hang together? Of course not, so that tells us all we need to know.


Why would the Coronavirus Act 2020, give the government the power to change death certificate entries and amend the reason for someone’s death?

Why is “the test” so appalling at diagnosing people accurately, with massive “false-positive” numbers resulting. Surely they’d want to know accurately who has and who hasn’t got the bug wouldn’t they?

Why does the number of reported deaths on the tellybox say “deaths from any cause but testing positive for cv19 in 28 days”? Why the ambiguity? Is this new deadly virus killing them or not?

Why did the government admit publicly that there is no medical or scientific evidence for the 2-meter SD rule and none to say that masks work but yet both are being aggressively enforced?

Why is there exactly the same scenario playing out in every country in the world – at exactly the same time? Bit of a coincidence isn’t it? Would we see the same scenario, in every country with a real outbreak? I’d expect to see quite a lot of variance but no, it’s suspiciously the same tale everywhere.

Why has there not been any appreciable increase in total deaths in the UK, compared to the 5-year average. Surely there’d be a big spike if a deadly bug was devastating society?


I could go on but let’s cut to the chase...


There is an agenda, as I’ve been talking about for 15 years (and others a lot longer) to:


Eliminate cash

Bring-in mandatory vaccines

Re-shape the global economy (small businesses to go along with people’s independent livelihoods)

Restrict travel

Further increase state surveillance (Track & Trace anyone?) and the acceptance of it


The truth is that covid-1984 and the pretend-emic delivers much of this wish-list for them and so if there IS a new virus, the fact that many of the solutions put forward to combat it, are exactly what I’ve been saying was coming, then it must be one of the biggest coincidences in history.





COVID Miscellany


1 January


Hi Everyone and Happy New Year to you all...


Just a few short bits for you all today, that I’ve noticed over the holiday. It’s important to recognise interesting bits of info that is usually only significant if you know what to look for and know a bit about the game plan, going on in the shadows.




It’s important to realise that most people can’t or don’t think for themselves. They think they can but all they’re really doing is repeating what usually the media/system has told them. They don’t look at something and try to get a view from different angles and use this to think critically, they just accept what they’re told. It’s also very annoying though when these “system-repeaters” attack and deride anyone that 1 – can be arsed to look at different views and 2 – arrives at a different conclusion to what they’ve swallowed. The system, of course, encourages derision and condemnation of anyone arriving at a different view because it’s dangerous to the orchestrators of any manipulation. Readers of my articles don’t have to agree with me. It really is up to you but one of the best quotes I’ve heard is from Albert Einstein; “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”. So, my advice is look, listen, think and above all get above the chessboard and see the bigger picture.


The Reversal Technique


Old hands will know about the reversal technique, which is a mind-manipulation technique often used by the cabal driving the direction of human society.

It’s basically lying but people still lap it up. An example might be when a Prime Minister might say we’re going to create jobs in the north.

Simply reverse this – they’re going to destroy jobs in the north – and you’re about there and they do this all the time.


I was reminded of this over the holiday when I had the unfortunate experience of reading a newspaper. It warned of dangerous “conspiracy theorists” spreading misinformation about cv19. It said the three main things that they’ll try to tell you is:


Cv19 isn’t dangerous (it isn’t as there is no new virus)

The new vaccine is a health risk (it is, as are vaccines generally)

Experts should not be trusted (they shouldn’t – not least the ones the government conveniently wheel-out to justify this nonsense).


I can report that the Reversal Technique is alive and well!


How To Deal With Covidiots


I’ve had a few requests of how people can deal with people that have lapped-up all the government propaganda. In truth, it’s up to them what they believe but for those that want help on this, here’s what I do, when I encounter a system-repeater.


Firstly, it’s important not to give people too much stick, as it’s almost certain that they won’t have heard any info from any source other than the MSM, so I usually gently ask 4 open questions gently, like:


What do you know about covid that you haven’t learnt from the MSM?

What can you tell me about Event 201?

What can you tell me about the PCR test?

Tell me a bit about Bill Gates and his family?


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to do an impression of Mr Cleverdick here. Ask them a question and then be quiet to see what they say.

It is of course very likely that you’ll get a blank stare. It’s the same when you ask a green robot that’s going on about the man-made climate con and you ask them what they can tell you about the Club of Rome? Nothing will be the answer.

It might not going to get people doubting the official story but it might demonstrate that they know a lot less than they thought.


The Cabal Speak


I’m often advising my readers that if key people speak (like Gates) then it’s worth listening to. This is because when key people open their mouths, it’s coming directly from the actual scriptwriters (kept well out of public view), so you can get a clue of what is demanded by them or whatever.


I saw part of an interview recently between Prof Neil Ferguson of ICL (Gates-funded idiot that runs the purposely frightening cov19 death numbers software models that are appallingly inaccurate) and war criminal and cabal-controlled puppet to his fingertips, Tony Bliar. The man in the interview didn’t look like Bliar to me but maybe it’s just me. Imagine being in that studio armed with a gun but only one bullet. Tough choice indeed.


Anyway, they covered a few issues but something Blair said was significant. He said the problem with Britain is that “compliance” (to the stupid covid martial law rules) was falling. This is important. His script-masters are saying that more and more people are not following these pathetic rules, which is good news. If it’s a problem to the cabal, then you can be sure it’s good news for freedom. He then went onto say that people will accept detailed surveillance, if they see a need for it but they don’t at the moment, so prepare for more scare stories like the laughable “new variant” nonsense.


Nightingale Gone


Despite the media reporting there’s a “tsunami” of cases, I see the London Nightingale hospital is no more and has been dismantled. No you didn’t read that wrong, it’s true.


Does that seem right to you bearing in mind we’re drowning in sick people (according to the trustworthy MSM), so they should be bringing them out on carts in the capital?


Of course not. It’s more confirmation of this pretend-emic is nothing like the public have been manipulated to believe. And don’t start asking difficult questions about the wasted cash that was spent on this white elephant in the first place, you dangerous conspiracy theorist...


Quote Of The Year Awards 2020


I’ll finish with my 3 quotes of 2020...


In 3rd place: “They used to control the world with terrorism, now they’re doing it with the flu”. Group member The Gaffa.


Runner Up: “You don’t need a scientific mind to understand the world. You need an open one”. The ever-enlightening, David Icke.


2020 winner and congratulations to group member Piper:


“One good thing that has come out of this covid nonsense is that it’s sorted out the people that can think for themselves and those that can’t”.





Why I don't have internet


23 December 2020

I’ve recently been sent many emails thanking me for my info, particularly from the new joiners, so that’s really is appreciated.


I’ve been asked a lot too why I don’t have a website, Youtube page or whatever and my usual answer is; 1- I don’t need to and 2- I know too much about why “social media” was invented to bother to play their game.


One lady asked me why this was and why the internet was invented, so I thought you might be interested in my reply to her...


You have to appreciate that the tech available in the public domain is nowhere near what is available in the black projects.

So stuff is invented, then a gullible public are conditioned often via “futuristic” films, TV progs etc into accepting it.

It’s called Predictive Programming. That’s why tech has not only leapt forward in recent years  but is importantly seemingly being developed at a fantastic rate. So, essentially, stuff is waiting to be introduced at a suitable time in the public’s acceptance of it.


As part of the grand plan of enslavement, there was a concerted push to move society to an computer (internet-based) society. One of the most powerful things to recognise is that developments (particularly if they’re big) do not just happen randomly. They are made to happen but to throw large amounts of people off the scent, the media reports the world as “random” and often chaotic when it’s definitely not.


The internet was developed primarily as a tool of surveillance and control, which we’d agree it has become. It is key in the control of info too, which is why Big Tech police it so fiercely. It’ not all bad though as it has a decent advantage to it. Yes, it delivers amazing powers of surveillance and control but I can write an article and 2000, or 2 million, or 20 million people can read it instantly, so that’s one genuine benefit of it.


The internet has also been constructed to ensure (through the application of filter bubbles etc) that you don’t reach new people, only people that have the same opinion as you, so your info isn’t actually getting out to any new minds, only like ones. This is also a form of control and suppression.

Fakebook, Twitter and all the rest do the same thing because that’s what they were invented to do.


From the public view, there appears to be “different” companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Youtube, Google etc etc but they are all peas from the same pod (DARPA – the dark projects unit of the Pentagon) and if you go high enough, they’re all the same organisation working to a common end. As I’m often saying, Zuckerberg doesn’t run Fakebook etc etc they are all elite-chosen frontmen to give the public the illusion of “separate” companies. As I wrote recently, Gates is a frontman, like Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos etc They all are. And they are conveniently all standing outside their “separate” shop fronts on the high street but behind the counters, the shops all connect and importantly have the same owner!


Sorry to waffle on a bit but you’ll perhaps see now why I don’t have a smartphone, website, Twitter, Youtube (in reality Themtube) page and all the rest...





The New 'Mutant' Strain





Hi Everyone


A few short observations this week about the continuing scamdemic...


The New “Mutant” Strain


As if the official story of the covid-1984 “deadly” virus isn’t ridiculous enough, we now have – cue scary music – the new mutant strain. Agghhh!


As all good horror stories go - you’ve guessed it - the new mutant is faster spreading than the original. The last I heard, it was flooding into Wales apparently and all good newsrooms, yawn, yawn...


If you’ve got any brain cells on active duty, then you’ll know that this latest development is more convenient bullshit. The timing is very suspicious, at the very least. It has all the hallmarks of giving a boost on the “scare-o-meter”, to encourage more easily-duped souls into taking the jab. They haven’t provided you any evidence of the original “new” virus yet, so new mutant strain? Forget it.


Again, the usual waffle that accompanies these scripted scare stories doesn’t stand up and this fairy tale is no different.


I’ll try and type this with a straight face but apparently, the new mutant is spreading faster – and by implication then is more dangerous – but amazingly (or maybe not so) the vaccine that was developed before this new nasty mutant strain even surfaced, will still be effective against it.

That ladies and gentlemen, on the convenient scale, this is a whopping 10 out of 10 and simply isn’t credible.


In reality, there is no new virus. It has not been isolated or proven to exist, so that follows that there cannot be a “new strain”. Got it?


I’m sure nobody reading this out there will but if you still think that this global psyop is a real deadly virus pandemic, you need to look at yourself seriously in the mirror.


More Covid Comedy


I see the latest perception-hijacking buzz phrase, from the psychological operators orchestrating this shite, is you need to open your window.

So, in addition to wearing a mask, washing your hands and being psychologically trained to stay away from people (apparently called social distancing), you now have to open the window to let covid particles out. I mean it’s all bullshit but this is pure covid comedy of the highest quality that surely even the morons aren’t going to be buying are they? In truth, there are no bloody covid particles and even if there were, what happens in the wind blows into the room? Covid particles all round!


Phony Curfew


I also noted this week, that in addition to the governments’ “advisers” admitting months ago that there was no medical justification for the ludicrous 2-meter rule (apart from the obvious one of getting people to psychologically do whatever authority figures tell them) they’ve now been forced to admit (even reported in the MSM) that there was no medical justification for the curfew on pubs closing at 10.00pm. Pub owners and the brewing associations have (rightly) reacted angrily. They need to be angry about this because this is yet more evidence that this lockdown crap is NOT about protecting people because there is no medical global emergency. The garbage will continue, as not enough businesses have gone bust yet, as is required by part of the plan.


Restrictions To Stay


I’ve been telling my readers for months, that the plan is that this crap is will continue to at least 2022. I’ve told you all that masks and all other ridiculous restrictions are not designed to be packed-up, when everyone’s had a jab but this is what the system is convincing people to think.

This is not where it’s meant to finish either. The crap that you’re seeing is just the start of your new digital prison, if you’re prepared to let it happen.


It was therefore interesting to see some of the media reporting that restrictions might stay in place after the jab is rolled-out. Now, naïve people might see this as crazy. Why would they need to do that, if everyone’s been jabbed and covid is defeated?


Answer - because the plan is that covid20, 21 and 22 etc are waiting in the wings, to continue this excuse to bring about global changes in society, that would otherwise not be accepted. This is what the whole shooting match is about and the “deadly virus” is merely a tool to be used to get there.


I feel It isn’t All Going To Plan


I’ve said for some months, that without giving people false hope, I do feel that things aren’t going exactly to plan as the manipulators would like.

There’s been a few little glimmers of hope along the way, here and there, from comments, statements etc, if you know what to look for.


You can tell a lot about how your opponent feels by simply listening to him and watching his movements and actions.


An interesting development that I mentioned last week was the wheeling-out of celebs and ex-presidents etc, to have their jabs live on the tel-lie-vision.

Yes, there are a lot of no-brainers that would be impressed with that but just analyse it for a minute.

How desperate have they got to be to interview Paul McCartney saying he can’t wait to have his jab, or a line of US ex-presidents to have their live on the tellybox? Desperation indeed and a mildly bizarre tactic from people revealing the plan needs a bit of a push.


TV Perceptions


There is no doubt that having the covid jab is – as David Icke rightly said – a form of mental illness. Despite the idea that “kwick-o-vax” has arrived in 9 months when the previous record is about 4 years (er, hello – is anyone in there?), we still have thousands of the easily-duped lining up at the Docs for it.


Now, I don’t condemn anyone that has not had the chance to consider different streams of information. My idea is that you should take in a range of info and opinions and arrive at an opinion yourself. But sadly, it’s no surprise to see a lot of older people swallowing this garbage, as the MSM is all most of them are exposed to. To be honest, if I watched the MSM “news” all the time and nothing else – like millions do – I might have the same opinions as them and believe I was in danger of a deadly killer. Tel-lie-vision indeed. Information drives perceptions and perceptions drive actions.


It’s desperately sad to see all these people off to the Docs to get their jab, just because some authority figure, with a few meaningless charts on the TV news has told them to. One of the basic laws of this energetic universe we all live in, is that we do indeed create our own reality.


What Can I Do?


I’m often asked what people can do to oppose this global hijack by the elite cabal, so I’ll give you a couple of ideas.


You need to get angry this Christmas. You are being subjected to the biggest hoax in known human history (yes, even bigger than the man-made global warming/climate change scam) causing untold damage and misery on people like you and I. I want you not to be happy with it. I want the childish restrictions to piss you off. When enough people are pissed-off with being manipulated by a tiny few, we might get somewhere. You need to get angry. I have no room for violence but you can be peaceful and angry, determined then to do something about the predicament you’re in.


Speak your truth at all times. This is a favourite of mine. Tell people it’s a nonsense and don’t be afraid to say so. Never, ever be afraid to speak your truth. If you’re queueing at the Post Office or whatever, speak to people. Say what a load of crap this is.


Don’t legitimise this crap. If you go along with the game, then they’ve got you. Reject it and don’t give it any of your energy. If you wear a mask in a shop, you’re legitimising this crap, so don’t. Tell them you have an exemption and there’s nothing they or the police can legally do about it. Don’t social distance and tell others it’s crap, when they do it. Reject these things and you will be rejecting tyranny.


I’ve heard stories of people meeting their sons and daughters in parks, to exchange presents for Christmas, as they won’t see them. This is fucking madness. Ask yourself, what the hell are you going for goodness sake?


Stop asking for permission. Stop asking for permission to see relatives. Just bloody do it. Get off your knees to these criminals. Don’t lend your time and energy to all this “tier 1” tier 2” shite either. Do not feed it any of your energy.

If you have an elderly Mum, go and see her and give her a big hug and a kiss. It’s the humane thing to do.

There is no bloody virus, so you ain’t going to give her anything.

Stop jumping around like a circus-trained dog, with any instruction given to you by some faceless idiot on the tellybox, with a few made-up charts and letters after his name. You are in charge of your reality, so reject this rubbish and have no part in it.


Wishing you all an angry Christmas





Covid-1984 Predictions





Hi Everyone


As we’ve had so many new-joiners globally recently, I thought this week I’d take a look at how my covid-1984 predictions have gone since March.


Now don’t get the wrong idea here; This is not an exercise in trying to convince you how clever I am but to make it absolutely crystal-clear, that this pretend-emic is being played out, to a centrally co-ordinated plan and is not some dangerous virus that has appeared completely randomly, as Gates and his cronies would have you believe.


Since March, I’ve been offering commentary to my readers about what was really happening and importantly, why and to what end.

A bit of decent information, an ability to think and a willingness to actually look, can produce what appears to be startlingly accurate predictions.

If you can access the plan, then it appears to people you can predict the future, when you say how things will play-out.


Make no mistake; Events you’re seeing (and have seen since the covid capers started) are being carefully orchestrated and have been planned a long time. And how do I know there’s a plan? How else could my predictions have been so “on-the-money?”


Early March – This is a global Psyop


When you’ve been studying this crap for as long as I have, you get almost an inner sense of when the shadow people are behind something.


So, in March, when Bojo first said, on live TV (for major dramatic effect) – thousands of you and your families are going to die – the first red flag was waving wildly. Most really big stories on the media are anything but what you’re being told. Think 9/11 for example. Covid-1984 is effectively a 9/11 in a test tube and I suspected this straight away and told my readers so.


By late March, I’d described Event 201 (this took place 5 months earlier and was a drill for what was to come), the mega-connections of this global psyop to Bill Gates and the strange fact that as the tel-lie-vision was describing lots of celebs were going down with the “new virus”, I didn’t know anybody that had it and nobody I knew, knew anyone that had it. Red flags again folks.


End of March – A Big Investment Opportunity!


On 27 March I told everyone that the investment opportunity of a lifetime had come. As Prince Charles and latterly, Bojo had both got the deadly bug, I instructed my readers to borrow £500 trillion from the Chancellor and get down to William Hill, to place a bet that neither of them would die and I said that I didn’t expect you to lose your cash. Needless to say, they wouldn’t have.


This was after the pathetic BBC (and others naturally) had reported – and I kid you not – that Bojo had been moved to (and I quote) “near ventilators”.

This was confirmation to me that Bojo having covid was a scam. I mean who gets moved to “near” a fucking ventilator. You’re either on one or you’re not for goodness sake.


Funny Numbers and The Gates Connection


Most of April was taken-up explaining Bill Gates’ history (you need to know this to have any idea of what this scam’s about and to avoid having the jab) and his vast financial web of cash and influence. I went onto describe how this whole psyop was about deleting cash still further, restructuring the economy in favour of (bloodline) global businesses, restrictions on travel, an expansion of state surveillance (Track & Trace anyone?) and importantly, the roll-out of the long-held plan of compulsory vaccination – something which I’ve repeatedly spoken about for at least 15 years.


In early March, just as most of the country were swallowing the ridiculous idea that this deadly bug had crawled out of a wet market in China (the things they come up with, honestly!) a simply half hour’s research would have shown that the deaths that they were promoting were most likely to be seasonal flu. And surprise, surprise, both flu and CV19 had the same symptoms. This was highly suspicious to me at the time.


I’ve had the flu twice and can understand how it kills so many. It’s truly awful but the flu in the public’s mind is a heavy cold, which it isn’t.

Oh, and for anyone that thinks one covid vaccine shot will sort them out, consider this. Annually, seasonal flu kills between 450,000 – 600,000 globally and we’ve had a vaccine for it apparently for near on 70 years. Sadly, most of the easily-duped in the world have been brainwashed into thinking that respiratory illnesses - despite already being one of the world’s biggest causes of death way before CV19 was on the news – didn’t start to kill people until March 2020.


Prof Ferguson’s Tales of Terror


Right on cue, the (Gates-funded) Imperial College London ICL (spokesman Prof Neil Ferguson - who I wouldn’t trust to wash my car) came out with the ridiculous predictions that 500,000 would die from CV19 in the UK and 2 million in the US. This was in reality a prepared script to panic clueless leaders – via their “advisers” – to implement the script master’s lockdowns, which of course, they did. I couldn’t get to my keyboard fast enough to let people know that this was completely laughable, which it was.


(Gates-funded) Ferguson – who himself had to resign from SAGE for breaking the lockdown rules that he himself was instrumental in creating – has an awful record of predictions. His “computer models” are shite and led to terribly wild and inaccurate predictions on past scares like swine flu and even foot and mouth disease some years ago. I have my own horse race prediction program and if it was as bad as Fergy’s models, I’d have been bankrupt before the season was out. Within in a week, Ferguson had reigned-in his nightmare scenarios and drastically cut his forecast but the (intended) panic had already set in, just as the script demanded.


The Cases Con


In early July I noticed the (intended) switch from reporting deaths (they’d fallen through the floor) to “cases” which were mushrooming (purposely) on the use of the PCR test that doesn’t test for CV19. It was then that I advised that these phony test results (massive false-positive numbers) would be used to justify local lockdowns (Leicester was the first of many not long after) and keep people strung along in fear until the magic vaccine was ready to be released. This has proven to be spot-on and I followed that by advising that there would be a second lockdown, as soon as late autumn was here and conveniently we move back into the seasonal flu period. Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.




I said right from the start that (as David Icke had forecast) that there would be a new vaccine produced, in record time to head-off this terrible bug.

The reason for this, is that you have to string the public along and make them wait for a bit, as if it’s announced too soon, it would lose credibility and wouldn’t be taken-up by nearly as many as they would want.


The quickest vaccine on record is 4 years apparently and most take 8 to 10 years of trials etc so 8 months for this one, tells you all you need to know.

The reason of course that this has been brought-in at speed, is that it was ready to go before this charade was launched. It’s in the script remember?


So, overall, not bad as far as predicting the future is concerned.


I’ve already said, weeks ago, that the mask-madness is planned to be permanent and the notion (being encouraged childishly) that one CV19 shot and you’ll be back to normal is more fanciful nonsense. Multiple, annual vaccines is the plan and that’s just for starters unless a sizeable minority say no.





Compulsory Vax?





Hiya Everyone


I’ve had a few people contact me asking about whether I think the new jabs will be compulsory, so we’ll address that this week but first I want to welcome all those new-joiners from around the globe.


A Quick Thank you and Welcome


For those that don’t know, a friend of mine, author, DJ and all round good bloke, Mark Devlin (check out his book Musical Truth) has been banned from Fakebook, for 30 days, for among other things, making reference to one of my articles that punched a big fat hole in the PCR test. So, he made a video recommending my group to his viewers, that has led to literally hundreds of new readers signing-up across the globe. Let’s face it, being banned by Big Tech is a badge of honour in these deceitful times, so anyone that’s annoyed Zuckerberg and his fascist cronies in California is a mate of mine.

So thank you again to Mark and welcome to new readers in the US, NZ, Australia, Norway, Sweden etc.


There’s only one rule on the group: I offer my opinion (on current events) that has been based on my ability to think and at least 15 years of studying the plan to enslave humanity. You do not have to agree with my conclusions. It is information only, so make of it what you will. And if you choose not to listen to my opinions, simply let me know and I can delete you.


Compulsory Vaccines


It seems years ago, that I was telling people in talks, presentations and emails etc that one of the plans of the elite cabal was to bring in compulsory vaccinations, including all babies at birth. Some people laughed at the suggestion but as ever, apparent ridiculous suggestions can become reality very quickly and the “nutter” that said it, suddenly becomes someone to perhaps listen to. David Icke is the best example of this I can think of.


So, we start from pretty firm base then – there is a plan to bring-in compulsory vaccinations (as how would I and many others know about it all those years ago?) and as ever (Problem-Reaction-Solution) you need a “problem” to convince the target population to accept it. It should be blatantly obvious to you all, that the covid-1984 scam delivers (in part) the excuse for people to buy it and sadly, millions will. But not everyone.


We’re not at compulsory jabs quite yet but that’s the plan but that’s testament to all the people that won’t accept medical fascism and good on them.


In reality, there is no global medical emergency so there’s no need for a vaccine and this mega-quick vaccine isn’t about protecting you, as there’s nothing to protect against. The “pandemic” is the excuse to get people to accept an elite long-planned jab, or in truth, jabs.


I said in a recent article that if people want another accurate prediction (my record since the scam started in March is pretty good) then here’s one.


If people think (and are actively being encouraged to believe this by the system) that having the covid jab means that things will rapidly get back to normality, then they’re living in cloud cuckoo land. I’ve said many times that if Bill Gates opens his mouth, then it’s wise to listen because he is the poster-boy for the global vaccination agenda. He isn’t ultimately deciding the agenda but he is the cabal’s frontman, so Gates’ words are the words of the cabal.


Gates has been openly saying, for some time, that to return to “normalcy” the only solution is that everyone on the planet has the jab. He’s not lying here (a rarity for him and his kind) and he’s telling you clearly what the plan is and these people mean what they say.


He’s also said repeatedly that in the “AB-normal”, an adult can expect to have 2 to 3 jabs per year. Fortunately, big-hearted Bill has a company that can administer and track your “Immunity passport” so isn’t that timely? So now you can see that this childish notion of one jab and you’re back down the pub without any of the mask-madness, is complete nonsense. This isn’t the plan but it massively suits the agenda if you go along to have your jab and think it is.


As I’ve repeatedly said; key to keeping the scam, public fear and therefore the promotion of compulsory jabs going is the “cases” scam.

If you don’t know what a racket the PCR testing scam is, then read my previous stuff on this. It’s so apparent that this global roll-out of the scramble for testing en masse, was vital to keeping the public fear (and therefore accept of jabs) being strung along.


Clueless Bojo (the UK PM for overseas readers) some months ago launched Operation Moonshot (interesting title) that seeks to eventually roll-out mass testing of the entire population on a weekly basis. Still think you’ve only got to endure one jab? This is manna from heaven for the manipulators because mass-testing creates mass false-positive numbers, to justify social distancing, shutting businesses, the mask-madness and of course the desire for jabs from the easily-duped.


And for our overseas readers, the reason why you’re seeing the same shite as we are here in England is not a coincidence. It is a global centrally-co-ordinated agenda that you’re seeing. A global psychological operation (psyop) on the human mind.


Who’s Having It?


We know that if Gates and his controllers have their way, then jabs will be compulsory and that’s ultimately where they want to be - fact (he’s said that remember). But they know that not everyone has bought the scam, so my feeling is that they’ll settle for the majority. They have history doing this.


If they want to do something not in the public’s interest (say not labelling GM food on packets for example), then they’ll often announce it to test the water. If they get a sizeable push back from the public, then they’ll retreat a bit. If nobody bothers to look up from the game shows then they’ll push on further. This is how it works all the time.


As we know, information drives perceptions and perceptions drive actions. This is why the system spends so much time and energy on hijacking your perceptions of the world. Something doesn’t have to real, they just need people to think that it’s real and that’s all that matters.


It seems to me that we have 3 groups of people.


Group 1 who are totally consumed by the system, believe that there is a deadly pandemic and will have the vaccine as soon as it’s offered.


Group 2 who won’t want to take it but will persuaded when the system tries to limit their lifestyle without it (like flying, attending concerts etc).


Group 3 who won’t be having it at all.


Ultimately, how this plays out will be governed by how many people are in group’s 2 and 3.


But for those that want to know, in my humble opinion, if you have this vaccine then you are a raving lunatic that deserves all you get.


I’ve thought for a while that all is not going to plan with the covid hoax and I haven’t changed my tune.

Several opinion polls have said that around 40% of people in the UK and as much as 50% of people in the US say they won’t be having the jab.


We should be mindful that opinion polls are generally not there to genuinely show you how people feel but are really there to frame opinions but the fact that I hear 3 former US presidents (Obomber, Bush and Clinton) are to have theirs on live TV, should tell you how desperate they are to sway the naysayers and that has to be good news.


“Come on America – these 3 high profile criminals are having their jab, come and get yours!” Er, no thanks.


The “you can’t do normal things if you haven’t had the jabs” tactic will be a key battleground. I hear that concert ticket agent Ticketmaster, said they’d only sell tickets for concerts to people proving they’ve had the jab but got a lot of shit about it, so withdrew the claim. If enough people do this, then companies won’t implement this. They want your cash after all. If there’s a big enough market for people that won’t have it, this cabal-designed stick to hit you with won’t be so effective.


As ever, it’s up to you. These people are not all-powerful. Like all tyrannies, they need people to be complicit in their own downfall.





It's Official: The "Test" Is Garbage





Hi Everyone


Some good news this week for a change. As I’ve said, you can’t keep a lie going forever.


In a landmark ruling, the Lisbon Appeal Court has confirmed that the PCR test - used widely to allegedly test for CV19 - is “not fit for purpose”.


Four German holiday makers challenged the ruling, by the health authority, that as one had tested “positive” for CV19, that they all should be quarantined in Portugal. The 34-page ruling from the Appeal Court judges, said that these people had been illegally quarantined and their decision came off the back of the fact that the PCR test is so unreliable. They concluded that, the PCR test is up to 97% unreliable. No you didn’t read that wrong. The test, they concluded, has as little a chance of 3% of being correct.


When I’ve been describing the test as “the test that doesn’t test for covid19” in past months, I wasn’t bloody joking. Do you think I’m writing these articles every week for the fun of it? I’m showing the exit door to this global psyop.


This expose of the “test scam” won’t come as a surprise to any of my regular readers but as there are a lot of people out there that have no ability to think for themselves and need some authority figure to tell them that something is true, then there you have it. Time to open your eyes and minds folks to what the covid plandemic scam is all about.


Now, you’d think that such a landmark ruling like this would be all over the press wouldn’t you but what have we had from the corporate media?

Nothing, or at least very little. So why would this be?


Well, in addition to the usual state control of most of the media, OFCOM issued, in early 2020, guidance to the MSM, that covid reporting should be consistent with government policy, so it’s no surprise they remained silent. I’m forever telling people that the MSM is not the place to get any information and this idea that the BBC et al are “trustworthy” and “unbiased” is beyond childish and here’s the proof. And of course, as I keep repeating week after week, if there was a real deadly virus killing people up and down the land, why would they need to exert this sinister control?


Of course, if you set out to create a situation of selling people a virus that wasn’t going to kill large amounts of people but you wanted to convince those same people, that one was out there stalking them, then making sure reporting was tightly controlled- in line with what the government wanted told – then this would greatly assist the scam. Just saying...


The “Test” Scam


I don’t want to repeat all that I’ve said previously about the test scam. Read my previous emails on this but to put this into context, we need a bit of the bigger picture for new readers.


The PCR test does not test for covid19. It reacts to “genetic material” that people can have in their bodies for a variety of reasons, most of them nothing to do with a deadly virus. This of course is the very reason why there are so many false-positive results - where people test “positive” but have no symptoms and are not ill. They have no symptoms because there’s nothing wrong with them and they certainly don’t have bloody covd19.

The inventor of the test, in the 1980’s, even said that the PCR test should not be used to diagnose any virus.


But, a test like this, is enormously helpful if you’re trying to pull off a gigantic scam and continue to string people along in fear...


As I’ve described often and predicted shortly after the covid hoax first hit the headlines, as alleged covid death numbers fell through the floor, there was a deliberate move by the (government-controlled) media to shift attention to “cases”. They had to, as the “deaths” scare story wasn’t sustainable.


So we now saw the media shouting “cases” from the rooftops. This was specifically designed to keep people in fear and importantly justify all the lockdown shite – and all that came with it – up until they could announce that some miracle vaccine had been found. I also predicted that the “cases” con would be used to justify local lockdowns, helping to string along the pretend emergency scenario and it was, as Leicester was the first of many places to be subject to this part of the con-trick.


So, mass-testing was rolled-out (they hadn’t been doing this up to that point) to perpetuate the scam. This produced the bloody obvious inflation of “cases” so vital to keep the fear and lockdown nonsense going. The fact that people weren’t dying seemed not to matter, it was all about “cases” and as we know, the overwhelming majority of people that tested positive, weren’t ill and in truth never were going to be, as there was nothing wrong with them.


But there’s something else that you need to appreciate.....


The number of “amplifications” (the cycles threshold)  in the test can be used to effectively manipulate the amount of positive test results you get.

So in short, you’ve got a tool that can be varied to come up with any scenario you want, so long as the public buys the “cases” con. The Portuguese judges cited a study that found that at the level of cycles used in the UK, if someone tests positive, then the chance that this being false, is a whopping 97%.

All of a sudden the media’s (deliberate) switch to “cases” reporting becomes crystal clear, or should I say crystal clear to anyone that is capable of rational thought.


So UK society is currently being controlled, not by deaths, or hospital admissions, or any type of medical complications...but by test results being announced as “cases” on the tel-lie-vision that are about as reliable as weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And just in case you don’t believe me, there’s an authority figure, in Portugal, saying these results are garbage, so it must be true. You can’t deny it anymore, as someone with letters after their name has confirmed it.


You didn’t think it would be that easy for them to pull this scam off did you? But they have. That’s how sad it all is.


They haven’t even had to try hard because of large amounts of people’s staggering naivety about the world, their childish acquiescence to anyone in authority, most people’s inability to think for themselves and the constant flow of mind games from a complicit MSM. And of course the old trick of labelling anyone that is telling you the truth, as some sort of “baseless conspiracy theorist”.


But even saying all that – you can’t keep a lie going forever. This con-trick will be exposed for what it is and if I hear anyone say (as they will) “well that’s what the experts told us”, then they can look forward to a kick up the jacksy from me.





There Is No New Virus





Hi Everyone


I’m often commenting on the fact that people frequently miss the blindingly obvious. The covid-1984 plandemic is one such time.


Basic facts are often the most powerful to aid our understanding and as David Icke described this week, accepting that there is no new virus, is the act of “crossing of the Rubicon” that you have to do to understand fully what this is all about. If you don’t do that then you’re fumbling around in the dark and will never see the light. If you do “cross the Rubicon” though, what appears to be a crazy world, full of random uncertainty and danger, falls away into complete clarity.


The fact that there is no new virus shouldn’t be hard to accept – if you’ve been reading my articles since March – as I and many other people, having been describing in depth, what you’re really seeing, why and to what end.


If you accept (based on a mountain of evidence) that there is no new virus, then the world and the force steering the fate of humanity, looks completely different instantly.




We’re seeing a lot of people now questioning lockdowns. More and more people are realising that the livelihoods of millions of people are (purposely) disappearing down the tubes, with all the additional personal costs too. This has led to even people in the mainstream questioning lockdowns, which is a good thing BUT this line of argument is still missing the point.


Lockdowns are not something to be endured to “protect” people because there is no new virus. Lockdowns are not a government response to “fight a deadly virus” because there is no new virus. If you go along with this idea that the government is reluctantly bringing in lockdowns and having to delicately balance “people’s safety” against the economic impacts, then you’ve been had because both of these positions assume that there is a virus and there ain’t.


The force manipulating this plandemic isn’t bothered whether you believe there is a deadly virus or think the government should be more focussed on easing restrictions, to let various businesses open etc whilst still containing the “virus outbreaks” because either way, you’ve accepted the big hoax (fully or in part) and that’ll do the cult driving this agenda, very nicely, thank you.


And if you’re in the “virus is real” arena, then you’ll accept all the measures the hidden-hand is intending on rolling out because of it – testing, the mask madness, social distancing, not seeing your family, not travelling, losing your job, Track & Trace surveillance, enforced vaccines and “immunity passports” along with much else. Oh and don’t forget; this is not their intended destination. It’s designed to get much worse than this.


So all this debate about getting a test, whether the government has spent enough on protection equipment, will people be allowed to mix with their families at Christmas, whether we should all carry on working from home, whether the pubs should open again but still carry out social (programming) distancing measures and the continuing mask madness, is the vaccine safe and should I have it etc is all irrelevant bullshit, tied to the same lie.

There is no new virus and it’s staring you in the face.


And before people say oh well there’s people dying in hospitals, you should remember something. People, particularly the elderly with a range of existing illnesses (where have you heard that before?), die of respiratory diseases all the time. It didn’t just start in March you know.


There is no New Virus – Are You Getting It Yet?


The official daily BBC reports of deaths with CV19 (that’s with not of significantly) even say on the TV caption “deaths from all causes but testing positive for CV19 within 28 days”. Bearing in mind that the “test for CV19” doesn’t test for CV19 because they’ve never isolated the virus, then you can see what a thin wicket they’re on but importantly, they wouldn’t have to do that with a real pandemic and they’re doing it because there is no new virus.


Why are they testing for the virus, with a test that the inventor himself said should not be used to identify any illness? Because there is no new virus but they want to convince people that there is.


It has been confirmed that death certificates have been altered to show the cause of death as CV19, when it clearly wasn’t. This has even been reported in the MSM for goodness sake. They even changed the law to say any death (see above) that occurred within 28 days of testing positive for CV19, should be classed as a CV19 death. So you could jump out of a plane without a parachute and you’ve died of covid-1984. They wouldn’t have to do that with a real pandemic, so why are they doing it? Because there is no new virus.


It has been widely reported that the government was using misleading information (exposed by its own regulator last week) of old data and importantly exaggerating deaths, to justify the latest lockdown. They wouldn’t have to do that with a real pandemic and they’re doing it because there is no new virus.


Deaths from all causes in 2020 are still running at below the 5-year average of deaths from all causes. This would not be the case with a real dangerous pandemic and it’s clear evidence that there is no new deadly virus killing people.


Very large amounts of people are “testing positive for CV19” but have no symptoms whatsoever. Remember, Bojo said publicly in March, on the BBC scare-athon, that this was a killer and thousands of you will die. Up to 90% of people testing positive have no illness at all. Why? Because there is no new virus.


Why in the US healthcare system are they offering cash incentives to diagnose illnesses as CV19? Because there is no new virus but they want to create the illusion of one.


Last week, a healthcare worker (Shelley Tasker) resigned at the lies being told in Cornwall about the NHS “under pressure”. She said she had no work to do at the height of the last lockdown and Cornwall’s Health Trust were forced to confirm that, as of last Friday, whilst half a million people were under lockdown in Cornwall, 3 people are allegedly being treated for CV19 in Treliske hospital. People suffering from  flu-like symptoms and the elderly dying of respiratory illnesses happens all the time. There is no new virus.


There is no SARS CoV-2, covid19 or whatever else you want to call it. It is a computer generated image and has not been isolated or proved to exist.

I said in March that this was a psychological operation (psyop) on the global population and that’s exactly what it is and as Hitler said, the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it and they have done. Never underestimate the power of repetition and the MSM.


Lockdowns, mask-madness, government diktats on what you can do and who you can see, a severe reduction on travel, an increase in state surveillance, enforced vaccines and “immunity passports” are not how governments globally are responding to a deadly virus. There is no new virus.


These changes in society have been planned a long time and are the intended actions (sold as government necessary responses to the “virus”) of the cult behind this global ambush.