As a publishing platform, I have created BewleyBooks+ to be able to offer you the complete package - or only the services you need.   From receiving your manuscript, through to editing, cover design, publishing and promoting. 

BewleyBooks works on the concept of everyone has an opinion and outlook on life that differs from everyone else.  What you believe or what your outlook on life is ok, as long as your work aims to 'Aspire to Inspire' people to a better way of living life on this planet.

You see, your book comes from your imagination, inspired by your heart.  And, rather than it be about you, we want you to recognise that your work should be to inspire others to recognise that life offers challenges and with a bit of help, we can learn to handle them.

If you don't wish to publish your book under the BewleyBooks umbrella (at no expense to you!), that's fair enough.  However, I can offer you a bespoke conceirge service.  Take a look at both options here:

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