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BEWLEYBOOKS: Diary time!

Updated: Jun 24

What an enormously contradictory and confusing time we're living in - this is your chance to write about it!

You may have been scratching around for a while trying to figure out what to write about. You may have leaned back on the excuse that you have no time as you're so busy with everything else that's going on in your life. But...

You've just been given permission to sit back and watch the television.

Well, instead of doing that, why not get that book and pen out and start writing about your experiences?

This is a perfect time to get those stories out of your head. It's a brilliant time to start a diary to leave for future generations to learn about what you, as an individual, went through during this most stressful of times.

Why not put your words down on paper, get that laptop out and put words on the screen to let everyone know how you're doing through this pandemic. You could:

  • Write a fictional tale about someone's adventure, whatever perspective that might be from

  • Write a personal memoir of your own journey through this stressful time, contemplate your thoughts, go into your feelings as you experience them on every step of this journey

  • Write a factual book that will help people see the sense in the government's actions

  • Write a book that will help people cope with their emotional turmoil

  • Or anything else that takes your fancy...

If your story is inspirational and aims to help the world back onto its feet (which fits with the BewleyBooks remit), I'll help you publish your story. And what's more...

I'll waive my FEE!

Wait, what's that?

Yes, I'll help you write, publish and then promote your book for FREE!*

Normally, my Silver package charges £4,495.00 to work with you while you write, publish and promote a book.

However, just to give you that added incentive to get off your laurels and focus on something that will get your mind off the stress that is abounding in society, I'm not going to charge you a penny for my Silver package!*

If you want a decent diary to write in, on or with, then you could do no better than these journals which I thoroughly recommend (just to let you know, if you do buy from these links, I will earn a smidgen of a commission - and I mean a smidgen!). Just click on the pics to find out more.

They provide you with all you need to start writing your book.

For more details of this opportunity, visit here:


I'll be giving FIVE writers the chance to publish their book. If yours is one of those books (fiction or fact), and it fits with the BewleyBooks remit, I'll give you feedback and direction and help you get to the page where you write...

'The End'.

Stay safe.

All my best,





*Note, there is a £1 entry fee - this is for security purposes and to ensure no time-wasters

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