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WELLBEING: Putting off today...

Updated: Jun 24

Figuring out what you want from life...

Putting off to tomorrow...

When you have a project in mind, a book to write, a cupboard to tidy, or a car to clean you may approach it, then get caught up in looking online at others books, houses and cars and think

"What does it matter what I do, it will never be as good as that?"

And so, you put it off until another day. A day when, you convince yourself, you'll be able to write, tidy or clean and produce a better result.

The best way to deal with these issues, is to think of the small goals.

Whittle your project down into manageable tasks. Don't think of writing the whole book, instead, think of writing a paragraph. Don't think of tidying the whole cupboard, instead, think of decluttering one shelf and getting the bags ready for what you want to keep, give away or bin. Don't think of cleaning the whole car, instead, focus down on one thing like making those bumpers shine like new or filling up the fluids in the engine.

One step at a time, easy does it. Assign a task per hour, or day, and in no time at all you'll find you have achieved your goal.

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