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WELLBEING: Oh my goodness me!

You love your children, don't you? You want the best for them. You wouldn't want to see them hurt or harmed in any way, shape or form.

Of course. That's what any parent wants.

I ask you then, to consider the world that you are leaving for them. The world that we are about to lead them into.

What's happening to this world?

We are following mandates based on the recommendations of one man. Professor Neil Ferguson. Over the years, Professor Ferguson of the Imperial College London has been instrumental in shaping the lives of millions of people. Not least our hard working farmers.

You may recall that Neil Ferguson recommended the following:

In 2001 that 6 MILLION farm animals (cows, chickens and pigs) are killed

In 2002 that 50,000 people were going to die from BSE

In 2005 that 200 MILLION people were going to die of bird flu

In 2009 that 65,000 people were going to die of swine flu

In 2020 that 200 MILLION people were going to die of CV19

On 19th March 2020 CV19 was downgraded. It's on the official Gov.uk website for you to read.

A couple of months after these recommendations were implemented, Ferguson resigned.

Why? Because he broke his own quarantine recommendations for lockin while also his flawed research - confirmed by several other scientists, academics and professors of eminent universities and hospitals, who saw that the computer model he based these numbers on - was old and incorrect.

Plus, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted the numbers were wrong.

What's next for Ferguson? A Knighthood?

Professor Johan Giesecke said he had never seen an unpublished non-peer-reviewed paper have so much impact on government policy. He says,

"the Imperial College modelling was never worth the attention it received."

NOTE: Professor Giesecke was Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and an advisor to the World Health Organisation’s director general.

I've posted some the information on the unhygienic nature of masks (read a variety of posts in my FB feed). Basically when you wear a mask (which it states clearly that it doesn't protect you from CV19), you breathe in only 16% oxygen (you need at least 19%) and you breathe in more carbonmonoxide. You will get headaches as a result and feel ill.

You'll know this is true because when you have a panic attack, one of the tools to getting your oxygen and carbonmonoxide levels back to normal is to breathe into a paper bag.

Again, there are contradictions on the recommendations.

You are recommended to wear masks in shops, but not pubs or restaurants.

Footballers are told not to shake hands, but they hug each other on the pitch.

Our older generation have to stay in lockin, but families with children can go out.

We've been told to stay in our homes, but over 100,000 people are flying into our country every WEEK- with no screening for this virus.

You know how you felt when you were told to stay in your own home... well, the older generation are still there and being told they have to stay there for their own safety. They are more in need to get out. Staying in, demoralises and diminishes them. To be imprisoned in their own homes, is like passing the death sentence upon them and we're just waiting for them to kick the bucket.

And we can't even give them a hug while they do it!

People need people. People need love. We are sentient beings. In South Africa, they have a saying that "people get skin hungry"... basically, we need to be within touching distance of someone else, at least once a day.

Just put in your mind that cancer treatments have come to a halt - many patients waiting for operations and treatment have been sent home. They are often scared and in pain. Naturally, they give up the will to live or die from their dis-ease - which is then recorded as a CV19 death. You've seen it yourself in the newspapers and on the news, so you must know there is some truth in this.

Thankfully, the light is beginning to shine on that little black spot. Let's not let them brush it under the carpet!

You've read in the papers that there's an investigation going on about how Care Homes have been admitting elderly people (from hospitals), putting them on the Liverpool Care Pathway (legalised euthanasia) and recording them as a CV19 death.

If the over-70s are supposed to stay in their own homes, then I don't want to see anyone in high positions or in the House of Lords at work.

This whole scenario is not about protecting our elderly. It's about 'sloughing them off' and stopping having to pay their pensions.

Surely our older generation are 'old enough' and competent enough to make their own decisions on their own health? Many of them have expressed the phrase "I'm near the end anyway, so it doesn't matter to me when I die or what I die of." With many of them saying that they've had enough of this world and want out anyway.

What a terrible world we have created.

With so many contradictions, you have to begin to question.

  • Do you want your children to inherit the world that we seem to be about to enter?

  • Do you want to give them the freedoms that you had at the beginning of this year?

  • Do you want your children to live in a prison state like China?

It's up to you. Follow the recommended 'guidelines' if you must. But a way to tell our Government that we've had enough of being treated like sheep is non-compliance.

And how do you respond to the 'haters' who do not want you to have an opinion on any of these matters? Those folk who are using this pandemic as an excuse to stay home while being paid for it? All you have to do is block them from your social media. If in person, smile sweetly and walk away. Do not respond with words or expressions. They want your energy. It feeds them. Don't oblige.

All the best,









July 17th 2020: PM wants us all to return to work and buy from shops. People don't want to go back to work, because they're scared of catching this virus (that was based on a flawed computer modelling programme) - so you only have yourself to blame.

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