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Updated: Aug 5

This is an essay. A story. A tale. It's a scenario I've played out time and time again.

Today, I do think, somehow, and I say this with just a wee bit of caution here... we're living in a science fiction film.

In fact, I think that fiction is so true, that I'm eager to create a sci-fi film of my own...

Yeah. That's a great idea. Want in?

On the subject of movies, did you ever watch the fictional film 'Virus Outbreak'. It was a 'B-type' film, so not terribly good acting or very good film quality either but, in 2003, someone had the idea to piece together a story about a vir us.

For some strange and unfathomable reason, they powers that be have detleted this fictional tale from YouTube.

However, you can find some clips of it on Brit eon dot com (can't put the full name or link as one mention of the channel and it gets blocked on your own site and many social media sites. It's a bit of a strange channel, with many weird and wonderful stories hoisted upon it, but it's one that allows people their free speech, no matter how crazy that may appear to some (that's the whole idea of free speech, isn't it?). For you to be free to make up your own mind about what is real and what isn't (Mr Orwell, would have been really proud of the society we are creating for ourselves, me thinks).

Ok, so this is a free society. Isn't it? And FB is friendly. Isn't it?

Therefore, my innocent posts (asking folk to question the accepted narrative) would have no trouble. Afterall, all they do is ask you to make up your own mind about the state of the world and those you share it with.

In line with this freedom of speech ethic, you are perfectly welcome to think me an idiot. If you so wish. In fact, I encourage you to think of me as the crazy lady in her van, the one who questions everything. I really don't mind.

Afterall, that's what a free society allows you to do. Isn't it?

All I'm asking is that before you accept what is being told to you (even what I'm saying here) - check it out for yourself.

The trouble is, you have to search for the answers yourself. Don't you?

To begin with, you'll need to tear yourself away from the television programming (hypnosis) and put the effort in.

I know, it's a difficult thing to do. You want to catch up with the characters on the screen, ensure that they haven't been stabbed or blown-up or shot by some mean guy. I know what that means, because I too have been hooked on binge-watching all those magical series (I'm an avid Game of Thornes fan).

But life called me to take part in it, so I had to leave those wonderful stories so I could create my own.

Oh, and that film I mentioned above, it's 3.29 mins (I did say they are a selection of clips from the film - as they won't allow you to play the whole scenario out). The title is '2003 mov ie - Vir us Out bre ak' (I've had to put the gaps between the words, so that this post stands a chance of getting read by you).

Right now, I believe (and my mind must be going at warp speed here) we are on the cusp of entering into an absolutely horrendous world.

On the surface, everything seems hunkydorey.

  • We go about our business, as normal.

  • We look at people going about theirs, as normal.

  • We see the sun is shining, as normal.

  • We see everything in the shops, is normal (or not).

  • We see everyone on the road, travelling in their cars, vans, lorries - on the sea, in their boats, dingies and water crafts - all normal.

  • We see people at work, at home, at our place of worship (or not), as normal.

  • And everything seems, well, normal.

  • Doesn't it?

We see all these changes as a temporary measure. Just until the flu, sorry C thing has gone away.

They're only measures put in place to help save OTHERS.

Not ourselves, I hasten to add. Not little old me.

We've all been encouraged to 'care for others' by 'doing the right thing'

But, haven't you noticed there's a certain narrative/route/road, that we all have to follow in doing that 'right thing'?

Haven't you noticed how there's nothing else going on in the world (exept some bombs going off all over the world, strange balls of light appearing in the skies above, and earth-quakes and mud-floods in hot countries far from me, oh and the drought (no rain for months) in China that's starving everyone to death, oh and the Three Gorges Dam - again, in China - that's about to break it's banks (due to too much rain for months) and drown everyone in that city where the vir us began).

Oh, and this C thing takes up at least 8 full pages at the front of every newspaper every day. And that's been happening since Christmas. And won't be gone by next Christmas. Not until we have had a little needle poked into our arms. And every year thereafter. Just like we did/do to our dogs.

Ask, why is that?

What has happened to the other subjects we were so heated about before all this began?

  • What has happened to the environment?

  • What has happened to the planting of trees?

  • What has happened to our very real war on plastics?

  • What has happened to the bringing to justice the pe do crimals?

  • And, I hasten to add... what has happened to our dear old Queen?

Thankfully, something is changing.

The good folk living in Germany appear to be taking a stand.

The main papers reported that about 17,000 people went on a march to demand things return to normal and that the 'governments' trust people to make their own decisions. In truth, there were nearly a MILLION on that march - but who believes the newspapers anyway? They're not called the 'daily rag' for nothing.

Valiant though they were in their efforts to highlight the issues at hand, in my view, marches don't work. Marches merely highlight to those who pull the purse strings what people are thinking and, then they gage from the response how much they can tighten the screw a little bit more.

Didn't you see how when our own dear fullupy PM said that 'people in their 50s' would have to be quarantined - there was SUCH A BACKLASH about it. So, they pulled back.

Those were merely suggestions and were not going to be implemented. Not just yet anyway.

Don't you see the power that you have?

You, you little squirt of a person who is a 'useless eater' - you could actually stop all of this - and stop it today.

All you have to do is:

  • Stop watching the television - in fact, throw it on the tip - and don't buy a TV licence (on the back of the licence you are given an 'out' on that, so there's really no excuse).

  • Stop buying and reading the newspapers - in fact write to them that you want them to print the truth.

  • Stop buying from the mega companies. Go to the small shops instead.

  • Get friendly with your neighbours.

  • Write letters of objection to your MPs, and also get on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Write what you think directly to the folks who are tightening the screws (incidentally you should check out Mr Gate's Twitter feed. I'm mightily surprised he hasn't deleted his account).

  • Write to Universities and tell them you want the truth, from independent reports - not some cherry-picked research that suits the organisation that has paid for it.

Oh, and on that score, just so you know, Yale University are right now crafting a study on how to convince people to take the vax.

The recommended tactics to be used?

  • Shame

  • Embarrassment

  • Get the friends and family and colleagues to split on those who decide to do as they wish with their own lives.

  • Then, they'll recommend forcing those few who are remaining - either by saying you can't shop to eat or live, or you'll be put in quarantine.

Has anything that I've told you in my stories before been wrong?

If so, call me out on it. Go on, I don't mind. But debate me as an adult. Don't scream at me like a two-year-old or a teenager would. That way, we can see our way through this.

High emotion gets us nowhere. In fact, have you noticed how stupid an angry person looks? It is a proven fact that high emotion makes our brains shut down from reason - so we act stupid.

And that's another thing you have to ask yourself in a few years gime. When your kids look up to you with their big blue eyes as they are suffering with the after effects of this new society we've gifted to them, and they ask you (just like we asked our grandparents about their role in the wars):

"What did you do during the 'war' daddy?"

Will you be able to honestly say "I helped stop it..." ?

If you have a few minutes today, meditate. Stop all that's going on in your life and ASK about all that has happened over the past few months.

  • Ask - how did this start?

  • Ask - how is the 'blame' game being played?

  • Ask - why don't people want to go back to work?

  • Ask - have governments ever cared for their people?

  • Ask - why am I not considered adult enough to make my own decisions?

  • Ask - do the government and scientific community think that I'm an idiot and can't make up my own mind about things?

  • Ask - why do phar ma cos have to be exempt from being sued?

  • Ask - why do governments have to pay the compensation, and not the private companies that created a 'cure all' (which, incdentially, no one is allowed to say they have found).

Ask. Question. Pursue the answers. Don't ever stop asking.

It's time to wake up Princess. The dragon is at the castle door.

All the best,





NOTE: I've had to put spaces between some words, just to get it through the system

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