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CAMPERVAN-K: First few trips out (May/June 2019)

I love to travel. This is a collection of photographs from my first few tentative trips out in my camper.

Malvern Hills - Blackmore Caravan Club Site

Salisbury - Salisbury Hillside Caravan Club Site

Upton-upon-Severn - Hanley Road Car Park

The Malvern Hills are my favourite place. It's a place where I would like my ashes scattered (if I get the choice!). I walk there frequently and visit my parents who treat me to lovely lunches!

Salisbury was a tentative trip out just to figure out how to live in the van. One of my very first trips. I feel better to learn in a 'safe place' on a registered campsite with lots of knowledgeable people around to help if you get into trouble. This was a lovely place with lots of handy ablusions and clean facilities. Unfortunately, it's only open from March to October.

Upton-upon-Severn is a place where I would love to live. It has lots of pubs so you'll never be short of entertainment. Somehow the pub decimation of our country hasn't touched this part - thank goodness! I particularly liked waking early in the morning, making myself a brew and sitting by the River Severn as I watched the sunrise. So peaceful and awe-inspiring.

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