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Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Writing during world lockdown has helped me a great deal. Through it, I've pushed on, put aside frightening distractions and cracked on with living this life. Or, at least I would have done more fully, had it not been for the restrictions put in place.

Having looked at ALL sides of this game that's being played, at times it has felt like being put behind bars without a trial.

It's odd what you're able to learn on the internet. It's also a bit strange, this tool we all have available to us 24/7, a tool that has taken the place of the good old library. I'm pretty sure though, that a library would not have been able to grant me access to the amount of reading I have been able to get my hands upon during the past 109 days.

There has always been a virtual world.

Even when I sat down to push the keys of my old electric typewriter, GameBoy and the like were beginning to show their ugly green faces on an oddly shaped screen.

It's that virtual world that has taken over everyone's live now. With this pandemic lockdown, every person on the planet it seems has to be working from home. On the internet. And, good for them.

But I'd like us to all pause and say a quiet thank you to those who carried on with the physical jobs we simply could not have done without.

  • Those who work in shops

  • Those who deliver our post

  • Those who collect our rubbish

They are the true heroes of a game that we're all being sucked into playing.

Admittedly, I suffered a few scary chapters when this lockdown first began, with people not knowing what to do, and being whisked off to the place of fear and anxiety. But, thankfully, it all began to settle down and folk began to be benevolent towards each other again. Including me. A stranger in their midst, parking my Big Blue Beast outside their homes on the street, after being told to leave the rather safe confines of a registered campsite.

Then a hero came along and offered me a small piece of grass to park upon.

A place of safety, a place of refuge. It spared me the weird looks, the bangs on the back door in the middle of the night and the awful yellow street lamps that glowered down through my roof vent. And I thank him for that.

See, there are benevolent folk around. Still.

From my own little fortress, a van in the middle of a field, I've had it quite good. Yes, I was even spared the queues at the shops, with regular arrangement from a farmer who decided to create boxes of organic veggies, eggs and meat and deliver them to the locals. I've had an excellent internet connection and I've been able to sit quietly, for most of the time, with my thoughts. Which is always excellent in my view.

Probably the single biggest and bestest part of this pandemic for me has been the ability to sit alone with my thoughts. It has enabled me to calm myself down, take a grip of life and use what precious time I had to figure out my future.

If God was willing to grant me one, of course.

Last week I even found some old recordings of workshops I had presented about relationships - which, last week I began uploading to the BewleyTherapy YouTube account. It has been fun, remembering all that I had taught to those who were willing to listen to me prattle on. But I have a sneaky feeling people think that's me 'now' and I'm soooo very reluctant to tell them the truth of it all.

Ah well.

It looks like the world did a great job in returning to our 'new' normal. Don't you just hate that phrase? I do. It seems we're not going to be returning to the world that we lived in, once upon a time. Why? I've heard people say that "It had to change!" and "We're a horrible species!"

But I wholeheartedly disagree.

What we had was good. Contrary to what the media would have you believe, we are good people.

If we weren't good, then the whole planet would go to hell in a handbasket. Don't you think?

As it is, this earth has hosted a great many people who are

  • benevolent

  • kind

  • generous

  • honest

  • hardworking

  • honourable

  • and brave

You only have to search them out on YouTube to begin to believe that fact.

So, after lockdown ended, from my little van in the middle of a field in the middle of the countryside, I heard people enjoying their first evening of 'freedom' (and it was, freedom), celebrating the togetherness that they had been denied for so long.

Of course, there was still that awful social distancing in place (if you don't know what humans really need, then you're from another planet!). There are still those awful Nazi-like barriers in the big superstores and awful arrows glaring at us from the pavements, pointing which way we're 'allowed' to go. But, on the whole, the dark days of fear I believe are behind us.

If you haven't woken from slumber now, I doubt you ever will.

I applaud people for getting out there and revealing the dark truths hidden from most.

I wholeheartedly welcome the honesty from those who are beaten for being different. The world gives a good talk about diversity - as though it's our last bastion of hope - but, when faced with the truth of it, it appears it has to be fought for - for everyone to be equal.

For how can there be diversity, if all but one group are included?

I think you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, don't worry about it. It's not important. As my grandmother used to say, "Truth will out in the end." It always does.

Over the last 30 or 40 years, I've seen a kind of freedom that has been taken for granted. Not any more.

While half of us sleep in a peaceful slumber, oblivious and ignorant of the evils of Hades, the other half (I'd say more, if truth be told) of us knows what's going on in the world and how fragile that freedom really is. If it can be taken away at the flick of a pen (or a computer program out of a college in London), then what else can be done to affect the way the world works?

I watch people on YouTube and read folks blogs, and I see how they describe the world as a disaster. As an environment of waste and smog and pollution. Not me.

I think, perhaps, I must be living in another world.

Yes, of course, there is a lot of rubbish everywhere. There's a lot of plastic in our oceans. There's a lot of smoke going up out of chimney's and there's a load of food going to waste when there are so many poor that it could be sent to, easily and quickly before it all rotted. But, in the main, it's the big companies that are creating all this mayhem. Not the little folk. It's the little folk who clean it up.

And I see that there's an awful lot of good things too. You only have to look for it.

Most of us tend to hunt down and root out the bad. We have thoughts rattling around in our heads that tell us of all the worries and woes of the world. They warn us of people who are rotten to the core, evil and filled with hatred. They tell us of the bad emotions (jealousy, fear, anger, hatred), they warn us of the horrible pains our bodies suffer. But, we only have to change our minds (metaphorically, not physically) to figure a way out of those entanglements.

All people really want is a roof over their head, clothes on their backs and food in their bellies.

We might want those things in slightly different ways but, basically, that's the bottom line of life.

Not everyone want to fight. Not everyone wants to argue. Not everyone wants to be mean, nasty and cruel.

In fact, I'd say an awful lot of the world just wants to be loved. It's what all the books of the world say. That's the core of their message, when you really boil it down, that's the underlying message in all of them - even the thousands of religious texts.

All books want you to learn about life.

Not just through factual references and how to's, but through the metaphorical romances and tales of old.

So, during this pandemic, I've been clearing up the websites, doing videos, helping people to heal from fear and I've also been writing.

I've been finishing off my memoir 'Borderline in Sicily', my novel 'For the Love of America's Dream' (a follow up on 'For the Love of Sweet William') and also, soon to be released, 'Promoting Your Writing' All good books aimed at helping you see a way through for yourself.

I'm also helping Martin and Bill publish their second books while I'm also reading the manuscripts of a couple of female writers, promoting the books already safely in the BB+ stable and I'm also planning a wonderful adventure in my campervan. I'll be writing more about that in the next post.

For now, cheers! May you enjoy the sweet taste of freedom - and never take it for granted.


Author’s Bio:

Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

Feel free to visit her site, where you can sign-up to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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