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Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I was getting pretty desperate. So desperate, in fact, I saw a Race Van for sale, all the way over the other side of the country! My poor wee car was putting a lot of mileage on the clock.

But I was so wrapped up in securing the van for me, that it didn't seem to matter where the van was located, as long as I got the right one.

I saw it and was in that dangerous state of 'two minds'. Not quite knowing whether it was the right thing to do, I posted a query on a Facebook group:

"Any smart people know about the Iveco Daily Day Race Van? Is it built for just 'day' usage - i.e. not insulated for cold nights? The one I've seen is a 2004 model with 80k miles on the clock... Failing this, going to drive all the way to Hull on Saturday to see another campervan - a Citroen."

I got quite a few replies:

ADAM: They are home builds? They are built however they wanted them..

ANGIE: We are selling our iveco daily xlong and x high. We insulated it and have used it all yr round with a small low watt night heater if wilding. Can get a bit chilly but have used it for 11 years but a great camper.

KAYE: Thanks that's helpful. Where are you selling your van?

ANGIE: preston

JAMES: If you get a iveco you won't go wrong,use mine for work

KAYE: it might be good for me as a first van with sleep/eat facilities. I could possibly work on changing it around myself and see what I end up with. Considering it, based on your comment! A lot hinges on you James!

JAMES: I would take it on

JAMES: there solid Vans,,but ask other people

PADDY: Give us a link to the one you're looking at Kaye. Then we'll be able to tell what the build is like

STEPH: totally agree solid van, reliable, engines strong, brilliant turning circle, run forever (watch out for corrosion underside and rust though, also electrics can be a wee bit glitchy as can the door hinges---- but all vans have something they're not great at and Ivecos are brilliant vans)

PADDY: Looks enough of a proper job to me... Depends if you need a garage that big or if you would prefer more internal space, though.

KAYE: don't need a garage, loads of parking where I work. It's a nice van. More of a 'mans van' (if I'm allowed to say that anymore!), but for anyone interested, it could be converted some more - as the wood that's been used inside is, to say the least, heavy.

PADDY: Sorry - I meant garage inside the van lol! It has been built with motorbikes in mind, for use at track days etc. The built in garage could be made much smaller to open up the interior more.

PADDY: Also, the majority of the panels will be lightweight ply, so it won't necessarily be as heavy as it looks đź‘Ť

KAYE: I had a look today. It's heavy stuff. All very 'home made' electrics and plumbing. Looks as though it's been 'loved' and used by the guy who owns it.

PADDY: ahh fair enough

KEVIN: Great vans, loads of room, 80k miles at that age it’s barely run in.

BEN: I’ve got a Mercedes sprinter race van going up for sale this month

KAYE: Thanks Ben, let me know when you do put it up for sale.

BEN: Will do it can go now but just need to be all cleaned out etc il get some pics

ANDY: Hi do you have any pics ofinsde

BEN: On the back sofa there is double bed above the garage

MATTHEW: One bit of advice Kay bewley, watch out with self builds they haven't gone over the axle weight, you can take any vehicle to a public weighbridge and check its weight. Good luck and hope you find something nice

KAYE; This one was made with a lot of heavy wood. Had the basics, water, electrics etc. but it could be converted again if you have the time and experience.

STEPHEN: this is as big as the crafter you saw last week ,make your mind up ,you said that was to big

STEPH: for goodness sake Kaye, don't be reflecting, considering, learning and changin' your mind as you go along you might end up with exactly what you want, be careful

KAYE: In my own time, STEPH, In my own time.

Author’s Bio:

Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

Feel free to visit her site, where you can sign-up to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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