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CAMPERVAN-K: No fixed abode?

Updated: May 27

One thing that's bothering me - it's not a problem just now but, eventually, when I go completely 'homeless' (i.e. no fixed abode) where do you register your van at? A PO Box address?

I posted the query to my Facebook page and lots of lovely people came back with some brilliant responses...

Thanks guys and girls!

TONY: Have you no relations or friends 👫? Your insurance also needs a postal address plus registered address for the log book plus driving licence.

KEITH: Apparently real “homeless” can register their job center as their address. No one tells them that - but would be a great help with benefits and registering with Drs?

IAN: Hi ya just a question, I have the Renault master motorhome, can I ask where did you get the carpet, thanks Ian

STEVE: You could try boatmail.co.uk


DIANE: Family members

RICHARD: Family member?

ALAN: Post office

TIM: Is the steering wheel really on the right as in the picture ?

LYNN: Tough one😔

LEE: You’ll need an address Kaye.. doing the same soon 😎👍

JAE: One of those Mailbox Express places with a physical address. I don't know about where you live, but in CA you have to have a physical address listed on your license..

Seems it's not that hard after all.

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