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It might as well rain until September

Oh my goodness me. I cannot believe that we are living in these strange times. It seems that every day when I wake up, I have this strange sensation in my gut that tells me nothing is right with the world. Then when I do wake up, there it is.

The news on the television, the newspapers, the internet, the people around me... it's all such a very different world to the one we were used to just a few short months ago.

I keep wondering, what are people really thinking? Why are they still wearing those stupid nappies on their faces? What is happening to the older generation in the Care Homes? Why have they discharged from hospital all the people who were waiting for desperately needed operations?

What is going on?

I can get my head wrapped around why people want to wear faces masks indoors, in the shops. They've been mind-melded with the television into accepting that these things will help them stop the virus entering their mouth or nose. And I'm all ready to accept it myself...But then...

I see online lots of doctors and nurses that are speaking out about this and explaining, in great detail, why these things don't work. They are supposed to be worn for no more than two hours at a time and then THROWN AWAY. they are supposed to be used in sterile environments. And in no way shape or form, can they stop a nano-particle of a germ getting through that covering. Someone described it like throwing a marble through a chainlink fence.

The thing is, when you watch the news on the television, when you listen to the news on the radio, when you read the articles in the newspapers there's one thing missing. A debate. The desenting voices. The 'other side' of the equation.

Normally, when you have one scenario crying out to be heard, there is always this small voice that pops up and speaks out against the general consensus viewpoint.

But this time? There appears to be not one voice being 'allowed' to be heard. I'm seeing lots of channels on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - all intelligent voices that are being blocked and censored. And, I have to ask:


Surely, the truth will out? In the end? When is this end going to come? There's a simmering of low hums on the horizon that keep telling the populace that this is not going to end. That we're in for a winter of discontent. That there will be another lockdown (curfew, I like to call it). That we will never be out of this.

Somehow, my gut tells me, I'm beginning to believe those small voices.

All the best,


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Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

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