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CAMPERVAN-K: How old is old?

Updated: May 27

The other day, I was wondering why did I want to live in a van? Well, not actually you know, live, in one, but travel around in one? Surely, at well past my mid-fifties, I was much too old for the venture?

Trying to keep hold of the reason why I wanted a van - because hotels are getting far too expensive, inconvenient and way out of the way where I want to be. Plus, B&Bs can be a little scary to a single woman - you never know whether you're entering another 'Bates Hotel' or not. So, a campervan seemed to be the best option. I didn't have to 'book' a place before I went away, I could just turn up and wander and drive around to wherever took my fancy.

In my job, I work for a lot of fit and healthy youngsters, hundreds of them surround me on a daily basis. Their energy is so high and their eyes are so luminous with looking to a bright future, they only think of the moment they are in. Hardly any of them plan - if they do then they're considered quite weird by the rest of them! And I can empathise with them, because heck, I used to be one of those bookish kids at the back of the classroom forever studying.

But, right now, to them I am considered an oldie. An old woman. Ancient. However, I do remember when I was in my teens and early twenties, I thought I'd never get to be 'old'. In fact, I didn't even think about getting past the age of 30 - because that age seemed old to me then. But the youngsters today, they have a different outlook on life. I grew up in the 1970s and only became aware of life and all it's complexities in the 1980s.

One of the young lads I work for even called me a 'coffin dodger'! Cheeky sod!

Anyhow, I just scoffed and certainly did not take offence. That aside, I did wonder whether I was way past it to take on board this kind of #vanlife style.

The thing is, there seems to be a lot of hard and heavy work involved. Not only to find a place to relax but when keeping the outside of the van clean, and inside too. Plus, there's that porta-potty thing too to get a handle on.

However, you know when you ask a question and the answer inevitably turns up, maybe not immediately, but some time after you've asked it? Well, I came across the answer to that question I posted.

Take a look at these videos on YouTube. They are inspirational women who show you that

"You're never too old!"

Meet Tiki

72 Year old solo van lifer

Then there's CreativityRV - not as old as the ladies above and, i believe a little younger than me, but still, an older lady...

They inspired me to continue with my search and to actually look forward to doing what I am planning to do. At the end of it all, I just need to remember why I wanted to travel in a camper - because of the hotel and B&B situation - mounting costs, difficult locations and scary anticipation of being in a shower at night all alone...

So, thank you ladies.

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