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Filling him up

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Well, changing the water was easy peasy. Didn’t take any time at all. Dunno what I was thinking about! And I had a helping hand.

I asked the gentleman on the gate, the one who has a motorhome himself, about where I could fill up and empty my tanks. He answered me with a smile and a helping hand. So nice. So kind. Had me wondering what on earth was I worried about?

Unfortunately, my hose wasn’t long enough, so a kindly young man held the male (tap) end for me (and froze his hand with the freezing water), while I held it in the female (inlet point) end of the van.

Trouble was, what I really needed to do was empty the grey water first - then fill it up.

Trust me to do it all arse about face!

However, I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. And I did ask if I could use his tap. And he was kind enough to not only show me to it, but help me to use it too.

It was easy to empty the grey tank, but I lost the plastic tag that held the damned thing into place. It must have snapped as I pulled the metal ring pull off.

It was a bit like one of those metal rings that climbers use to hook themselves onto rocks.

Goodness knows what they’re called.

Bit of a pain that was, as I was under that van for way longer than anticipated. While I was there, I saw that it was in quite good condition. Hardly any rust to see. Took some pictures.

Seemed like some kind of maze of pipes under there, all held in place by those plastic grip things.

And the grey water tank needs a new hose – or at least to be repaired as it’s leaking. At least it wasn’t the fresh water tank that was leaking.

Perhaps I ought to replace them both. But who to ask? Who to employ to do the job?

That’s probably my next task.

The previous day I had gone to a local caravan sales place and asked if they could do a habitation check for me, but the man who spoke to me seemed like a job’s worth. He kept saying that they’re "few and far between nowadays" as though he was trying to stress me out. Probably thought he'd get more money out of me by saying that that service is ‘rare’ and you’ll have to pay top notch for it.

Sadly, it only made me want to not go to them

I could see the looks on the other’s faces, as though he had just lost them another sale.

Well, he had.

Regardless, I spent another £77 today. After the debacle of the non-sales-salesman, I went to Webbs and found a little goldmine. Bought something for inside and outside… plastic mugs and plates and also a longer water hose, with attachments this time.

Then I stumbled across Aldi on my way back and bought some more stuff. That as well as food, the bill came to a whopping £125!

Oh my goodness. I haven’t got a bottomless pit of funds, so will have to be a bit careful next time!

There’s rather a lot more I have to get for it to make it comfortable for me, but I’ll need to be careful not to overweigh it. I’m unsure about all that wood and whether that’s weighing it down or not. My step-father did say that these vans are designed to carry heavy loads. They even carry lots of wood for wood-burning stoves, so what I have in there won't overload it.

Psychologically, just him saying that, made me feel better.

I do feel as though my hands are being tied with this van. I buy stuff for it, and I have to park it up for a week at a time, at least. And though I’m filled with enthusiasm for it, I can’t get into it.

It’s like I’ve bought a horse and am having to let someone else ride it and it’s just bloody well annoying the hell out of me!

I also went to see about a smaller car today so that I could tow it behind the van. It was a VW 'Up'. Very small, but I’m unsure about the weight of it as it looks heavier than the other small car options available.

At least the man didn’t try to ‘over sell’ it to me which I was thankful for

He let me look inside and then he said to look into the tow bar fitting, as that could cost around £1,000 for the VW, but it might be less for the Fiat. The Fiat was nice, but it seemed more like a little toy to me. All plastic and white. It would get dirty in no time with me.

Another round of hunting... I should thank my lucky stars I have the means and the ability to do this!

Author’s Bio:

Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

Feel free to visit her site, where you can sign-up to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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