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Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Saw this at local garage for £26,995 with almost 30k miles on the clock. Felt it was too much so made an offer of £2k under - was refused. Hasn't got solar panel, but body work looks good. Inside there are a few scuffs and dents and scrapes, but easily sorted. He's only just got it in, so it's not been 'prepped'. Any thoughts. Is it overpriced?

GETHEN: Where were you when I was selling mine?! £7,500 for something not drastically different... I’d be stunned if it was worth half the asking, frankly. Buy a really nice 2014 and convert it yourself (or have someone else do it for you)

KAYE: I'm registered on cargurus for a renault master van... just need someone to fix up the plumbing and electics... am able to do the 'furnishing' install myself.

MATTHEW: That's a lot of money for an 09 plate even with low mileage, I think you can find better for a lot cheaper. Ideally don't buy off a dealer that will save you thousands. Good luck

GLENN: Panel van conversions are always more due to the labour cost of a professional fitout.

BOB: It’s April so the prices are all jacked up.

JASE: Lol 15 k go find me some lol wat are you lot on lol . You need to do some home work 😂

KAYE: it's a learning curve Jase... I'm learning...

MICHAEL: Price is way to high for this piece of crap

STEVE: 2012 Citroen relay for sale brand new conversation £17 950

KAYE: Hi Steve, could you tell me how many miles has it done and it's age?

KAYE; Oh, I can see it's a 2012. The thing is Steve, I don't know if Citreon are any better with their vans but their cars are a tad unreliable... this comes from personal bad experiences with these makers.

STEVE: 68 thousand

STEVE: 68 thousand had a full service will come with a years mot

KEVIN: I have a 2011 L4H2 Relay and it's been great. Easy to drive too, the body is galvanised so no rust at all.

BARRY: Way way over priced more like £15k max

SIMON: Not worth anything close

STAN: Wow 27 grand you must be rich then !!! I’d want to knock at 10grand off that 🥵

KAYE: Nope, not rich. Just keen! But also not silly, so won't part with that kind of money unless I'm really, really convinced.

IAN: Walk away at that price. You could buy the best 09 plate you can find and have somebody fit it out (real smart) and still have loads left in the back pocket

BRENDAN: Could get something so much better for your budget .

STEVE: 2009 !!!!


LOUIS: New they go for over £50 000

JOHN: £50k brand new. This is 10 years old. I would sell my custom self build for that money. More miles but 2013 and totally off grid. Personally i think its over priced

KAYE: thanks, would you hazard a guess at how much by?

GERARD: Check autotrader.?

KAYE: much better lookers, slightly less price, more mileage, younger by a year or two...

GERARD: If you can find one same year. Use as a bargaining tool If bought easier to sell on than a self build?

KAYE: 🧐?

PADDY: I'd not pay 26k for that. It looks dated and bland inside, it's only that price because it's an autotrail. I've spent less than half that on my self build (pre converted, plug work I've done to make it suit me better). Having said that. I'm not surprised at the price. But as I say it's only that price because it's a professionally built van by autotrail. Doesn't necessarily make it worth it.

KAYE: thanks. I've seen better lookers, cheaper on autotrader, with solar panels and fixed beds, but more mileage.

PADDY: focus less on mileage than you normally would. Two reasons:

KAYE: that's good advice, thanks Paddy.

GERARD: Would agree. Higher mileages not always a bad thing. Especially if full service history

GART: My van is a crafter with 215k and iv had 3 mechanics doing mot ect say they were shocked at how nice and smooth it drove.i bought it of a friend who runs courrier company and vans are always serviced and drivers take pride in them(guy didnt want his brand new replacement)

MARK: You should just spend 10k on a decent van and make it how you want it inside

JEFF: Crazy

EMS: there are men and women on here who’d be happy to help you create your own self build. 😎 I think you’d be happier too. Secondly, no need for any of us to be generalising over what men or women supposedly say about each other or themselves 😜 Hope you get a good van that you love and then have good help doing it up.. look forward to the pics! 👍🏼👍🏼

COLIN: Kaye , it's a safe bet but you may struggle to make it feel like home . You won't want to alter anything and just think of how you have been looking forward to creating your own van style. At that price, you could buy an amazing van and get some of these amazing people on here to help fit it out with you ;)

KAYE: Thanks Colin, that's reassuring.

JACK: Wouldn't dream of it.

PAUL: thats a no from me at half that price...#

GEOFF: That’s a lot of money for an 09 plate van

SAM: Too much by far

MARK: Where do you live Kaye ? Got buy a van and I'll fit it out for you. We can go and have a look at what you want and style OK ;-) I'm in Leeds west Yorkshire

MAI: You could buy an almost new or pre-reg van for less than £17K giving £10K budget to pay someone (like Mark Trainor) to fit it out to your spec for that money.


DAVE: I spent 15k Peugeot boxer 2016 with 18000 miles. Still under warranty. Converting it myself. Buying a van for 10k and converting your self is good advice.

DAVID: Forecourt price 🤣🤣🤣take a few grand off

JOHN: Hello. This has probably been said but ... You appear to have a large budget and if so you have the ability to hand pick a vehicle and then have a near bespoke conversion done. Depending on what you want to use the camper for and where you want to go.

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