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Throughout our shared history, people have pondered the possibility of an omnipresent Being present in our lives. Faith in something that can only be proved through an individual’s heart, is an intimate affair. Whether you follow a religion or are simply spiritual in nature, many have questioned “Does God exist?” It is no small question, and it is one that rattles a lot of cages.

Can anyone, in their heart of hearts, truly answer and honestly know for sure without hard scientific proof that God exists? Even without proof – if God exists – mankind has sparked revolutions, created horrific wars, burned people at the stake and encouraged and insanely infinite torture and unfathomable hatred amongst different cultures, friends and even families.

People have sacrificed their very lives for something that cannot be proved by science.

This is no small accomplishment. If certain individuals can galvanise a nation or a family or an individual to fight against another, in the name of God, there must be something in it.

If doubts exist in your mind, think of those people right at the very beginning. The Jews and the Greeks who saw Jesus. The Jews were told by God, many times that Jesus was coming. Yet, they kept on disobeying the Being that actually spoke to them (through interpreters, like Moses and Joseph and so forth). Then the Greeks were told of God’s message by a person who used to persecute them – Paul.

Each of these people, particularly those after Jesus’ awful agonising death on that cross, risked their lives to tell people that we were dealing with a real Being. That this was it. That Jesus would come again.

But why should we believe them?

Put it this way, if you wanted to spread a story that wasn’t true to gain your own fame and fortune, but knew you would be crucified, hung, drawn and quartered or burned at the stake, would you tell that story? I know I wouldn’t. But if you knew for certain that an all-pervading Being existed that told you the truth about the way things were and, because of that, something had to change in the hearts of mankind – would you risk being killed for that message?

When we listen to the Bible being read today, most of us don’t understand it. It’s written in an archaic language that doesn’t apply to today’s new age ‘Text-Speak’. Why wouldn’t you get bored at being ‘preached’ to from the pulpit that you’re a bad person and you’re going to Hell if you don’t believe in God. Therefore, you either choose to ignore it becasue its boring and you know you’re not a bad person or, because you want to be a part of something you go to one of these ‘happy clappy’ churches that promise you everything.

The popular churches of today say that if you want something you’ve only to pray to God and it will be granted to you. ‘

“Ask and it will be given!”

That’s the saying that The Secret has taken and run with. Actually it does state that in the Bible but, unfortunately, it means something entirely different to what people are led to believe.

Because we are told we are ‘sinners’, a crazy (if at times justified), fear has crept into the hearts of people.

It’s a fear of a God who would beat them to a pulp for their deeds – good or bad, depending on who is judging. To help this viewpoint home rather more firmly, I recently watched Ridley Scott’s 2014 film “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. You would think the God portrayed there was Lucifer or, rather, a spoiled brat of a child – not the all-loving and wise Father of humanity. So, can it be true?

Given that there are a multitude of religious organisations that people have followed, it’s an amazing fact that the stories, such as the ones put together in the Christian Bible, have persisted. To the extent that they have found a way through the minds of men through thousands of years.

If you take the historically persistent point alone, there must be an element of truth in some kind of all-knowing Being, out there, or in here, somewhere, somehow.

When you read the Bible, you see it is full of horrors, wars, brutal murders and awful suffering. You wonder how could God do this to his people? Particularly his ‘chosen’ ones – the Jewish nation. But, teasing its way through the words, the abject horrors and divine delights, there is always this inescapable element of goodness.

In a word: hope.

Hope has been encouraged through faith that the divine plan and all its secrets will ‘out’ in the end. In essence, it is this benevolence that has offered a tantalising view of a love that knows no boundaries.

Bearing all this (and more) in mind, when a book landed on my laptop screen that went a long way to answering some of those questions about God and humanity’s part in His plan, I was certainly intrigued.

Bill Geringswald, Author of Infinite Possibilities

Bill Geringswald, the author of the book in question, asked me to publish his work. It was obvious to me that Bill had crafted this work with a lifelong passion. He had a tenacious dedication to get an important message across to all who could resonate with it.

I admit, at first, I felt a little daunted by the task in-hand. Bill had produced a long tome. In actually fact his book, ‘Infinite Possibilities‘ could be placed on par with the Bible’s weightiness. It tackled many of the heavy and serious subjects that plague us today. Politics, philosophy, history, education, health care and finance – all are given an overhaul. Bill’s idea of how humanity can manage the fearful situation we find ourselves having to deal with in life, is to change it with God’s guidance.

On the surface, Bill appears to be one of those gentle American souls who has travelled the world over, by doing everything that is expected of a man with honour in his heart:

  • fighting for his country

  • loving a woman and getting married to her

  • raising a family and, eventually,

  • changing military fatigues for a snazzy business suit.

But, as with most of us, life has shown him the ups and downs and merry-go-rounds which has made him all the more determined and carved a steely persistence in his heart.

From our brief communications, I can see this one man’s experience and intimate knowledge of a life well-lived has blessed him with an ability put to rest the questions of validity many of us have of God’s place on the rostrum.

Bill’s book puts hope back into human hearts by offering inspiration and a way to change our world for the better.

‘Infinite Possibilities’ is comprehensive, but when you get to the heart of it, you find that Bill has written it from a deeper love and understanding hewn from a life lived learning and a knowledge of God that is so profound it makes you wonder if he’s a new apostle.

Together, Bill and I are are working on getting his message – God’s message – out to you. We would like you to read, to ponder and, yes, ultimately to question. And that’s ok. It is through the exploration of the possibilities that seem to be infinitely possible, that you too could begin to create an infinitely better world. Following Bill’s guidance in putting this world to rights, with the help of God, could be a step in the right direction.

So, do I believe that a God exists?

Of course. Apart from my own physical experience with the spiritual, I know that there has to be an intelligent designer to all of this reality of life around us. If you doubt it yourself, listen to this lecture that gives 20 reasons for God’s existence.

Kaye Bewley

Author’s Bio:

Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

Feel free to visit her BewleyBooks.com site, where you can sign-up to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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