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Are you completely insane?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I'm getting nervous!

Am I mad?

I mean, I'm thinking of living in a van rather than a cozy little brick-walled house!

Last night, the wind howled outside, rain slapped viciously at my window and I thought to myself...

"It won't be as warm or as quiet as this in the van!"

Then all those other creature comforts invaded my frontal cortex:

"I won't be able to wash my clothes easily!"

"I will have to be conservative with water!"

"Drunk, rude, ignorant people will be thumping the side of the van at midnight and beyond...!"

What AM I thinking?

Somehow though, there's something inside of me urging me to still go ahead with this #vanlife idea...

Can you tell me if I'm going crazy, or is this just normal nerves?

These are the replies I got:

TONY: And you can make that van so cozy do clothes at the laundrymat just make sure you get an unlimited plan on your phone so you can watch youtube and netflix all the time turn the paseger seat back to face the back it makes a nice char to relax in

NORENE: I haven't had any knocks. All the people I've met, have been nice. I don't let people to close anyway. The haters have been family...huh! My dog n I love it.

JILL: Love my narrowboat, feel much safer than in the van

RUTH: No decision had to be final If you learn that you don’t like living in a van.

LESLEY: Not crazy. Have van, can move round til you find your place to be. When the neighbours piss you off, when you bored with view, diff place everyday if you fancy it! 😂

CAROLE: You’re nervous but why wouldn’t you be. If it helps I’m siting in my home with a hot water bottle because I can’t afford to have the heating on. I save all my rain water as I’m on a water meter and it’s so expensive. Good luck, enjoy your adventure while you can.

FRANK: Wish I was as brave!!

ANDY: When we are old and look back on our lives , our biggest regrets are not the things we have done , but the things we have not done :-)

WILLIAM: If it is what you want, then it is self Love. Go for it and just be alive while you are living. Life has a way of working out all the way up to the end . It's not a Van it is spaceship to the future! Hit go!

COLLEEN: I have agoraphobia. I cannot be around a lot of strangers. HOWEVER, I bought a van, sold my car, put in solid subfloor, pretty flooring, built a bed frame, put in a twin mattress (real, not fold out) bought a Dometic Refrigerator/Freezer.

LINDA: Don't sell your house until you've had the van out for a year in all weather and circumstances. Then make your decision. It doesn't have to be all or nothing right away.

SIOBHAN: I love the sound of the rain on my roof. I see beautiful sunsets and sunrises. And I've never had a drunk person bang on my door although I did once have a sober person tap gently because id left the keys in the door whilst a bit tiddly.

JASON: Youll never get much of an adventure or see new places in a brick house. New experiences are the only way we go.

TRISH: Go girl enjoy your freedom xx

ANDREW: I'm a full timer, was listening to the rain and wind last night with the woodburner on and the cats snoring, just had a casorol and a cheeky glass of rioja, thinking how lucky I was. Give it a go. Good luck!!

TOD: It's alternative living. Not van living! If a van doesn't seem right, think outside of the box!

DEBIE: Everytime we do something new it can be unnerving for sure. I think it's all worth it breaking free and not being stuck in one place. I agree with all the comments here too.

WENDY: When I'm in our Moho,it's like having a blanket wrapped round me in comfort,I wish we did this when we were younger.

TONY: There are more good people out there than bad you find some good folks along the way and you all stick together like a family you out gor each other and before you know it you always hang out with good people and they know when you want time to yourself and vice versa everybody respects each other.

JANE: I am so unbelievable cozy right now. In a minivan! Crawl out from under a pile of duvets and sleeping bags, grab the toque and the sweater and the sweatpants and the down booties, get the stove going, make an omelette and a cup of coffee, listen to the wind howling outside...

TINA: Totally agree. But youve done the hard bit parting with your home. Summer is coming, might be a nice time to try it, a little adventure. Save some money doing it to buy a better one if you like it or go back to central heating and hot showers if not.

ADAM: I think it would be normal to feel nervous but like has been said your home can be where you park it, avoid busy pubs or city centres on weekends, insulate well and get a diesel heater for warmth, the van will keep you dry (hopefully if it's solid and insulated well) of course there will be worse days and nights but there will also be spectacular days and nights

VINCE: I wouldn't want to do it full time, I understand why people do it and it might be right for them but I see it as a very insecure and transient existence. I've lived in a van for a couple of months at a time but I was always happy to get home.…

TAM: I've never had anyone banging on side of van , you will get boyracers with shit music doing donuts near you , the occasional noisy place , washing clothes is easy use laundarettes for big stuff do small stuff in van, you will find you learn to conserve water easy and you manage just fine,

TONY: i like being in van but is always nice to go home to your own house

STEVEN: In over 30 years of free camping in tents and vans we’ve had 2 people who were being a nuisance. I honestly can’t count the fantastic times we’ve had...

STEVE: Follow your gut instinct .

I lost a house in 2014 just couldn't keep up on one income and supporting 2 kids Mrs and animals .....

JOHN: It's ok until you're ill or need treatment - I'd never give up my base

ELFRED: Kaye Bewley Of course you’re nervous! You’re human, aren’t you? Once you take the plunge, figuring out how to do it better and better is part of the marvellous journey. You’ll be better and better yourself. You’ll love the minimalist worldview once you get the hang of it.

FERNANDA: I’m right there with you. My money shrinks on this cozy rental and I’ve been thinking about this for a year, I was so sure, now I’m scared. But I don’t want to work so hard anymore. Just to pay for rent and bills... just can’t.

NATALIE: Only had one knock... open the door and it was a cow 😂 what a wonderful life x

STEVE: Went from rental home to vario van for a year then to a 40 ft yacht .... then to a 86 ft barge . I will not step foot in a house again other than to earn cash from working on them .

TONY: Go for it,you will find a peace you never counted on

PAPPA: Yup all those things are true. But after not washing your clothes and sleeping through the knocks and learning where to park. Dealing with the haters. There is another side. A beautiful bunch of lovers of freedom will support you. Take the plunge!

VIRGINIA: how do,you fund it? Are you still working ?

PHIL: Have you tried just camping in your van for a month at a time till you get used to it?

JEAN: Kaye are you talking about a mobile home when you refer to living ina van x

ROGER: Normal thoughts, if you didn't think that way I'd be worried. Have fun while your young.

ADRIAN: If I didn't have the responsibility of my children and worry of where they'd end up ( I was in care and bedsits) ...I'd be living in my van no hesitation

CAT: Some of us live out here because we have been forced to.. Must be nice to have a choice.. The only thing you should fear out here is other humans. In 17 years thats the only thing i fear in the outback..or even in the city.

TERRI: You wont know till you try!!

And there were loads more...

Kaye Bewley

Author’s Bio:

Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

Feel free to visit her site, where you can sign-up to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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