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BEWLEYTHERAPY: Challenges In Life

Updated: May 27

I'm not going to wish anyone a Happy New Year. Sorry about that. Here's the reason ... how many people do you know that look back over the past year and say to you:

"Oh God, that was a crap year! Let's look forward to the next ... it's gonna be great!"

Then they get to the end of the next year and say exactly the same thing.

So many of us remember all the big, bad and the ugly events that happen during the course of 365 days that have just vanished into oblivion. Many of us look back and see only how society is getting worse, how many violent crimes happened, how many people were attacked, how many animals were abused, how many wars are being fought, how much money we’ve lost, who died, who divorced, who was lost … the list goes on and on.

Let's face the brutal truth here. Everyone is stuck in a crisis of some kind. But, if we take a deeper look at the situation to hand here, one thing is glaringly obvious:

All challenges are created for us to learn from

We see crisis and problems and tragedies and hurdles in our lives as whacking great boulders along the road we choose to walk – and those boulders stop us from getting the life we truly want.

What we wish for, what we yearn for is a clear path ahead. We want for everything to fall exactly into place and we want to always have sunshine and never to face the rain.

If we are really honest and face the truth of the situation of life in general, we’d see that no one's path is smooth, clear or trouble free. However much we think we see other people's lives as being so. The old saying springs to mind:

“The grass is always greener – on the other side of the fence”

The truth is that the nature of life is to actually give us those boulders on our path to stop and look at, to walk around or clamber ungainly over.


As human beings we are made to grow. To learn. To develop. Our brains are ‘problem solving machines’. We get our stimulation from using that 3lb mass of flesh and blood beneath our skull. But the question is, how do we learn and grow and develop? How do we stimulate our brain? Not by sitting down and playing with the Wii! Not by making money in order to have the 'stuff' that's on the other side of the fence ...

Those things have a habit of vanishing.

No. We learn by...

  • continuing to walk along the path of life

  • continuing to face the challenges and

  • continuing to exercise our brains to think of ways around those boulders we come across

We know deep in our hearts that we need to do something - but the relief and release is in actually getting to work on doing something about it.

You see, what I’ve learned is that everything serves as a means to an end. Get to the end of one challenge - and you'll find the meaning of it. So, how do we find the meaning of the challenge?

Well, the first thing is to GIVE IT A GO. Face the challenge.

Don’t sit back, scratch your head and say “I can’t” or “That’s too much for me” Because then you'll be forever stuck with it.

Say to yourself:

"I can do it."

Think of that famous sports brand “Just do it!”

The next thing to do is to KEEP ON GOING.

Don't allow your emotions to persuade you to stop if the challenge gets too hard. Think about what you want - and keep going.

Then you will GRAB THE KEY to the challenge.

The key is this, you'll begin to see the truth of your life and you'll grow stronger because of it.

Once you’ve learned this you’ll find that life continues and keeps on going … life never stops giving you these challenges. It never becomes easy. Of course, life gives you a breather occasionally, but it never stops. If it did, you’d be so terribly bored!

So, what you need to do is …


There’s a whole year of new challenges ahead of you. Some you will have to face again and again until you learn the lesson that is in the challenge - until you learn and you grow from that challenge.

Remember this:

The worst moments in our lives are there to help us see that we don’t have to stay the way we are.

So, while I don’t want to wish you a Happy New Year, what I wish for you is something greater than that. What I wish for you is a new year in which you can begin to learn to grow strength in your own character and find contentment in that.

Now get going!

Author’s Bio:

Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

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