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BOOKS: Publishing world turned up-side-down

Updated: Jul 14

Am I the only one who seriously doesn't understand what's going on with our society?

So many authors and academics are being blacklisted now, that soon we'll have no one left to read!

The publishing world appears to have taken a topple in one direction - and it doesn't appear to be a good one either.

Apparently, I've been labelled as a 'Susan' - a white middle-class woman who works in publishing. I guess it's a little better than a 'Karen', which is what the rest of us are being called now. Although, my name is nearer to a 'Karen' than it is to a 'Susan' - but I've lost it already.

First there was JK Rowling. All she was defending was her right to be labelled a 'woman'.

Which she is.

As I am too.

I don't wish to be called any of those derogatory, demeaning names that have come to the fore of late.

I am a woman, physically, emotionally and mentally.

My hormones and body shape and the way my mind works tells me that I am wholly female. And I wish to remain so. So does JK Rowling.

To tell me that I am to be otherwise is hurtful to me and, in effect, bullying.

However, JK Rowling's words were taken out of context, twisted and served up on the plate of hate and derision. She was defending transgender people the right to their own lives and voices, so I do not understand why she is being vilified.

Can you enlighten me?

There was also David Starky - whose comments were also taken out of context.

If you can be arsed to listen to his whole interview, you might get to understand his 'ironic humour'. He was quoting others' voices in the way they would have done years ago, while he said that most awful of phrases. But this, apparently, doesn't matter.

You only have to say one word and you're out. Ostracised by the society you believed you were a part of.

Then there was the author, Gillian Philip, who voiced her own opinion and supported JK Rowling - and got sacked for it. In my opinion, her publisher ought to issue an apology for jumping on the PC bandwagon too quickly. Either that, or she should sue.

Come to think of it, how an author can be sacked from a publishing contract, I don't know. I guess the publisher has broken that contract. All I can recommend is "Go sue them 'Susan' - or Gillian" (whatever you like to be called).

Thankfully, JK Rowling has gathered a counter-attack and, together with over 100 academics, artists and authors, has published a letter about the right to free speech and the right to debate issues openly.

Fair enough, I say.

I feel it is such a shame that society has taken a spin on this coin. Alongside the fearful antics of this CV-thing that has affected (or infected) the whole world and his dog, we don't need things like this to come along and bite us on the behind.

The world is stressful enough as it is don't you think?

So, instead of social distancing, I urge you to go give it a hug. We are all sincerely in desperate need of one.

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