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BEWLEYBOOKS: Persistence Pays

Updated: Jul 4

One thing crossed my mind as I thought about writing this piece - we're half way through the year already.

Granted, half of that year has seemingly been taken up with some pretty scary stuff. Many adjustments have been made to fit in with that lifestyle but, you know what?

You made it!

If I put my psychotherapy hat on, I can understand how much anxiety has been caused by this 'new normal' and how people have found it difficult to cope. Especially those who have been isolated or, like me, found themselves in terrifying situations beyond their own control through no fault of their own.

What has helped me get through it has been consciously acknowledging the free-time I have had and what a gift this has been.

With the gift of free-time, I set out to achieve a few goals

I managed to buy the most pretty of note pads, and a wonderfully reliable pen to write with (very important). Then I wrote what I wanted to achieve within the two weeks we were recommended to self-isolate.

With every two week time-frame added on by our dear old Prime Minister and his party of minions, I simply stretched those goals out by dividing them up into smaller and more manageable tasks and said to myself "Thank you!" for the extra time I had been given.

You don't have to guess what three months of this has enabled me to produce - by taking a quick glance at the BewleyBooks website. Now fully functional with some added features that I'm pretty sure you'll find of interest - especially if you're a writer or an independent bookseller.

The LinkedIn account BewleyBooks is hardly a secret, given its 10,700+ professional followers, but in case this has slipped your notice, visit our page to find out what we're all about.

The BewleyBooks Twitter page has also increased its following - it stands at almost 3,000 wonderfully interactive people engaging with our posts there.

And, if you're the creative kind, which, given that you're reading a page about writing, I think you probably are, why don't you give Pinterest a try. After a long time of not understanding its worth, I finally took the bull by the horns and figured it out. Its definitely worth checking out the beautiful images we've made a collection of - plus you can see our books too.

I do understand that the pandemic we have all endured has created much pain and an overriding agonising fear that has not been seen on such a scale before - but one positve way to view it, and make your way out of it with a balanced head on your shoulders, is to understand that nearly every person on the planet has experienced it.

There will be no one who has not been affected by it somehow.

We have all shared in the fear. We can now all share the hope

That's why writers - and those who support writers by selling their work - are worth their weight in gold when it comes to situations like this. Why?

Because writers have the ability to daydream (yes, that is a good thing!) and in that, they are able to reflect and then to record what is going on around them.

A writer's message can be a reflection of internal emotions that have the possibility of being shared with everyone. That's why I have such an intense love of books. Because of the shared intimacy they offer to all who pick one up.

When you write, you write from within you

It's usually the writer who helps to change the world for the better. This is why I urge writers all across the world to persist with the dream of becoming a published author. To continue to reflect on the history that is being made right in front of your eyes. And to persist with writing as much about your experiences as you dare dream is possible.

In that, persistence will pay enormous dividends (physically, emotionally and spiritually) which can only be of benefit to the world and those who live upon it.



Author’s Bio:

Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

Feel free to visit her BewleyBooks.com site, where you can sign-up to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.



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