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A Merc? Seriously?

Updated: Oct 4

Wow, finding a van is really, really hard work. I've done so many miles in my little car in an effort to try and find one that I feel as though I'm on a lost cause.

Will I ever get one? Is this #vanlife trying to tell me "You're not for us!" ???

Don't worry, I'm beginning to get the message!

Reflections on the Mercedes Sprinter for £16,995. Didn't turn out the way I wanted it because of traffic jams on the way to Portsmouth!

Talking about money is always tricky. However, the budget I'm looking to spend on my perfect van is between £5k-£20k. Paying the lower sum will enable me to budget for alterations and changes to suit my needs as a home environment. The more I spend on the initial buy, the less I will be able to alter.

I am looking to live 'full-time' in the van, so need it to be comfortable or, at least, have the potential to be comfy.

Here's my check-list - if you know of or have a van that fits the description please do get in touch with me:

A long-wheel-base high-top campervan (not a motorhome):

Either a younger Citroen or an older German make, and Renault Masters too.

Am handy with a hammer and screw-driver (lived in old cottages for a lot of my life) to fix or adjust things - but do not have the valuable skills of a carpenter or builder!

Need electric and water facilities already installed (a shower (inside) and a sofa/bed (doesn't need to be fixed).

Loo - prefer a composting portapotty to a fixed seat.

Freezer/fridge is important (in that order, I currently eat more out of my freezer than the fridge, but can adapt).

Cooker unimportant, as am able to use a camping stove.

Will be signing on to a course on basic mechanics (currently, spark plug changing, tyre pumping, wheel changing and oil top-up is about my limit), but need a reliable engine, clutch and brakes.

Rust - I have PTSD-type symptoms on this subject from way back (Mini Metro jog any memories?)!

Furnishings/cabinets not important, as aim to change it over time to suit me.

Price range: the lower the better, of course, but between £5k-£15k (five to fifteen thousand pounds)

Mileage: no more than 60k miles on the clock

Area able to travel to see van: use the M40 as a dividing line - the South Western corner of the UK

Anyone have, or know anyone who has, anything that fits that description?

If so - please email me on:

Do subscribe to follow me on my journey to find the perfect van (for me at least!) and, if you want to get notifications of other videos as I upload them, just click the bell!

Meanwhile, please do watch Mel's World YouTube channel - where he shows you how he builds his van conversions, here:

Also, if you're a van enthusiast, I'd advise you to pay a visit to and possibly join the Facebook group who has helped me so much over the past couple of weeks, Self Build Campers And Real Life here:

Also, thanks to John, for the offer of 'mechanical' assistance, at

Thank you for reading/listening.

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