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BEWLEYBOOKS: 4 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Writer

Updated: May 27

Private business people know what their business is all about. You care about your own business as though it were your own child or spouse. You've seen it from idea to manifestation, through the ups and downs, through the profits and losses. You've experienced all the scares and all the thrills. However, all of this knowledge is secreted away inside your head, and you can talk about it to the ends of the world, unfortunately, it doesn't mean you would be able to write about it, and well.

Go on, admit, you have seen some websites and leaflets and flyers and marketing campaigns that have made you stop and think twice. For all the wrong reasons. I'll admit that I've seen some websites that have made me cringe. Not only do they not give the right message to the customers they are trying to attract, they look as though they are stuck in the 1980s - before the 80s were fashionable (again).

When you create marketing campaigns and advertisements, that include web design, leaflets, posters and articles about your business, you want that message to hit home - quickly, subtly and magically. Writing text for other people to read, is like writing stories of old. They need to stick in the mind of the listener/reader and stay in their mind.

It's obvious to nearly everyone on the planet that lots and lots of people now shop online. That means that you have to grab attention and get your message across quickly - and entice people to stay with you. For this reason, your web site content needs to be superbly written and the design needs to be eye-catching and beautifully presented. In a word: impressive.

Here I've written five easy steps that are an absolute must.

1. Writing that attracts the reader

Even though EL James took the world by storm with her book 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and the follow-ups, when she first started out, her books were criticised by readers because of the bad spelling and grammatical errors dotted through her text. Of course, it didn't stop her selling over 150 Million world-wide, but still.

When you are setting out to sell your business services and products, bad spelling and punctuation with grammatical errors certainly put people off buying from you. They make you look immature and unprofessional. For instance, they may wonder if you are negligent about your textual errors, which has supposedly been proof read a thousand times, what kind of a service are you going to provide for them?

When you recruit a professional writer, they have all the tools at their disposal to help you get your image and message right.

2. Are you a specialist?

When you offer a professional service, you produce your own paperwork. Sometimes this cannot be understood by the lay-man. The person who wants to hire you doesn't necessarily want to know all about the degree that you've taken, nor all the abbreviations or connotations associated with your specialist trade. The secret is that big intelligent words don't attract, in fact, they repel! So you could be losing business instead of gaining it by telling everyone what exams you've passed in order to prove you are a worthy trades-person.

When you hire a professional writer, they are able to help your potential customer understand what you are about. A professional writer looks at the content you provide and gets to the heart of it in order to bridge the gap between your knowledge and what your customer needs to know about your abilities to do the job.

3. Time is of the essence

Writing takes time. Time that you don't necessarily have with all the business you are drumming up. When you set about writing about your service, you'll probably write about it three or four times just to get it right. You'll look at what you provide your customer, and you'll not want to leave anything out. Of course, you'll want to give as much information as possible about the business you offer.

Added to this, you'll think you'll be wasting valuable business hours writing about what you do, rather than doing what you do - and thereby wasting potential profit making opportunities too.

Hiring a writer is a kind of investment opportunity.

A professional writer will cut right to the core and save you time with your marketing copy and sales pitches. Hire a freelance writer and they will accomplish what you want within hours or days, not weeks, because that is what they have trained to do.

4. Persuasive marketing

Journalists are trained to get people to react. Copywriters are trained to get your potential customer to take action. A professional writer encourages a reader to go and do something. Whether that means encouraging people to talk about a controversial subject, or to buy a product or service. This is the craft of the writer.

An important part of a writer's task is to make the reader believe they will miss out if they don't get involved. A professional writer will help to persuade your customers to make the purchase.

All you need to do when you hire a professional writer is to clearly define the work you provide or the service you offer. This will help the writer secure more sales for your service or product.

In Summary, when you hire a professional writer, you are recruiting someone who aims to help you reach more customers. Check out any writer by reading some of their blogs, asking for examples of their work, or looking up their testimonials pages. If they come via word of mouth, all the better!

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Kaye is a freelance publisher, author and certified psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She is also a writer for various blogs about writing, publishing, travelling and health care.

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