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As part of my Concierge service, I offer personalised guidance through my mentor and therapy service.  It is a boutique practice where I give direct care for your mental, emotional and body health.  You can either book a direct service or pay an annual retainer fee which will give you better access to my services.

BewleyTherapy mentoring and therapy is quick, easy to understand (no psychobabble) and you won't have to have endless sessions that drag on for months or years.  You can have a one-off session, or book as many as you wish.

BewleyTherapy is centered on the Human Givens therapy model, but I have qualifications in a combination of techniques, which include:


CBT Counselling, EMDR (eye movement), Emotional Freedom Techniques, Natural Nutrition and Human Givens Psychotherapy.    

The mentoring and therapy I offer, doesn't have to be taken while in a stuffy or clinical room.   We can meet in your own home, go for a walk along the beach if you wish, or even go visit a coffee shop if that's your preference.  I travel around the country quite a lot so, if you give me enough notice, I should be able to fit you in for a session wheverver you're located in the UK - or online.

I can organise a group therapy session, a retreat, a workshop or a presentation - or simply sit with you, quietly for a while.  Either way, I'm experienced at all of these approaches, so I'd be happy to oblige whatever you feel comfortable with.

The idea behind the type of therapy I use is to help you get the life you want, quickly, so you can get on with the life you were meant to be leading.  

You can read more about my therapy (and qualifications) here:

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Malvern Hills, Worcestershire 

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