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First off, this is the serious section of my website.  You'll find links to research papers, law suits being filed against governments, newsletter links from truthers and links to organisations where certified doctors, lawyers, academics, professors and plain ol' ordinary folk (like me) from all over the world are fighting for their truth to be heard.

In the end, I believe this is a spiritual battle.  You will find links that show you the physical, emotional and spiritual connections to this pandemic.  One big (secret) psychological warfare has been undertaken, and most people remain innocent and ignorant of what is going on.  It is up to those who are 'awake' (for want of a better phrase), to open the doors to those who want to hear.

You'll probably find that you are the new Knight for the New Age and this is the battle of our time.  Fight well, my friend, fight with love in your heart and courage in your soul.


In the whole of known history of mankind, there has never been a better opportunity for your words and actions to count for something. 

Are you tired of being frightened? 

Frustrated at not knowing what to do? 

Angry at the confusion that's constantly handed to you?

There is an alternative.


We don't need money - unbelievable, eh?  You simply contribute your own talents, experience and skills, together with your knowledge, abilities and empathy to help each a fellow human being.  In doing this one small act, we create a society for ourselves.

As a starting point, take a brief moment to watch the video and then, if it appeals, get in contact with Michael Tellinger


The time for talk is over.

Stop being frightened - Learn new ways to calm yourself and 'let go' - breathe via the 7/11 technique.

Stop going on marches and demonstrations - They only serve to highlight your involvement as an 'activist' and they don't change things. 


  • Stop buying newspapers - they will begin to report the real news

  • Stop your subscription to Sky Sports (or Sky altogether) - they will stop paying the big salaries to sports stars, who will then kick up a fuss and their voices will be heard

  • Stop watching the News on television - their salaries will be stopped and they will have no option but to begin reporting the real news 

  • Stop buying from the BIG stores - you can put a dent in the profits of big chain stores by supporting your local small store/business instead.  Without your local store, you don't have a community hub.

  • Get your community funds together, buy a pub and a post office.

  • Visit a local elderly care home - leave a gift basket of food/fruit/fluid for an elderly person - to give them hope in humanity.

  • Visit a sick person in hospital - leave a gift basket to perk their spirits up which heals them.

  • Chat with your neighbour - make friends with them.

  • Walk your dog and plant tiny seeds of doubt to those who don't see the reality.

  • Form a group of like-minded people.  Support each other - even when it scares you.

  • Start reading the Bible's Revelations - or listen to Robert Breaker explain it.

If you do these things, the world will change for the better.​​

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Are you tired of digging a bigger hole or,

worse, not doing anything at all?



Put your ideas together

Let everyone know your

skills, talents, abilities, experience...

With these, you can help get our

world back to a more colourful 

and less fearful one, than it is right now

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Once you click the above, you will be re-directed

to a forum where you can join

like-minded people

(it's new, so there's only me there at the mo!)

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