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Moving In

From the Tay to the Thames - moving in from Dundee to Staines, and all the problems that entailed!

Winter/Spring 2008

A Song: Love's Prism

I'm more of a poet than a singer, but here's one put to music - at the suggestion of a fan.

Spring 2008

Isaac - for our young men

I'm not used to this kind of thing, but I enjoyed doing it for a purpose - to raise awareness of how many of our young men have died in pursuit of our freedoms.

Summer 2008

Motoway Madness

Ever been in a traffic jam?  This one's a jam and a half!  Along the M3 towards the M25.

Summer 2008

Guildford Cathedral

A visit to the Cathedral in Guildford, with my sister.  Where's you seen that building before?

Remembrance Sunday 2008

On a walk with my Buddy through Laleham.  Stopped to pay respects on this historic day.

Autumn 2008

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral with my sister.

Winter 2008

2009 - A diary

So many things happened in 2009, I thought I'd put a collection up.

Winter 2009

Model Behaviour?

Saw a picture and wanted to copy it.  Tongue-in-cheek - have a laugh!

Winter/Spring 2009

Day at the Dogs with the Girls

Brilliant evening out - just don't forget how they treat these greyhounds!

Spring 2009

I Have Confidence

Moving on again - new home, new job.

Spring 2009

Buddy & Bluey

My Bud having a bad day with Bluey.

Spring 2009

Armed Forces Day

Beverley, near Leconfield.  Armed Forces Day celebration.  Lovely Day, brilliant memories.

Summer 2009

Beating the Retreat & Summer Ball

Brilliant Ceremony by Leconfield soldiers.  Plus the Summer Ball.

Summer 2009

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