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About Me

What an experience this life has been so far!  To say it has been a rollercoaster would be an understatment.  But then, I'm of the mind that every challenge is an opportunity to learn from.

On the work front, back in the 1980s and 1990s, I worked as a Personal Assistant in media and marketing in London (the BBC News, ITN, Carlton Television, and Macmillan Publishing).  Though my life has always been flowing around beautiful books and military might.  For over a decade, I worked specifically for the welfare of thousands of soldiers (recruits, serving soldiers and veterans too) all over the UK and Germany. 

Since redundancy in March 2020 (eh hem!), I set-out to offer all this experience by combining it all.  Here are a number of facts that may be of interest to you:

  • I have been a psychotherapist, for almost 20 years

  • For over a decade I worked with thousands of men - some broken, some pissed-off, some drunk, and some that knew their shit and made sure everyone knew about it - and I've 'therapised' them all

  • I have presented relationship workshops to loads of mentally and emotionally broken and bruised couples - and put them back together again

  • My career has gone from being a Personal Assistant, a Production Assistant and a Psychotherapist.  I have served tea, coffee and admin skills to blue-chip companies and top media and publishing professionals around the world (BBC, Channel 4, ITN (Sir Trev was brill) and Macmillan) - and now help those who need healing emotionally and mentally.

  • Having cycled across Sicily with a tent and a pack on my back - I've vowed never to repeat the exercise ever again (not because of the Italians, the Italians were funny)

  • Also having ridden on the back of a motorbike up and down and all-around Wales - I've vowed never to repeat that experience ever again too (not because of the Welsh, the Welsh were lovely)

  • I have a very good idea and plan of action to help you get over your bugbears and work through your shit like no one else can

  • My presentations are always great for family audiences (if you're 18+)

What is more important is that I found a way to combine all this experience to help others make their way through this life.

All my best,

Kaye Bewley

Author & Counsellor

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