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Find your own path in life by exploring the one I've travelled in my mind through my reflections and in my VanLife experiences.  You'll also find books that hold a deeper meaning for you and ways and methods to find out the purpose you've been seeking all your life.

BEWLEYBOOKS - Books are opened up, read and examined.  I give you instruction, guidance and much needed info about the all-important and much neglected 'business' of writing.  Everyone has a book in them, or so I'm told.  My job is to figure that out for you and help to prize it out of you. 

REVIEWS & VIEWS - specifically tailored to authors and ultra-important booksellers.  I give a review on a book or product.  Products to review are around every corner.  I can review your book or product (ebooks are great as you can email them to me direct at - please enquire first before sending or, better still, take a look around my site and see if your book or product would make a good fit with me.   

MENTORING/BEWLEYTHERAPY - exploring sickness and health and guiding you to that middle (or higher-, if you want to go there) ground, where you can feel safer.

CAMPERVAN-K - my personal, no-nonsense vlogs as I travel around the beautiful (and not so beautiful) countryside in my camper.  It's ended up being mostly about cooking but, I'm no Nigella - or so I've been told.

Guideline (not set in stone) as to when posts will be available:

1st Friday of each month: BewleyBooks

2nd Friday of each month: Reviews & Views

3rd Friday of each month: BewleyTherapy/Mentoring

Every Saturday: CamperVan-K

I can help authors and booksellers in a myriad of ways, for ideas visit my Author Service here, and I've placed a few brief reviews on Goodreads and on Amazon.  


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Malvern Hills, Worcestershire 
M: 07958 140 122
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