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Find your own path in life by exploring the one I've travelled in my mind through my reflections and in my VanLife experiences.  I provide a bespoke concierge service that does the tasks others haven't the time for, and my blogs reflect this life.  In my blogs, I will mention books and products that I believe will hold a deeper meaning for you and ways and methods to find out the purpose you've been seeking all your life.


All topics related to writers, publishing and promoting books.  I give you the benefit of my knowledge and experience in articles that give instruction, guidance and much needed info about the all-important and much neglected 'business' of writing, publishing and promoting of them.  Everyone has a book in them, or so I'm told.  My job, as a publisher, is to figure that out and make it a reality for you.

Topics include: writing, writers/authors, publishing and promoting


Exploring wellbeing health and for mind, body and emotions while guiding you to that higher ground, where you can feel safer in yourself, more confident and aware of what is good for you and those around you.

Topics include: wellbeing, therapy, counselling, mentorig, nutrition


This is my personal, no-nonsense blog and I'll be posting vlogs and pods up here on this page as I travel around the beautiful (and not so beautiful) countryside in my camper.  It explores the experiences I have with my van, how I live, thoughts on life and also some ideas for cooking (it doesn't all have to be pizzas and coke).

Topics include: travelling, observations, philosophical thoughts, cooking in my camper and writing about it all

I can help authors and booksellers in a myriad of ways, for ideas visit my Author Service here, and I've placed a few brief reviews on Goodreads and on Amazon.  


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Malvern Hills, Worcestershire 
M: 07958 140 122
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