My books aim to help you build your own confidence and show you how to learn from your experiences in this game we call life.

Helping you figure out what you want, need or desire has been my role with writing.  My books aim to help you find out about your own emotions and understand that, although therapy can be serious, you don't have to be a filled with fear.  You can also be enlightened and release your mind to help you get a life you can love. 


In my fictional tales, you'll find a psychological theme running through themAs with a lot of people, I have faced many challenges and obstacles and I've been blessed with the ability to tell stories those experiences. 

Life presents us with opportunities to learn from our experiences.  Instead of being beaten by the failures I've faced and the mistakes I've made, I have reflected upon them through my writing about them and grown.  If my books can help you do the same then I consider my contribution to this cycle of life on earth, worth it.

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