Storm in the Sea

Does the world appear a challenging place right now?

Does it seem as though there's a storm on the way and you have a burning need to find a safe harbour to rest?

Go ahead, do so.  For a while.  Even God took a break.

After you have rested, I ask you to set your mind to do something.  

Make your mind up to change something today. 

Even if that one change is to summon up your courage to step outside your comfort zone.

Just for 15 minutes to half an hour.

And, in that time you just might change something enough

to witness the world about you change - for your family: humanity.

If you are up for the challenge, read on...

Take heart, there is an alternative...

In the whole of known history of mankind,

there has never been a better opportunity for your words and actions to count for something. 


Are you tired of being frightened? 

Frustrated at not knowing what to do? 

Angry at the confusion that's constantly handed to you?

There is an alternative.

We don't need money - unbelievable, eh?  

You simply contribute your own

talents, experience and skills, together with your knowledge, abilities and empathy

to help each a fellow human being.

In doing this one small act,

we create a society for ourselves.

Watch the video and get in contact with 

Michael Tellinger



The time for talk is OVER

Stop being frightened.

Stop going on marches and demonstrations. 

The time to DO SOMETHING is NOW.

Are you flooded with fear about what is going on about you?

So you don't feel so alone in your endeavours, here are some more people for you to check out.

(Hurry though, as we're not going to get many more chances at this

Remember, it's your childrens' future)

Before you do though, check the official facts put out by our government:


Government Website - HCID - scroll down to end of page, click on 'see all updates' - note: 21st March 2020

The World Economic Forum - their free reports for you to download

The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 - NOTE: Article 38

Silent Majority

The Bernician

The Rogue Male

Project Freeman

The Lawful Rebel

The Freedom Cycle

The Common Law Court

This man has the BEST attitude/approach.

Follow his example, you won't go far wrong:


IMPORTANT TO LISTEN TO: YouTube: Alan Watt (in 2008)

If you believe in God (not targetted at religion),

and feel lost in a sea of confusing emotions, you can learn from these men:

Robert Breaker        Dr. Gene Kim      Ray Comfort

miners working


Are you tired of digging a bigger hole or,

worse, not doing anything at all?



Let us know what you can do

to get our world back

to a more colourful one

than it is right now

Once you hit Submit, you will be re-directed

to a form you can download

so you can protect yourself

Contact me:

Malvern Hills, Worcestershire 

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