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Hi, I'm Kaye,


Find out how I can assist you with the skills and experience I can offer on my About Me page. 

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Kaye Bewley


Organising, planning and executing your paperwork and appointments.


Ghostwriting, editing and proofreading.


Writing, publishing and promoting your own book.


Therapy that helps you clear your fears and phobias

Storm in the Sea

The world appears a challenging and fear-filled place right now,
and it looks like a storm is on the way...

As a psychotherapist, my job is to ease folks fears so, to help people alleviate their anxiety and help them find a pathway out of their depression while holding a little bit of hope in their hearts, I felt it my duty to collect information from both sides of the story. 

I found it slightly odd that there didn't (and still doesn't) appear to be any kind of debate on this subject, so please do take a look at the research papers I've collected (official academic documents), as well as take your time to browse a list of professional organisations and names of people who have provided information and newsletters.